When Our Paths Cross Again (Lei & Shan Cai's View)

*Two Weeks Later*

*Shan Cai*

Two weeks ago, I came out of the hospital learning that the tumor in my brain was still growing and nothing could stop it from growing. I would die in a few months time. I also learned that Lei's father has been keeping Lei locked in his office at the company and at his office in Himiko's house. "Lei, please, be strong, I believe that you'll get out of there."


I was going to collapse anytime. I've been chained to my desk for two weeks already. I have managed to help solve the crisis, but that did not satisfy my father. I barely eat or sleep anymore, all because of the exhaustion, and not being able to see Shan Cai, to keep me going. I miss her... I don't even know if she's out of the hospital, or if she's still alive... this thought tugged at my heart. "Shan Cai, if you can hear me... I only want to tell you how much I miss you, and that I love you."

"Lei?" my mother came into my office cautiously. A maid followed her with a tray of food. "Lei, you need to eat something! I'm worried about your disoriented health! Please eat something!" My mother was practically begging me to eat. But nothing could get me to eat properly. I was drowning in exhaustion. I could barely keep my eyes open, let alone, my body.
The maid set the food down in front of me and dismissed herself. My mother was still in my office walking around. Suddenly, thunder was heard and I could hear rain pattering against my window. "Rain storm... odd... well, Lei, please, eat something... I'm very worried about your health." my mother left my office, and I heard the door lock. Security guards were guarding my door, making sure I wouldn't escape. I hated this... I hated this so much... I stood up and walked over to my window. I heard the chains clang together as I took each step. Chains were clasped around my ankles and my wrists. The only time I could get out of them was when I slept. But I barely did.

Another sound of thunder was heard, which snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked down at Himiko's garden and out into the many acres. A flash if lightning let me see the garden, and something else. Another flash, and I saw a woman, drenched in the rain, "Shan Cai?"

"Lei! Shan Cai! She's outside!" my mother burst into my office with the news. She rushed over to me and grabbed onto my arms, "it's not safe to leave her out there! She'll catch a cold!"

"Mother, let me see her... let me go..." my mother nodded her head and called for a guard.

"Unlock these chains." I was free. Once the last chain was unlocked. I practically sprinted all the way downstairs.
Once I was outside, the down pour drenched me immediately. I strode over to Shan Cai and pulled her into my embrace. I whispered her name into her ear and held her tightly.

*Shan Cai*

Lei carried me bridal style inside. It felt good to be in his strong arms again. Wrapping my arms around his neck abd burying my face in his shoulder was heavenly. We entered his room still dripping wet from the rain. He sat me down on his bed and went back to his door and locked it. "I want to be alone with you, no interruptions." He said to me huskily. He walked away for a minute and went into the adjoining bathroom. He came back with a towel and sat down behind me. He took my long hair and began to stroke it dry.


Absent-mindly, I took her into the bathroom, undressed her and put her into my huge bathtub where I could clean her. I joined her later on in the tub and I was able to clean her more efficiently. She leaned on my chest as I cleaned her back. Several bruises were still on her back. I carefully cleaned them and gently touched them. I soon found myself kissing her neck and onto her shoulders. I held her closeas I buried her my face in her neck. I could smell the scent of the soap on her skin. It was so tantalizing, and it felt good to have her in my arms, safe from any other danger. I was her protector. "Shan Cai, don't ever leave me. I need you here with me." I looked at her, and deep into her eyes. "I love you, I don't ever want you to leave me. And I'm sure as hell that I won't leave you." I leaned in and claimed her lips in a passionate kiss.

That night, I made love to her again. With more passion and love for her. Kissing her and holding her in my arms was heaven. Having her in my possesion was truly happiness. As we made love, I whispered sweet nothing's into her ear and told her over and over how much I love her. "Lei, tell me about our future together." she whispered to me as I held her in my arms.

"You and I, will marry, and have a big family together. We will live in peace, and no one will ever be in our way." I whispered back to her as I began kissing her again.

The whole night, I did nothing but make love to her. I never want her to leave me, never.

I divorced Himiko, and the company was saved. My father had finally let me go, and I was free to live my life with Shan Cai. Shan Cai is now three months pregnant with my child. Just recently, I asked her to marry me. She happily accepted my proposal, and we are to marry in a month.
The baby is healthy, and growing strong. Shan Cai's tumor, although, is still growing. I don't want her to leave me... she still has to marry me, and she still has to help me raise our child together. But miraculously, she lived to give birth to our baby, and to marry me. She gave me a baby girl. We named her Ai Lun, or Xiao Ai.

*Six Months Later*

Shan Cai passed away last night in the hospital. The tumor grew to its capacity. She died with Ai Lun in one arm, and my hand grasped in her other hand. I stayed with Shan Cai that whole night. Ai Lun was taken home, and I was left with my beloved Shan Cai. "Shan Cai... why did you have to leave? What about Ai Lun? We were supposed to have a big family... you can't leave..." I sobbed all night. Because of Shan Cai, I could see the things I've never seen before. "Because of you, I know how to love." Tenderly, I kissed her good-bye as I waited for the day our paths crossed again.

I raised Ai Lun on my own. My mother offered to help me, but I told her that I wanted to raise Ai Lun on my own. Ai Lun is now seven years old, and resembling more and more like her mother everyday.

"Shan Cai, I'll love you forever."

The End