Tenchi Muyo: Ryoko's Love Beta

Chapter One: Beautiful Day

By LT Tran (EvilDrTran)


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The Evening Sun

Evenings in the Okayama countryside were always peaceful and beautiful, often ornamented by the sounds of chirping birds and the smell of cooling weather after a hot day. The lake had a brilliant golden aura every time the late sun sank at this particular time of the day. With all this collective beauty, it was all sharply contrasted by the baggy shadowed eyes of one Yui Masaki. She sat there on the edge of the dock with a sloppy posture, her feet touching the water, gazing at the setting sun, and recently suffering the effects of emotionally induced insomnia. Yui could not sleep at all in her room, not with all the coming changes due to her mother's re-emergence into her life. She heard gentle foot steps coming up from behind and immediately felt better as soon as she recognized her greeter.

"Good evening, Aunty Aeka!" Yui greeted with as much spirit as possible. She noticed that the Empress of Jurai was also carrying a tray with a tea set for two.

"Good evening, Yui. You're looking well. How are you feeling?"

"Heh..." Yui said as she scratched her head. "I need to sleep, I haven't had a wink in 24 hours."

"Wow! 24 hours?" Aeka said astonished. "That's understandable, with your mother's return and all."

"Yeah..." Yui became a little timid and looked down at the water.

Aeka noticed her niece's look and quickly placed the tea try down beside her. The Empress then put her arm around Yui's shoulders and held her tight. "Do not worry." Aeka said with reassurance. "I too was not able to sleep."


"Yes, I am just as overwhelmed by your mother's return as you are." "I'm just so nervous right now."

"Why are you nervous?" Aeka asked politely.

"I'm just not ready to see the look on her face once she sees what I look like. Her being gone for thirteen years and all."

"I would not worry about such things." Aeka stated rather confidently.

"What makes you so sure?"

"I am sure because from what I see... I see a young lady that has grown to be beautiful in every way."

Yui smiled at her Aunt's compliment.

"Come now, join me for a cup of tea." Aeka suggested as she began to pour measures of tea into the little cups.

Meanwhile, in the Master bedroom of the Masaki Residence, Tenchi sat there next to the bed keeping watch. It was a beautiful day and most of it was devoted to his wife. Just being around her made time go by fast and unnoticed. The site of Ryoko's serene face stirred Tenchi's emotions. Uncertainty and mixed feelings were rampant but after seeing her face, all seems of little concern. What matters now is readjusting life for Ryoko. For silent minutes, the prince stared at Ryoko's face and her peaceful breathing, signs of life to the ex widower. The pirate was as beautiful as the first time he saw her young face. She slept so serenely; he admired her qualities and extremes. Tenchi loved the way she would be so loud, obnoxious, and boorish, then to see her morph completely opposite of those traits. Only in private, she would turn out to be quiet, pleasant, caring, and considerate.

Tenchi had to do it; he had to hold Ryoko again in his arms,

just to make sure she is there and safe. He held her like a greedy man with the

world's biggest diamond. She was warm inside his arms; he could feel

her heartbeat, and her steady breathing.

"I still can't believe you're here. I can't even begin to

describe." Tenchi said to his sleeping wife as he stroked her long

cyan hair. "You're so tranquil, so beautiful."

Ryoko stirred and slowly opened her eyes. As the distorted

waves of sleep subside; Ryoko's vision began to clear. The first

thing she noticed was that she was being held and spoken to by a

familiar voice. The last thing she remembered was being back on

Onimaru's ship as it was going down in flames. No, she corrected

herself, the last thing she remembered was being held by Tenchi at the

shores of the lake and exchanging a few final moments with Tenchi and

her toddler, Yui. Then, it turned dark; she either died or lost

consciousness. She also remembered being under immense pain, now; she

did not hurt any longer. Was it a dream? No, not a dream, it was more

like a nightmare. Ryoko frowned in confusion. The visions were too

vivid too horrible. Then she remembered her daughter.

"Yui! Where's Yui! Is she safe?" Ryoko asked frantically, not

realizing that those were her first spoken words since her revival.

Tenchi suddenly realized from hearing Ryoko's line of

questioning that the coming events will be very complex.

"Uh...s-she." Tenchi stammered abit and held Ryoko closer. "Our

daughter's fine. Yui's alright, she's safe now." The young prince

said with reassurance.

"Oh Tenchi, it was such a nightmare." Ryoko said, nearly in

tears. "That woman kidnapped our daughter and tortured her. That

bitch was so cruel to Yui. Why did she involve our little girl?"

