I've been on a roll so here is a second chapter for your enjoyment. Have fun!

"How is he?"

"Still unconscious. He's got a couple of cracked ribs though."

"What about you?"

"I'm fine. A few bruises, that's all."

"You should get some rest."

"No, I want to stay here until House wakes up."

"Alright but after that I want you to get some rest."

House slowly swum up out of the blackness as the voices spoke. His mind very slowly identified them as Cuddy and Wilson. He grimaced and swallowed before slowly opening his eyes. He was lying in a bed in a hospital room and he made a disgusted sound that got the immediate attention of the other two people in the room.

"House!" Wilson said with a great deal of relief. He was sitting in a chair at the side of House's bed.

"Apparently," House replied a little owlishly. He looked around and saw he was connected to an IV drip and gathered that the surprising lack of pain he was feeling right now probably had something to do with that. "What happened?"

"What's the last thing you remember?" Wilson asked with a quick glance at Cuddy who was standing on the opposite side of the bed.

"He hit me," House replied a little hoarsely. "On the leg. Not much after that. I remember you speaking to me."

Wilson gave him a tight smile and picked up the glass of water that was sitting on the table beside the bed. He held it out so that House could drink then put it back down.

"There was a police officer outside asking questions of your neighbours," Wilson said tensely. "He heard the sounds of a struggle and broke the door down. He shot Armitage. He's in surgery right now."

House blinked. His brain was working very slowly which he could only attribute to whatever painkillers they had him on. "Why were the police there?"

Wilson gave him another of those tight smiles. "One of the doctors from the CDC found out Armitage had been at the hospital this afternoon. That was Dr Cuddy phoning and paging you. Dr Martinson had the police come and check the place. They weren't going to knock on the door in case they made the situation worse but they thought it might be an idea to ask if the neighbours had seen someone hanging around."

House grunted. "You okay?"

Wilson's smile became something far more genuine. "I'm fine. I'm a bit bruised but nothing more than that."

House gave a small nod and felt his eyes slipping shut. He forced them open. "How bad?"

"You've got a couple of cracked ribs," Wilson replied, correctly interpreting the question. "A split lip and a lot of bruises. I checked your leg. It seemed to be fine."

House nodded and this time let his eyes close. Sleep followed almost immediately.

When he woke again it was Chase who was sitting in the chair beside the bed. The young intensivist was working on a crossword puzzle, a small frown on his face and his pen tapping his lips.

"You're meant to be working. We still had one patient left last time I looked," House rasped. He smirked when Chase jumped and gave him a wide-eyed look.

"I am working," Chase replied nervously. "Dr Wilson only to agreed to go and get some rest if someone stayed with you. Dr Cuddy told me to stay, Cameron to finish things up with the CDC and Foreman to get to the clinic."

House snorted at that; perhaps Cuddy did know him too well. Chase was probably the only one of his ducklings he'd be able to tolerate right now. Cameron would want to fawn over him and Foreman had a decided lack of bedside manner. Chase, at least, would have the sense to leave him alone but the stubbornness to remain in case he genuinely did need something.

He hitched himself up into more of a sitting position, glaring at Chase when the young doctor made a movement to help him and wincing as both his ribs and leg reminded him of what had happened. Chase gave an exasperated sigh and picked up the controls for the bed.

"You know they have these for a reason," he said as he adjusted the bed to a more comfortable position.

"The CDC are leaving?" House asked instead, gesturing for Chase to pour him a glass of water. "And get my chart, will you?"

Chase looked like he was about to protest but instead shook his head and grabbed the chart that was hanging from the end of the bed. He handed it to House then poured the water. He handed the glass to House who was reading the chart.

"No wonder I feel like this," House muttered as he read the medication he'd been given and took a drink. He raised an eyebrow when he saw he'd been admitted as Cuddy's patient then he handed the chart back to Chase.

"What's going on with the CDC?" he snapped.

Chase returned the chart to its holder as he spoke. "They finished sequencing the virus and it agrees with the notes they found at Armitage's house. The virus base is HIV but he'd altered the RNA so that it produced a mutated form of the HPRT enzyme. The mutated enzyme would bind with any normal HPRT it found. That's why it was mimicking Lesch-Nyhan. Apparently even Armitage was surprised at its success. He wasn't expecting the neurological effects to occur. He thought they'd just end up dying of kidney failure. He viewed the appearance of the neurological effects as an added bonus."

