1"You do realize, don't you Takeru-chan, that Hikari will still be coming back to the palace with us?" Takeru nodded at Ken's question, his eyes staring at Ken's purple clad feet. "And will take up residence with the rest of the 'Pets'?" Takeru nodded again and stifled a sob. Ken's Pets were what had become of the Japan Digidestined, because while Ken had all the other digidestined children kept under lock and key in various other places he had been very specific in what he wanted the Japan Digidestined doing. The last Takeru had heard they were all serving him at the palace with no memory of their past.

Ken was grinning now Takeru's stifled cries and Hikari's shouts were making his day. He had honestly not expected Takeru to just give himself over though but apparently the time that the blond had spent fighting against him had been too much, though it may have been the thought of being left all alone that had really broken him. He had wanted Takeru to give himself over though, Hikari held a certain appeal but as a consort she would be out of his control and Ken could not take that risk. Takeru though... Ken had always thought that Takeru would make a really nice bed-warmer, and possibly work his way up to something else as well. The boy was not an alpha, he had always followed someone else's lead even when he was the most knowledgeable about something. Takeru's role in deposing him the first time told Ken just how much of a follower Takeru was, even if he had the ability to function on his own he rarely took it. "You are aware that by giving yourself to me I expect full obedience without having to resort to such crude things as black rings or mind control?" Takeru nodded sullenly. "A good whipping might be deserved for all the trouble you've put me through though" His shoulders stiffened and for a minute Ken thought that Takeru might fight back but instead all he did was raise his head and stare Ken levelly in the face.

"If that's how you want to play it." Was all Takeru said and Ken had to smile at the nerve, he knew that a whipping was not about to stop his darling Take-chan, after all the boy had stood up to his whippings all the way back in junior high! He did however have alternate means of inflicting punishment on Takeru, like his brother for instance.

"Now that we are all settled let's get going!" The Kaizer smiled evilly at his two new playtoys and whisked them off to the palace.



Takeru: I really hate you.

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Takeru kept his head down as he walked through the Kaizer's palace but he could already hear the whisperings from the digimon and humans around him. Hikari had been whisked away to be 'modified' so she could be kept as a 'Pet' but at least she was not evil and ruling as the Digimon Empress, she would have killed herself if she had ever reverted back to sweetness and light. Now though she would probably kill him if this was all over because he was giving himself over to the enemy.

"I'm home!" Ken suppressed a smirk at the little jump Takeru gave when his shout startled him and then had to hid a chuckle as he jumped a foot in the air at his pets greeting.

"Master Ken!" They all said in unison.

"YEAH!" Daisuke yelled and knelt at Ken's feet, eyes shining adorably upward. "Master Ken no one else would play with me! But you'll play with me now that you're back right? Right?" Takeru felt ill. Daisuke was dressed in normal enough clothes, if you ignored the dog eared headband but he acted like nothing more then an overenthusiastic puppy.

Which might explain the dog ears actually.

"Master Ken, welcome home." Cody said stepping up to the door and bowing. His clothes were well cared for a formal, reminding Ken very much of a butler. "Koushiro was disappointed that you were not here for his weekly news review and said that if you wished to hear it later you must only call for him. He did however leave a summary of the events in both worlds in your study." Ken nodded at him and Cody bowed again before moving out of the way.

"Master Ken." And now it was Mimi and Sora approaching, Mimi wearing a stylish but comfortable outfit with bright colors and flowers and Sora wearing an outfit similar to the one her mother wore while arranging flowers. "The gardens have been doing very well, and we have placed fresh arrangements in the rooms just this morning. We hope you enjoy them!" The two of them both smiled and backed away from Ken and Takeru had to blink. What happened to Mimi's over-exuberant personality? Sora's kind but just as energetic attitude?

"Master Ken." And there was Yamato, the one person Takeru had been hoping to avoid seeing. His outfit seemed to be made of the few shadows in the room and it hung on his slinky form as he stalked forward. "It is wonderful for you to be back with us." To Takeru's great surprise the all powerful Digimon Kaizer laughed and reached forward to pat Yamato's head.

"It is good to be back, Matt-kun. But where is Jou?" Takeru turned to look at the Kaizer and found his face looking nothing like the blond had seen before. Whereas 'Ken' had always smiled sweetly and a little awkwardly this new person was grinning and his eyes twinkled with more mischief then malice. Takeru was so stunned he almost missed the answer to Ken's question.

"The bedroom. Where else?" Yamato stated and smiled stunningly. Takeru tried to avert his eyes from his brother's face, and telling himself that this was not Yamato but it had been far too long since he had seen his brother's face.

"Ah, and he is usually so reliable." Then there was the sound of a door opening and Takeru's head turned at the sound. After that the only action he was left with was gawking. Jou stood in the doorway, his hair tousled and eyes half-lidded though as soon as he saw Ken he snapped awake, he was wearing a sheet wrapped around himself and was obviously wearing nothing underneath. His shoulders were bared and part of one muscular leg was looking out.

He looked hot

"Master Ken, you've come home! And who is that behind you?" Jou stated happily smiling kindly at Takeru.

"Ah, thank you for reminding me Jou. This is T.K. and he is to be my consort."