Twenty months! Yes I know it is criminal but I promised I would not abandon this story and now at long last we continue!

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Senshi Muyo, Chapter 46

No need For a Rescue, Ch 5

Kya Kuma raced down the Byzantine corridors of the Goddess II paying no heed to the auto defense turrets nor the armored bulkheads. His person was in danger and literally nothing would stop him from getting to her.

Meanwhile, Sailor Mercury watched as Jupiter jerked her head up suddenly as if sensing something. The tall brunette looked around searchingly.

"What is it?" Mercury asked as Venus and Sailor Moon also looked speculatively at Jupiter. Ryoko merely smirked as Ryo Ohki cocked her head slightly.

You feel it too, don't you Ryo Ohki?


A small furry missile lanced through the force barrier surrounding the four captive senshi and into the arms of Sailor Jupiter. "Chau! Chau! Chau!" Kya Kuma exclaimed as he nuzzled Jupiter, who laughed with joy.

"Alright! I'm happy to see you too!"

"If he's here, there must be a rescue party!" Mercury exclaimed as Venus and Sailor Moon nodded. In the meantime, Kya Kuma began insistently trying to explain everything to Jupiter.

"You want us to what?" She asked her tiny companion.

"Chau! Chau!" He repeated. "Chau! Chauuu!"

"Got it!" She still had no idea what the plan was but at least she knew what she was supposed to do. "I guess you'd better get going then!"

"Got what?" Sailor Moon wondered. "Jupiter? All he said is 'chau'. That's not exactly a language."

The tiny cabbit immediately turned his head and gave her a glare, reminding everyone that he certainly understood them even if he could not yet voice the words.

"It's like… It's not exactly hearing the words in my head but like my mind just knows." Jupiter explained. She gently stroked the cabbit's back and then carefully set him down on the floor.


"I'll be fine."

The little cabbit sighed reluctantly but then braced himself. With the field disruptor Washu had installed on his collar, not only had the cameras in the holding area gone inert but the tiny cabbit could punch through the force barrier. This part of his mission completed, he needed to go and bring help. Besides, the cameras in the holding area needed to be working to observe what came next. A gentle hand on his tiny head restrained him for a moment.

"Hold on… before you go, I just gotta do one thing first!" She looked to Mercury. "Follow my lead, Mercury." She then reached over and scritched Kya Kuma's ear one last time. "Okay buddy! Go get us help!"

"CHAU!" He lunged through the barrier and hurried on his way.

Then Jupiter stood up, glaring for all to see and then suddenly shook herself and began to wobble as she put a hand to her head,"

"Jupiter!" her friends called out in concern.

"I feel so weak… It's like my powers are failing! What's happening?! She exclaimed as she allowed her transformation to revert. She looked around in confusion. "Where am I…?"

Mercury caught on. "Her power has abandoned her and I feel my power is starting to leave too!" She dropped to her knees as her transformation also 'failed'

On the bridge, Vijuy noted the cameras in the detention area go down briefly. There had probably been a momentary disruption in the power as a result of the fighting going on. Fortunately, the holding cells themselves had an independent power supply and, indeed, as the visual feed came back up, everyone was still in their cell.

Except this was not completely true. "Well this is interesting, Doctor." Vijuy told Clay, whose attention was still firmly on watching the fight going on outside.

"What is it?" He turned and asked with just a touch of annoyance at the interruption.

"It looks like Washu's little pet genius is finally getting what's coming to her! Look! She and one of the others have completely lost their powers." Vijuy smirked.

"Yes," Clay agreed. "Unfortunately that makes them completely worthless. Still, if their powers deserted them? I wonder…"

Vijuy frowned as the video feed cut out once more.