"Was it the virus in that syringe he had on him?" House asked.

Chase nodded, a hint of horror flickering in his eyes. "Yeah. If he'd got either you or Dr Wilson, you'd have joined the women."

"Maria Lopez?"

Chase bit his lip. "She's dying. She's still alive but only just. Her family's here. They're pretty upset. Her father wanted to charge into the operating theatre and strangle Armitage."

"What else?" House demanded as he shifted slightly on the bed.

"The CDC are getting ready to go home," Chase said as he took the glass out of House's hand and put it back on the table. He then sat down again before continuing. "The virus has been identified and controlled." He paused. "Armitage had been staying at a local hotel. They got all of the virus he made. I think the CDC are keeping a small sample but the rest of it's been destroyed. They're making copies of all of Armitage's notes for you but there's no reason now for them to stay. Armitage will be charged five counts of first degree murder from what we've heard as well as being charged for assaulting you and Dr Wilson."

House grunted as he felt sleep creeping up on him again. He fought against it but his body conspired against him.

He woke up for a third time to find Wilson sitting next to his bed again, reading from a file.

"Much better," he rasped and Wilson's head shot up.

"Oh, I don't know, Chase is very pretty if you go for that floppy-haired Australian look," Wilson replied with a small smile.

"Do you?" House asked archly.

Wilson's smile modulated into something more heated. "Nah. I like my men older and scruffier."

Wilson got up and leaned over the bed, capturing House's lips in a fervent kiss.

"That's good for me," House said a little breathlessly when the kiss ended.

Wilson stared at him and House could see in his eyes all of the things he wanted to say but wasn't sure if House would accept.

"Very good for me," House said soberly, matching Wilson's gaze. "Guess I'll have to keep you around."

Wilson nodded once then that heated smile broke out again and he leaned down to kiss House.

"Am I interrupting?"

Wilson pulled away from House and gave a flustered glance at the door. Dr Martinson was standing in the doorway looking at them with quiet amusement.

"Yes, you are but come in anyway," House said bluntly as Wilson blushed and sat down.

Martinson chuckled and walked over to stand at the end of House's bed. "I'm glad to see that you're okay," he said urbanely. "I was a bit worried for a while there. I didn't quite anticipate that Dr Armitage would take things so personally."

"Who can predict how a lunatic is going to react?" House said magnanimously. "Chase told me you were leaving."

Martinson nodded. "We're just on our way now. My team's packing everything up and I wanted to see you before we left. It's been a pleasure and a privilege working with you, Dr House. You hardly needed us but this was a pretty little problem."

Martinson walked around to the side of the bed and shook hands with House.

"You're taking some of the virus back," House said flatly.

"We'll put proper security in place," Martinson said calmly. "But this virus was put together in a most ingenious manner. We could likely learn something from studying it. Armitage did some very brilliant if rather diabolical work."

"Keep me updated on what you find," House demanded.

"Of course," Martinson said then he patted House on the shoulder. "I'd best go. Goodness only knows what my people will get up to without proper supervision." He inclined his head to Wilson. "Dr Wilson. It was a pleasure meeting you." With that Martinson strode out of the room.

"You could have been a bit more gracious," Wilson chided with amusement. "He and his team did help after all."

"I could have but I wasn't," House said a little churlishly. "Help me up."

"House, you're supposed to be resting," Wilson objected, coming to his feet and crossing his arms across his chest. "That means staying right where you are and not wandering the corridors and pestering the nurses and patients."

"What's in it for me?" House said stubbornly.

Wilson gave him a smile full of all sorts of promises that made his breath catch slightly.

"I'll think of something," Wilson said as he leaned forward. "If you behave."

House hesitated for a moment as he balanced amusing himself by annoying everyone else against whatever Wilson might come up with when he could finally get out of here. It was no contest really.

"Okay," he said as he grabbed Wilson's tie and pulled him into a kiss.

The End

Well, this story has come to an end. I'm thinking about writing some more in the House universe since I've had so much fun with this one. All I need to do is come up with another interesting medical mystery. Hope you enjoyed this story - it was my first House fic after many HP fics.