Foolish is it not?

Foolish man, foolish boy…
Some never see what is offered to them.
Others ignore it and brush the offer aside.
Sometimes I think upon the offer made,

And I question that offer made in the hopes;
Of acceptance and the answering reply
Whether it is crushing of all hope…

Or uplifting of the soul and
The very happiness of the soul…
To try and be defeated is feeling
That nothing can compare to.

To wish and never act upon is just as terrible,
Torment continuing to the end of life.
To ask and be told its not right is just as painful.

Waiting for that answer to be turned around and holding onto
That shred of hope is painful…
Can you guess where I'm going?

Love is blind they say.
Love is beautiful in its passion
And caring for another person…
Loving one who does not love you back,
Makes you incomplete…

And I still wonder, why after all this time, all these questions,
That I can still hope, still wait to see if you'll change your answer…
My question remains.
I can only hope that you'll
Find the truth in your heart and speak
It to the ears that listen for it…

Foolish Exile, do not abandon this wish.
Listen to the question and open your eyes
To see the heart that is barely beating.
Maybe you'll see a diferent person
Than the one you thought you knew.

A first attempt at the chatacter of Visas Marr who I do not write one person views on because her character is tricky. Please Read and Review!