Ryoko cried on her husband's shoulders, after shedding her tears

for several minutes, Ryoko noticed a peculiar thing. She felt no

sensation of pain, no sense of body trauma or tell tale signs of being

involved in a battle. She quickly shrugged it off and assumed her

healing factor and overwhelming love for her family diluted the pain.

The former pirate started to run her hands along Tenchi's body to feel

for signs of aches and pains.

"Are you alright Tenchi? Are you hurt at all?" Ryoko asked as

she held her husband.

"I-I'm alright." Tenchi stuttered again.

Ryoko frowned and then smiled. "Sweetie, what's with all the

hesitation?" She asked happily as she pulled away from the embrace to

look at her beloved. What she saw was not what she expected. Her

golden eyes became wide and she turned slightly pale. The Tenchi she

knew didn't have long hair. She leapt up from her position and stood

against the wall.

"Tenchi? You look older!" Ryoko panicked. "What happened?"

"Now hold on, Ryoko." Tenchi requested. "Please be calm! Let

me explain!"

"How can I be calm?" Ryoko screamed. "What the hell is going

on? IS this Washu's doing? Wait-I know it is her doing!"

Tenchi looked down abit. "Ryoko."

"HA HA, Washu, good joke! You can come out now!" Ryoko shouted

into the air. "Washu! Washuuuu!"

"RYOKO!" Tenchi shouted in an authoritative manner.

The former demon stood in her tracks and wide eyed at her husband.

She spotted the tears welling up in his eyes.

"Will you just look at me..." Tenchi asked softly.

Ryoko regained her composure and silently kneeled down to look

at her husband. She gazed at his slightly different appearance with a

little bit more scrutiny. She noticed his spiky hair still looked the

same but his face looks abit mature and his moustache made him

resemble Nobuyuki. What was most striking was the sporadic streaks of

gray hair that somehow complimented his young face. Tenchi looked

young but at the same time he was mature. Ryoko placed her right hand

and gazed into his eyes.

"Tenchi... is that really you?" Ryoko inquired.

No immediate reply from her now older husband. He just gazed at

her for a long silent moment. Suddenly, tears streamed down his

cheeks and he quickly held her in his arms and started to cry into


"You have no idea how much I missed you!" Tenchi cried. "It's

been so long since you left me. Not having heard your voice, not

seeing you, not being around you."

Hearing this heart's confession, Ryoko was only silent as she felt the warm tears seep through the fabric of her robe. She was stunned and confused over the unfolding events and silently cursed herself for overreacting. Ryoko held her weeping husband and stroked his hair reassuringly to let him know that she was there for him. Trying to make peace out of all this chaotic revelation. However, she still couldn't help the fact that she might've missed more than just a few days of Tenchi's Life. She had to ask.

She waited until her husband was calm. After several minutes, he finally stopped crying. "Tenchi?"

"Yes, Ryoko?" Tenchi replied as he used his sleeve to wipe a few tears from his eyes.

The former demon pulled away and looked into Tenchi's eyes. She placed her hands on his shoulders. Ryoko was as calm as could be and the tone in her voice was serious yet patient. She took in a deep breath and tried to prepare herself for the answer of a question she is about to ask. No matter how shocking, or trivial, she mentally and physically braced herself.

"Tenchi, how long was I gone?" Ryoko asked simply with a hint of apprehension.

Tenchi hesitated. "You want to know? Now?"

"Yes, I do. The later I wait to ask the greater the pain."

Tenchi looked away. "Y-you're right." Ryoko's husband agreed, then he looked at her with adamant. Ryoko braced herself. "You were gone for 13 years."

Meanwhile, the Empress Aeka and Yui were enjoying their time together as they skipped pebbles across the lake's surface causing little ripples. When they suddenly heard a loud scream coming from the house, the sudden outburst caused a flock of pigeons to fly off the roof of the house. Yui immediately dropped her stones into the water.

"Was that mother?" Yui asked frantically. "I better go check on her."

Yui was about to rush off to investigate but before she could, she felt a hand tug at her sleeve, stopping her. She looked down and realized that Aeka was holding onto her.

"What gives, Aunt Aeka?" Yui inquired. "Don't you want to check up on why she screamed?"

"I do, Yui." Aeka replied coolly. "I sincerely do. Now is not the time to see her."

"Why?" The young Masaki asked impatiently.

