title: hickey
author: newtypeshadow
fandom: Sky High
pairing: Warren/Will drabble
disclaimer: Sky High and its settings and cast are not mine.
notes: this is a drabble--that means 100 words. also, while i completely support the cannon pairings--they're adorable!--a bit of slash just had to be done.

"I wanna mark you."

"You mean, what, like a tattoo?'

Warren rolls his eyes. "You really are stupid. I mean like a hickey."

Will pauses over his textbook. "You're supposed to be tutoring me."

"I'm your private tutor. Everyone knows that's just an excuse to make out."

"Oh." Will shifts. "So…you wanna mark me."


"With a hickey."

"I could burn you if you want." Warren's fingers burst into flame. He waggles them enticingly. Will wonders if they've singed his eyebrows.

"No thanks. I'll take the hickey."

Warren grins. His pink, full lips are an invitation. Will takes it gladly.