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Senshi Muyo Chapter 42

No Need For A Rescue! Ch1

The Masaki House.

Katsuhito winced as Nobuyuki adjusted the makeshift sling on his arm. Two destroyed combat drones lay testament to his centuries of skill but it had not been enough after his boken had shattered while engaging a third. The wreckage of several machines littered the house. Nobuyuki looked around. Surprisingly, the damage to the house wasn't as severe as some of Ryoko and Ayeka's little free for alls, but the situation was still quite grim. It should come as no surprise that Ryoko had been an early target. Ryo Ohki had also been quickly captured. In the opening moments, it seemed that Sailor Mercury had been targeted early on but her capture had been delayed by strong interference from Sailor Jupiter. In the end, both had been overcome as had Sailor Venus. She and Mars interposing themselves to protect Sailor Moon. Nobuyuki had hurriedly rushed Sasami and Rini down into the cellar. In the end, the unexpectedly high attrition of drones forced them to retreat from the battle with as many hostages as they could carry: Ryoko, Ryo Ohki, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon had been taken. Even the sudden appearance of Tuxedo Kamen had been unable to prevent this as Sailor Mars now applied ice to his forehead where a large bruise had formed after a sharp impact with a wall. Mars herself needing her left wrist bandaged where a drone had tossed her aside in favor of the stunned Sailor Moon.

Tenchi surveyed the wreckage after he finished tending Mars' wrist. Washu was kneeling down studying one of the drones. Tenchi could see her eyes narrow.

"Miss Washu?" Tenchi queried.

"As I thought. The basic design is Doctor Clay's handiwork."

"But then why so much interest in the senshi?" Tenchi asked. Mars listened up at this as she dearly wanted to know who she was going to make pay for taking her friends.

"Hmm... The basic design is his, but there are some differences. Radical adjustments in their AIs. Clay likes to stick with standardized components. For all his ability; which I will privately admit is considerable, he wouldn't even consider the kind of changes I'm seeing here. These things are disposable assets and he just wouldn't spend the time fiddling with them. Someone else had a hand in this."

"Then who?" Mars repeated the question.

Washu typed on her laptop. "Someone who hates you girls with a passion... Especially Mercury." She noted. "Villuy."

"But she's dead isn't she?" Ayeka objected having seen the fourth witch of the Witches Five dissolve in a swirl of her own nanites.

"Apparently not and if she's teamed up with Doctor Clay, then she's more dangerous than ever. Possibly more dangerous than Clay realizes."

"We can't just sit here Washu! We have to do something!" Tenchi urged in frustration.

"For the moment we need to calm down and regroup. Clay isn't going anywhere. Right now he thinks he's holding all the cards. We need to balance the odds first and THEN I'm going to kick his pseudo-scientific ass clean to the Horse-head Nebula" She patted Tenchi's hand. "Don't worry Tenchi. We'll get them back but we need reinforcements first."

"Where are we going to get reinforcements?" Tenchi wondered as he understood and accepted Washu's counsel.

At that moment, the TV clicked on and as Mars looked up, she began to smile.

"I think that's taken care of Tenchi..."

Aboard Goddess II

"So Vijuy. Not quite a complete success but a success nevertheless. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Certainly Doctor Clay." She smiled as she poured him a glass of his favorite wine. "They proved to be more powerful than expected but that can only make our final victory all the sweeter."

Clay favored her with a smile. She was a bright girl. This naturally meant that she was potentially quite dangerous, but she still had much to learn and in fact he much preferred her company to those two pedestrian minded girls Eudial and Mimete. They were clearly only suitable for menial tasks. (Although he found their attempts to placate him most amusing and indeed, Mimete DID give a good shoulder massage. But then he had droids who could do the same thing.) For now he would keep them around. They were amusing lackeys.

"Quite right. We'll wait and give Washu some time to fret on this. THEN we'll destroy her and you can begin studying those senshi of yours. I must admit I was impressed by their abilities. We'll simply have to see what makes them tick." He drank deeply from his goblet. "Begin modifying the next batch of drones Viluy."

"As you command Doctor Clay." She bowed and departed the bridge. Disgusting old lech! Soon your usefulness will be at an end...

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