"It is too soon for her to see you. Judging from your mother's latest outburst, I think she just found out that she has missed out on quite a lot. Think on what would happen if she saw you immediately after hearing about all that time stolen from her."

Yui looked defeated. "Oh…you're right. I don't want to add any more to that pot." The young Masaki admitted with a hint of guilt.

Aeka took notice and came around to her niece then gave Yui a hug. "In due time, Yui. In due time."

As the Empress held her niece, Aeka silently cursed the misfortune that fell on Ryoko and the effect it had on the family. She wished in every fiber of her being to turn the clock back thirteen years to change the outcome of the events which surrounded Yui's abduction by Onimaru. Since then, she could only devote most

On that very moment, back in the Parents' room of the Masaki House, Ryoko cried her heart out. Tenchi sat there silently as he held the tears back and listened to Ryoko's outbursts of anger and sorrow.

Washu and Tsunami

In Washu's dimensional lab, a deluge of emotions that poured from her daughter, Ryoko, suddenly overcame Washu. Her daughter was in a great deal of pain and the mental link Washu shared with her was almost too overwhelming even to the mad scientist. The red head was so tempted to leave her lab and help Ryoko cope with her ordeal. Then, right before her emotions got the better of her, Washu's rationale kicked right in. Washu ordered herself not to intervene and remembered to trust and rely on Tenchi's ability assist Ryoko's transition.

Sasami rested comfortably on Washu's scanning table being tested for her health and current condition. She did not notice Washu's brief moment of vulnerability. For a few minutes since the tests were initiated, both were very mum about Ryoko's return from dormancy. Washu typed away on her holo-pad as if waiting on Sasami to bring in the first line of the conversation. More like half-heartedly waiting, until she noticed the influx of data feeding through her holo pc, Washu frowned and looked over to the pseudo-goddess Sasami.

"What? Why are you giving me that look?" Sasami asked with

anxiousness. "Am I really, coming down with something? Is it what I


"Let's see, we've been conducting these tests on you for about

six times on a monthly basis. Each time your Tsunami power levels

seem to be getting smaller on itty bitty increment levels."

Sasami sat up from her position and struck a look of concern.

"That's awfully strange. How small of an increment?"

"Comparing datas from previous tests, I'd say you are losing

.005 percent of your powers a day."

Sasami frowned. Suddenly, she felt her entire being gripped by Tsunami's force, which usually signified an approach of a premonition. For an instant, Sasami was surrounded by fierce pale white flames the resembled plumage of a huge bird. Then she heard the fierce high pitched call of the beast, Sasami looked up and saw a Firebird made of pure light hawk wings. The princess froze in awe, rather than in fear, she felt someone tugging at her sleeve. Then, as quickly as the image appeared, the vision dissipated and Sasami was back in Washu's Astral Lab.

"Sasami? Are you okay?" Washu asked, clearly concerned. "I saw a spike in your mental scans."

"I'm-I'm alright." Sasami replied, a bit shaken. "I think I saw another one of Tsunami's visions."

"What did you see?" Washu inquired with curiosity.

"I saw a huge bird covered in what looks to be Light Hawk Wings."

Washu's eyes lit up with a mad scientist's fervor, she fired away as her hands typed like maelstrom. "Oh really? What else did you see?"

"That was the only thing I saw. I'm not sure what Tsunami was trying to tell me with JUST that one image, I don't think it's a bad premonition."

"How are you so sure?" Washu questioned.

Sasami looked down and was kind of sad. "I don't know. My visions haven't been as clear as they used to these past few months. Even though I'm assimilated with Tsunami, most of her earlier memories are either inaccessible or blocked. I don't know whether those memories were blocked intentionally or not."

"Any hints of what those distant memories might contain?"

"I-I'm not sure, but all I know is that, I keep hearing this one word throughout my dreams. Autumn."

"Autumn?" Washu queried. "Like in the season?"

"Yeah, except in Jurai terms."

"That sounds familiar, I'll be sure to look into that word in the galactic database, maybe I can piece more info together."

"Thank you Washu." Sasami thanked in a sad tone. "I just hope this bird I saw doesn't pose a threat."

Washu noticed the negative expression on her best friend's face. The red headed mastermind cleared her throat.

Washu grinned devilishly and crossed her arms in a confident manner. "The more clues I have the easier it is for me to track it, sedate it, ear tag it, and study it! Maybe and just maybe, I will get around to prodding it with a rectal thermometer."