In the meantime, Kya Kuma raced as fast as possible back to the insertion team. As expected, they were now in the middle of a fight as Doctor Clay's available drones tried to stop them. While Ryoga engaged with a series of thrusts behind the massive three hundred pound umbrella he carried and Shampoo smashed a drone with her chui, Kodachi used her gymnastics ribbon to snare her opponents. The addition of a few drops of demon blood had greatly enhanced Kodachi's strength as she then flung her ensnared opponents into the bulkheads. Ranma was having some difficulty in competing in terms of absolute strength with those three (and witnessing it in Kodachi was more than a bit worrying) but his speed, agility, and substantial array of fighting techniques helped him more than hold his own in this fight and he had to admit that Rind's training was paying dividends as his reflexes were faster than ever and his strength, while not at Ryoga's current level, was greater than it had ever been! It had certainly surprised Genma who was no longer able to use his panda form to simply over power his son!

But that left the other half of their group. Ranma did not know who this Bertie and Prizma were and that they were wearing those invisibility suits didn't ease his mind any. Ukyo could look after herself, of course, but Akane…

Ranma had heard about Akane's 'potential' from Rind but the reality was that she was going to get hurt! Stubborn girl! Ranma just didn't understand why she had been dragged into all of this! Whatever all this is anyway, Ranma thought grimly as he fought.

As for Akane herself, she too wondered why she was here. She knew Ranma didn't trust in her ability to take care of herself but Washu had sworn that she and Ukyo were absolutely vital to this mission. Each of them had assigned a partner by Washu and instructed to do exactly what their partner told them to do. In Ukyo's case it had been Prizma, in hers it was Bertie. Right now, Bertie's seemingly disembodied voice was speaking into her ear as they stood behind the fray.

"Pull your arms together over your chest, then throw them open and shout 'Shabon Spray' as loud as you can!"

This seemed a silly thing to do but she had been told not to question or argue so she gathered in her arms and then tossed them out as instructed.

"Shabon Spray!" She cried out. As she did so, she swore she heard Bertie say something but what happened was that suddenly a heavy and cold mist enveloped the area. Surprisingly, it seemed her allies had no trouble seeing through the mist but their opponents were unable to track them.

"Did I do that?" Akane asked wonderingly.

"Actually I did." Bertie answered mildly. "But as far as the bad guys are concerned, you did."

Yet, even as Bertie answered her, Akane noted though her hands were quite warm, a rime of frost had formed on her fingertips.

Across from her, Akane suddenly heard Ukyo shout 'Supreme Thunder!' and a discharge of electricity cut through the air, electrocuting a number of attack drones...

On the bridge, Vijuy observed the battle with growing concern. Though Doctor Clay was focused on the fighting on the outside of the ship to an obsessive degree, Vijuy had been monitoring the fighting in the ship's corridors. On the screen in front of her, the impossible had just happened as Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter were now both clearly engaged despite the fact they had been captured earlier. And yet she knew that Ami Mizuno was still secured in a containment cell. It was probably for the best that the video feed from that part of the ship was down, her brain was already reeling from the implications. She could destroy Ami Mizuno as she pleased but Sailor Mercury had found a new host and no matter what Vijuy did, Mercury would remain.

Perhaps my master will have some thoughts on this… Vijuy mused. In any case, this situation is completely out of control. Time to leave. Unnoticed by Doctor Clay, Vijuy left the bridge.

In the meantime, Eudial and Mimette had carefully made their way through the ship's corridors, having taken great care to disable the security systems en route. To accuse them of heroic intentions would be to completely misunderstand the situation but Mimette and Eudial had learned from their past experiences and planning on survival seemed much better than fanatically following a madman to their own ends. The only problem was that Doctor Clay's enemies had no reason to treat the two of them kindly unless they offered something in return. It was a calculated risk. If Clay actually managed to win, they were beyond dead, having openly betrayed him. But at the moment, it seemed unlikely.

The pair reached the detention area, quickly checking to make sure all was still quite.

"Eudial! Mimette!" Sailor Venus exclaimed in shock, looking up at the two former Deathbusters. "What are you two doing here?" She asked in suspicion. Suddenly, the force barrier around the senshi dropped as Mimette input her security code. Eudial did likewise at the next panel and the mass of goo holding Ryoko dissipated. A moment later, Ryo Ohki was likewise released.

Eudial smirked at Venus. "Haven't you ever heard of a jailbreak before…?".