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Continuity Notes: This story takes place in the Sailor Moon S season of the anime. The Tenchi continuity is a mix of Tenchi OAV 1+2 and Tenchi Universe.
No Need For A Green Thumb:

In the darkened lab recently renamed Witches 3, Telula hung up the phone with a satisfied smirk. As she had informed Doctor Tomoe, she already had a good number of her Venus Heart Traps ready to go. It was perfect! No longer would it be necessary to go out in search of a single target. She could gather heart energy from dozens, hundreds... Even thousands of victims at once! And the best part was that they would all come to her willingly and even paying her for the privilege of giving their energy to the Sovereign and ending their pathetic lives!
Telula had expected Doctor Tomoe's approval and had already set up a store front in anticipation. Tomorrow would be opening day... Soon the harvest would begin. Her smile broadened as she savored her impending triumph... Too bad poor Mimete wasn't around to see it... Telula mused wickedly.

"Mihoshi, you stay here while I go inside and talk to the manager." Kiyone told her partner. It was the fifth electronics shop they had visited in Tokyo that day and they still had not yet found all the parts Washu had requested. These were needed to repair the subspace television, which had become a casualty in the latest little skirmish between Ryoko and Ayeka. At the time, Ryoko had asked whether Washu could not simply replicate the parts herself. It was a fair question; Kiyone admitted, but Washu had simply looked at her daughter, handed a list to Kiyone, and wordlessly went back into her lab. Kiyone hoped she would find everything remaining on the list this time. It had been a long day.

"Okay." Mihoshi said as Kiyone went into the shop. She knew that Kiyone was still a little upset about what had happened in the last store they had gone to:

Kiyone had gone to talk to the shop owner. Mihoshi had contented herself to browse around. She had met that girl... What was her name again? Mona? Mina? ...Yes! That was it, Mina! ...Funny... There seemed to be something familiar about her somehow. Anyway, they had been trying to figure out the controls on one of the new video players when the silly thing just simply exploded! It wasn't their fault! And they certainly had not even touched any of the other machines which then also proceeded to blow up!

Unfortunately, the store owner decided it was their fault and went into a screaming fit of hysterical rage and threw them out of the shop.

So Kiyone had told her to wait outside this time. Mihoshi looked around. On the other side of the plaza, there seemed to be quite a commotion surrounding one of the other shops. Mihoshi decided to wander over and take a look, finding herself in line behind a smartly dressed woman with long dark hair that seemed to have a greenish tint to it.

Wow! She thought. That sure is a nice outfit. I wonder if Kiyone might like something like that?

Presently, the woman paid for her purchase and walked away.

"Hello there!" The proprietor greeted Mihoshi. "Can I interest you in a Happy Bloom?"

"Well..." Mihoshi hesitated. "You see... I'm really not that good with plants."

"I understand perfectly." Telula replied smoothly. "There are lots of people who love plants but just don't know how to care for them. That's why we created the Happy Bloom! It can grow anywhere and it doesn't need watering or sunlight."

"Wow! Really?" Mihoshi asked with interest.

"Absolutely! So what do you say? Just ten cents!" Telula smiled entreatingly.

"Okay!" Mihoshi said and reached into her pocket. "Now if I can just find where I put my change." Mihoshi dug deeper into her pockets and an impressive amount of items began pouring out onto the sidewalk. "Hmmm... Wait a second... Nope... Not there... Not there... Not that... Oops! Kiyone will get really mad if I lose this again! ...I still don't know what this is...

Telula rolled her eyes in dismay as she watched the blonde haired woman carry on. Maybe I'll just put this one 'on the house'. I'll be doing the whole world a service getting rid of this pest! She thought to herself

"Ah!" Mihoshi exclaimed in triumph. "I found it!" She said pulling the change out.

Telula put one hand up in refusal and smiled pulling out one of her own coins. "No. This one's on me!" She said. "You look like you've had a rough day."

"Gee... Thanks!" Mihoshi exclaimed.

"You're welcome." Telula said. Just make sure to keep it by your bedside till it blooms... She thought evilly.

Presently, Mihoshi gathered everything back into her pockets and; carrying her new plant, went back over to the electronics shop where she could see Kiyone was coming out now. "Hi Kiyone!" Mihoshi said. "Well, did they have everything we needed?"

Kiyone looked at her with a small smile and lifted up the shopping bag in her hand. "Yes." She said. "Finally! Now we can catch the train back to Okayama and go home." She was also relieved that Mihoshi had apparently managed to keep out of trouble this time. Her smile widened. "I; for one, could stand a nice long soak in the onsen when we get back!"

When they got back to the Masaki house, Kiyone immediately went to Washu's lab to deliver the parts. Mihoshi promptly went into the kitchen; setting her new plant on the window cill by the sink, and began to fix herself a sandwich.

Meanwhile, Sasami was in the den using Nobuyuki's computer to go online where she was enjoying a chat with 'Thunderchild' in Tokyo. The two of them had been exchanging recipes for the past month or so and were on a first name basis now. Sasami was still curious where her friend's screen name came from... She typed:

Tsunami1: Thanks for the lemon cake recipe, Lita! I tried it last night. Everybody loved it! Ryoko and Ayeka got into a fight over the last piece!

Thunderchild: Glad you liked it! Err... Sorry about the fight though...

Tsunami1: No problem! They're always fighting about something anyway!

Thunderchild: Gee... They sound a lot like Rei and Serena! Anyway Sasami... I have a special dinner I was planning for tomorrow night and I was wondering if maybe you had any ideas?

Tsunami1: Dinner for two?... Well... I might have a couple of ideas...

After a few minutes, Sasami logged off so she could start fixing dinner. She entered the kitchen with Ryo ohki perched on her shoulder. Mihoshi was by the sink, cleaning up the knife she had used to make her sandwich.

"Oh! Hi, Mihoshi!" Sasami greeted.

"Myia!" Ryo ohki added.

"Oh! Hi, Sasami!" Mihoshi answered and then gestured to the window cill with the knife still in her hand. "See my new plant?"

Sasami looked. Though unopened, the bulb was a vibrant rose pink. Sasami could only imagine how beautiful the flower would be when it opened. "It's so pretty!" Sasami said.

Sensing tremendous energy in the young Jurain princess, the Venus Heart Trap began to open.

"Oh, Look!" Sasami exclaimed. "It's blooming!"

To Be Continued