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Amazing Creatures and Where to Catch Them

Harry's heart sank, it was over, even with the reinforcements, even with Dumbledore, even if the DMLE was about to burst through the door at any moment. It was over, the boy saw no way they could get out of the Department of Mysteries without losing someone.

"It's my fault," Harry mumbled to himself. No, the thought flashed, it was his responsibility.

With a laugh of triumph, the Dark Lord picked his first target. Best not to remove one of the main pieces early on, the wicked man thought to himself, best draw it out. The boy needed to learn the consequence for standing against him, the greatest of wizards. How sweet it would be to knock over the pieces one by one, to watch as the boy wailed and gnashed his teeth, to watch as his defiance turned to horror, to rage, to sorrow, to dull apathy. Best wring every bit of amusement he could out of the so called 'boy-who-lived' before using the boy as an example to what awaited any who opposed his rule.

"Avada kedavra," Voldemort enchanted softly. A grin bloomed on his face as it rocked towards its target.

"Luna!" Harry cried, watching the hex rocket towards his new friend. "My responsibility," the boy muttered.

With a pop he appeared before the slightly smaller blonde.

There was a lull in the fight. Some watching in awe, some watching in horror, some watching in glee, and others in disbelief as Harry Potter survived his second killing curse, as the dark lord suffered his second reflection. As the boy fell, his weight pushing the girl behind him. He'd saved Luna from the curse, but doomed them both to the veil.

Most of the Death Eaters dropped their wands at that point. It didn't save them. Despite Dumbledore's best efforts, neither the Order nor the children that had followed Harry into an obvious trap were in much of a mood to take prisoners after seeing what had happened to their hero.

The second Voldemort rebellion ended almost as it started.


The Veil was an odd device, created by wizards millennia before, it was designed to rip a portion of soul out of a living being and use that power to transport that being to another world. Wizards being wizards, it had occurred to none of the original developers that the loss of their soul would kill the one making the journey. It had taken the deaths of everyone with knowledge of its original purpose before anyone had realized that, while it may have failed in its original purpose, whatever said purpose may have been, it was just dandy at disposing of unwanted people. Well, unless the original purpose was the disposal of unwanted people of course.

So, when Harry and Luna fell through it. The devise detected two full souls and two extra fragment, extracted the fragments, and sent them on their way. Just as it had been designed to.


Harry's eyes cracked open to reveal a green leafy canopy. Where in the hell was he and how had he gotten there?

"You're awake!" Luna said happily. "How are you feeling? Are you hungry? Thirsty? Do you need anything?"

"What happened?"

"You took a killing curse for me," Luna said happily. "I accept, by the way."

"Accept what?"

"Your request to become my boyfriend," Luna said happily.

"When did I do that?"

"When you took a killing curse for me," Luna explained. "Of course, you knocked us both through the veil of death after that, but it wasn't intentional and it's the thought that counts."



"Well what?"

"How are you feeling? Are you hungry? Thirsty? Do you need anything?"

"I feel . . . great," Harry said, surprised by how true the statement was. "Though I am a bit hungry. Where are we?"

"Heaven, I think," Luna replied, looking giddy at something. "More specifically, just outside Pallet Town according to the local I interrogated."

"Where's that?"

"South of Viridian City on, what I believe must be another world." Luna was bouncing with joy. "Their entire economy is based on magical creatures. I saw a dozen new breeds in the last five minutes."

"We also have no money, no identification, no place to stay, no nothing."

"Easily solved according to my source," Luna waved off his concerns. "All we have to do is go into town and register as 'trainers' then we're free to wander the world without oversight. Leaving school to become a transient is considered normal and honorable here. I was also able to get a rather large sum of money from my source."

"Okay," Harry allowed. "What about your source, the person you interrogated? Is he going to be a problem?"

"While not yet sufficiently skilled at memory charms, I was able to use Ministry approved substitute number two."

"What's that?"

"I forced him to drink half a bottle of rum, then I dumped the rest of the bottle on him after he passed out, then I hit him with an incontinence hex, then I bashed him in the head with a rock a few times on general principle."