"Oh yuck!" Sasami said in disgust, then giggled. "You're so silly, Washu."

Washu switched her holo-pc off and skipped over to Sasami. She gave the young blue haired adult a pat on the head. Sasami glared at Washu furiously.

"Hey stop that, it's so annoying!" Sasami whined. "I'm not a little kid anymore!"

The princess's protests fell on deaf ears of the genius who happened to be sporting a fiendish smile.

Aeka and Yui

Outside the mad scientist's lab and on the dock of the Masaki Lake, Aeka and Yui continued on with their tea and relaxation. Aeka sat there on the wooden dock, soaking her feet in the water enjoying her niece's company and quietly thought about her next agenda for the return trip to Jurai. The Empress gazed over to Yui and smiled.

"Yui, I have been meaning to ask you." Aeka started.

"Yes, Aunty?" Yui replied.

"Why have you trained in the Juraian style of sword fighting? Your father never really told me why you decided to undertake this discipline."

Aeka saw no immediate reaction from her niece. Throughout all her years as an Empress, Aeka noticed numerous mannerisms and quirks that gave her clues to motives and the level of thinking from her subjects, an intuitive tool for negotiations and political string pulling. Still, there was no immediate response to her question. The Empress waited on Yui's delayed answer; she knew that her niece was trying to hide something but then Aeka didn't want her curiosity to reach the point of being nosy. Aeka watched as Yui chose her choice of reply.

"Aunt Aeka, I wanted to study the Jurai sword style because I never want to feel helpless whenever something bad might happens. Never again."

"That is understandable, Yui. Even if you did not study, you are still a formidable young lady. Your powers are so much like your mother's. I still think you would fare very well even without the training."

"True, but what would happen if I hadn't studied the art?" Yui retorted. "Would those powers ever come out without my training?"

"You have a good point." Aeka agreed and decided to leave the topic as it is. "While we are on the subject, are you aware that your Uncle Shoji will be here to lend a hand in administering your final test?"

Yui raised her eyebrow as soon as she heard the words 'final test'. The young Masaki shot a look of confusion to her royal aunt. "Final Test?"

Aeka nodded. "Shoji will not be spend his time here for strictly leisure, he will be here to assist your father in validating all that you have learned. Your father did tell you about the test, did he?"

Yui frowned. "No, he didn't but then, I'm not surprised. He always taught me to expect the unexpected. I'll be sure to start prepping for it. I think-no wait, I KNOW, I can pass the test."

"I am glad that you are confident in your abilities. I know you will do good on your word." Aeka encouraged.

"Aunt Aeka?" Yui asked in a unique tone.

Aeka knew by that tone of voice that Yui was in her curious mode or learning mode. "Yes, Yui?"

"What is it that you do as an Empress? I mean, I know you rule the Empire and all, but what do you do specifically and how is it different from your father's style of ruling?"

"That's a very good question." Aeka complimented with a proud smile. The Empress always admired that curious nature of her niece; she would always do her best to teach Yui the importance of learning as much as much as she could. Due to her natural curiosity, Yui would always have a certain level of awareness that would make her look knowledgeable and prepared in any given conversation. "I have been ruling Jurai since the day of your birth. At first, it was very hard to get anything done mainly because the nobles and ruling body thought I was a pushover and ill experienced. During those formative years, they never really took me seriously. There was also an attempted assassination, but thank the gods I found out about it before it could ever happen."

"So how did you get to be where you are now?"

"My family had numerous political 'necessities' that gave us an advantage in negotiating new policies and directives. It would have been much harder if I had not inherited my father's formidable bargaining chips. As far as my ruling style, lets just say that I am not as cordial as the previous ruler. When I first started out, I was only trained in using formalities and political courtesy towards other royals. That method was good in a traditional sense but it was very stagnant. I had to change my style and your mother is partly responsible for this transition."

"Really? How so?" Yui asked excitedly.

"Well, I completely turned around and simply borrowed from your mother's fortitude and straightforwardness. Then I applied it to my adamant ruling style."

Yui's eyes lit up. "You know that's interesting now that you mention it, I think there was this one time where I heard you screaming at your advisors and aides during one of your conference calls from here to Jurai. I think that was three months ago on your last visit here."

Aeka flashed red with embarrassment. "Y-you heard my yelling?"

Yui nodded. "You were pretty harsh with them, I never knew you would even go to the point of using 'colorful metaphors'. Before that little episode, I thought you were always formal and proper but after hearing all that profanity, I thought you were possessed by some dead sailor."

