All she ever wanted was to be noticed. Being alone, just about all her life, was tough. Losing everyone in her family in a horrible flood, she's the only one left of her family. Searching for some acknowledgement, she's still never seen.

When she came across the "Ice Prince" of her school, she helplessly falls for his mysteriousness, and hopes that he'll look at her the way she looks at him. As time passes, she is still helplessly in love with, and only watching him from afar, she learns the hard way, that his heart is already taken...


Name: Shan Cai
Age: 21
Status: middle-class
School: Ying De

Name: Hua Zhe Lei (Lei)
Age: 22
Status: first-class
School: Ying De

Name: Teng Tang Jing (Jing or Jing Xue Jie)
Age: 23
Status: first-class
School: France/Ying De