"General Principle?"

"My general principle is that if someone offers me money to become their 'cheer leader' with implied extras, being bashed in the head is the least they have to expect. He's just lucky I took care of it before you found out," Luna continued. "I'm told most boys your age are rather possessive of their girlfriends."

"Uh, right, girlfriend," Harry agreed, having forgotten that Luna had decided they were dating. "How much did you get off him?"

"Enough to purchase an automobile and several months of living expenses for him and several 'cheer leaders' along with pay for the 'cheer leaders.' We shouldn't need to worry about our finances for quite some time. Shall we?" Luna rose to her feet and offered her hand.

Harry took it and rose to join her. "Where are we going?"

"Viridian City would likely be best, my source stated that his grandfather was a figure of local importance. It may be best to start out somewhere else, no sense taking chances."

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Mercy Omake: Draco on a Train

Hermione raised an eyebrow when her sort of friend sort of nemesis entered her compartment. He usually didn't show his face till midway through the trip after he'd grown bored of irritating his usual group of friends.

"Hi, Herms," Draco said with a wide smile, flopping down next to her. "How was your summer?"

"You know I hate being called that," Hermione said flatly. "In fact, you know the only thing that irritates me more is being called a mudblood or muggle, or anything similar. I know you know because you helped me express my displeasure towards the last idiot who did that."

"Mum says it's rude to ask someone for something without offering something yourself. I promise never to use Herms or any of the other things you mentioned if you help me find some information without letting anyone know that I want to know it."

"Friendship isn't a good enough reason?"

"Mum says friendship and self-interest gets you further than friendship ever will. Show someone how helping you will benefit them and it's a lot easier to get them to help you."

Hermione sighed heavily. "What do you want to know?"

"Anything you can help me dig up on a pair of . . ." the boy trailed off, unsure of exactly what term to use.

"A pair of what?"

"Adventures?" he said unsurely. "They travel the world raiding tombs, and destroying dark artifacts, and stopping bad guys."

"Heroes?" Hermione suggested dryly.

"Maybe," Draco agreed. "Well?"


"Why not?"

"Because you're not telling me everything and because you annoyed me earlier," the girl reached into her pack for a book.

"Has mum been giving you tips on negotiating?" Draco asked suspiciously.

"Your mother and I correspond on many things," Hermione said, ignoring the question. "Someone needs to keep her informed on exactly what you're getting up to."

"You can't tell mum about this."

"Do tell?" Hermione shifted her attention back to him.

"I'll tell you why I want to know about them, but you can't tell mum or anyone else."

"Why not?"

"Because if I tell you what I think I know and why I think I know it and you tell other people it could either screw things up or really hurt my uncle Sirius. Either one would get you on mum's bad side. Screwing things up would get you on the bad side of all my aunts, Madame Bones, and who knows how many people."

"I promise." Hermione stowed her book. "Who do you want to know about and why?"

"The who is a pair of whatevers called Power and Perfection."

"I'm aware of them," Hermione said simply.

"You are?"

"I read several international news periodicals, both magical and non."

"They're in the news?"

"They have been in the news on a couple of occasions. Not enough for me to be able to tell you much."


"Why, Draco."

"I think Power might be Harry Potter."

Hermione snorted in amusement.

"No, really. Couple weeks ago, two someones that have been positively identified as Harry Potter and his unknown female companion-"

"Positively identified unknown female companion?" Hermione interrupted.

"One of whom was positively identified as Harry Potter," Draco corrected himself and gave Hermione a look of expectation.

"Better. Proceed."

"Killed an escaped convict that no one knew had escaped, killed Peter Pettigrew, destroyed a bunch of dark artifacts that no one wants to say much about, and may have prevented us from getting in another war like the one that ended when we were babies."

"Positively identified by whom?"

"Olivander and a mad house elf. Dumbledore and Madame Bones are both satisfied that it's him."

"Why do you think it was Power and Perfection?"

"Because it fits their MO," Draco explained. "I think that's why no one else saw it. They're looking for Harry Potter, I was looking for a wizard that does the sorts of things he did."