Aeka giggled half-heartedly then she quickly regained her easy composure and confidently crossed her arms. "Unlike my father, I was more willing to kick a few heads in order to get the important work done. You can say that I am more of an activist than a politician. The traditional ways of royalty are becoming a detriment to progress rather than aiding the overall agenda. I decided that practicality was more important than formalities. Of course, some habits are hard to get rid of. I still use my formal training in diplomacy and formal ceremonies."

"Yeah, that's always a good thing, I know you're doing a good job Auntie!"

Yui complimented her aunt and hugged her. After the hug, Yui heard a delicate knocking coming from the second story window, she peered up and spotted her father smiling down at her and Aeka.

"Sorry to interrupt your conversation." Her father apologized at the two from his window, which caught Yui by surprise.

The young daughter turned around and gazed up at the second floor window where her father stood. "It's alright dad, is there anything you want?" Yui replied, getting nervous. She pulled her feet away from the water and stood up on the wooden dock.

"Come up here to the room!" Tenchi requested excitedly. "Time to meet your mother."

Yui became uneasy as Tenchi waited for her answer. She didn't expect to meet her mother so soon and things were moving along too quickly. Questions of doubt and apprehension gripped her. What is her mother going to say once she sees her? What if her mother lost too much memory? What is she going to say to her mom? Welcome back? Howdy? Then she felt a warm hand placed on her shoulder. Yui peered over her shoulder and saw those beautiful amethyst pupils gazing into her own eyes. Aeka smiled warmly and nodded at Yui. Silently telling her to take the first steps of reuniting. In response to her aunt's invaluable support, Yui gave the Empress Aeka a tight hug.

"I'll be up there in a second!" Yui answered her father.

Yui released her aunt and fleeted off to her parent's room. Aeka watched as her niece disappeared into the house. Aeka thought silently about the years of taking care of Yui, she treated her like a daughter. For thirteen years, Aeka took Yui under her wing and taught her the fundamentals of being a woman and watched her niece mature through the years. Now, a new transition is unfolding in front of her eyes. The Empress will have to change hats once again from Yui's caretaker/teacher/mother to being a regular aunt. Ryoko has returned and it's time for the Empress to step back and let daughter and mother rekindle their lost relationship. Aeka felt a hot tear go down her left cheek and finally realized how much this coming transition affected her. She wiped the tear away with her kimono sleeve and smiled from the inside.

"Always the emotional one." Aeka commented to herself.


A few minutes ago, before Tenchi called out to his daughter, the crying started to subside and both husband and wife were quiet. Ryoko was grateful to freely let the emotions flow out without any worries of losing face. Her husband might've looked different but she was grateful that he was still the same person she loved and confided in. Still, the fact of the matter was that she lost thirteen years of her life and too many of those moments missed. Ryoko noticed the huge wet stain on the shoulder of Tenchi's gray kimono. She couldn't resist the temptation to chuckle.

"Why are you giggling?" The perplexed Tenchi asked.

"I left a big mess on your clothes." Ryoko said as she traced the wet spot on her husband's clothing. "Sorry about that."

"It's okay, there's no need to say you're sorry." Tenchi assured Ryoko and stroked her cyan hair.

Ryoko looked away from her husband and clinched the sheets into her fingers. "Tenchi?"

"Yes, Ryoko?" Tenchi replied earnestly.

Ryoko hesitated, almost afraid to ask. "How's Yui, I mean, tell me about our daughter. What is she like?"

Tenchi was prepared for this on the moment he found out that Washu had secretly restored Ryoko. He took a moment to collect his thoughts, looked into Ryoko's golden feral eyes, and smiled. "Before I tell you, can you make me a promise?"

"A promise?" Ryoko asked in return. "Sure, what is it you wanted me to promise?"

"Please promise me that you won't talk about past regrets of not being here for her or for me."

Ryoko frowned. "I don't understand what you're trying to tell me."

"What I meant was, I speak for both me and Yui that we've spent the 13 years trying to live our lives as best as we could without your presence. It was very hard and yet we've managed. We both wanted you with us for all occasions and there would be times where we down right wallowed in the past. My point is, since you're here with us now, let's just look forward and let the healing process take its own course. No regrets. Promise?"

Ryoko looked concerned and doubtful at Tenchi's request. She bit her lip and thought about weight and implications of the promise. "I don't know if I can guarantee you that I won't. Maybe it is harder to keep talking about through this ordeal, but then, I missed thirteen years! How could I ever keep my mouth shut about it?"

"Through our actions, my love. The healing will begin as soon as we both take the first steps together and without fear. I know its hard not to voice regrets and missed moments."

"Yes, yes, I know." Ryoko said admittedly with sadness. "I know what you're going to say. All those missed opportunities are gone and in the past. Time to look forward and make new memories and not look behind us."

Tenchi looked away as if ashamed of himself, afraid to face his wife. "I-I'm sorry if I sound inconsiderate or heartless. I just wanted to make it easier on you."

Ryoko took Tenchi's chin in hand turned his head so her husband could face her. "No, Tenchi please don't apologize. I know you were being strong for me and I love you for it. You're right about the promise. Please don't stop what you're doing."

"Thank you for understanding." Tenchi gratified. He stood up and took Ryoko's hand and held it. Then his face wore an excited looking smile. "Are you ready to meet her?"

"M-meet Yui?" Ryoko stammered. She wore an expression of apprehension and nervousness.

"I'll be there with you. Together, ok?" Tenchi reassured his anxious wife.

Ryoko closed her eyes and took in a long deep breath. She collected her thoughts and relaxed for a few moments. The wife opened her eyes and looked at her husband then nodded in affirmation.

"Alright then." Tenchi verified and smiled warmly. "Hold on for just a second, okay?"

Ryoko nodded as she watched Tenchi walked towards the bedroom window and opened it. He looked down, leaned out the window, and knocked on the wood delicately.

"Sorry to interrupt your conversation." Tenchi said to the persons below.

""It's alright dad, is there anything you wanted?" The girl's voice replied loudly.

"Come up here to the room!" Tenchi said excitedly. "Time to meet your mother."

There was no immediate response, just a long pause. Ryoko sat at the edge of her bed in total suspense anticipating her daughter's compliance. The word from outside finally arrived.

"I'll be up there in a second." Yui called out from the dock located outdoors.

Having heard the exchange, Ryoko was taken by the sound of her now mature daughter's voice. The wife was stunned by the similarity of Yui's vocal quality compared to her own. Ryoko was still doubtful if she was actually ready to meet her grown daughter, this nervous sensation gripped her so tightly from the inside. She couldn't recall the last time she was ever so anxious, the only thing that came close to this state of anxiety was years ago. In that state of time, Ryoko waited on the answer to the question, whether she was able to bear any children. Of course she was able to, thanks to Washu's modifications to her body.

Ryoko was snapped back into the present as she heard the knock on the door. She watched with great anticipation and nervousness as Tenchi walked over to the door. He slid the door open blocking Ryoko's view of the doorway. UGH!

She knew Tenchi was doing that intentionally. She reminded herself to get him back in return. Tenchi carefully turned around without letting Ryoko see her daughter; he was wearing that big smile again. Ryoko quickly stood up from her position, tired from being in the bed; she was getting fed up with the suspense.

"Ryoko, meet your now beautiful daughter."

"Dad!" Yui said abit embarrassed.

Finally, Ryoko saw her daughter as Tenchi stepped aside for them to have their moment. Ryoko stepped up to her daughter and looked at her carefully. She had her yellow eyes, her cyan hair looked soft, straight and tied up in a ponytail, and she stood at 5'7. Her daughter was beautiful, she looked strong, and she has grown since her toddler years. The Masaki wife gazed into her daughter's eyes and held her young cheek.

"Tenchi." Ryoko said proudly. "Yui was always beautiful."

Ryoko detected Yui's eyes turning red and saw her daughter's tears welled up.

"Mom!" Yui cried and immediately stepped forward to touch her beloved mother. The pirate quickly hugged her daughter and held her in a tight embrace. Not allowing anything to ruin this moment, not time and not even fate. Outside the house, the day ended and night time has arrived.

To Be Continued...


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The Lonely Moon


I am lonely like the moon

You are faraway as the earth

Now you say I light your thoughts

Night After night

Soon you forget

We are drifting in this dance

I can feel you circle my thoughts

Keeping such a graceful distance

So close but somehow apart

Sometimes I cry for you

Knowing you don't want me to

Sometimes I whisper to the stars up in the sky

That I want to find the way to your soul

Kiss in the sun when morning comes you don't seem to count the hours

When we are not together

I've seen a tender fire in your eyes

Yet when I'm gone you carry on

I float in this emptiness

Till at last love returns

With the night and the lonely moon