this is just another one of my ficlets that i wrote cuz i'm bored! enjoy!

Blackmail: The Prom Date

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For as long as I, Raven Roth, have ever known, I have hated Richard Grayson from the bottom of my ice-cold heart. For some unknown reason, he and I have developed a mutual loathing for each other. Though we may not get along we belong to one circle of friends; a circle that Kori Anders, Jennifer Carlson, Garfield Logan and Victor Stone are a part of.

I don't really want to remember why I hate Dick so much. All I want to know is the fact that I hate him and that we will NEVER EVER get along. I intended to keep that as a fact forever.

But it seems that my friends won't let me.

Are you getting confused? If you are, well then, just read what my BRILLIANTLY PSYCHOTIC FRIENDS made Dick and I do…

I stared openly at the small note that was attached to the bulletin board of our school with my mouth nearly dropping to ground level. These few words wrecked havoc into my poor 15-year-old brain as it tried to reclaim control over myself…

Prom Night in 3 weeks.

I shut my mouth now noticing the fact that a lot of people were staring at my shocked expression. Okay, maybe I am a bit melodramatic, but I can't help it! Ever since I was a freshman, I've never attended a ball or any formal occasion in my life. I just guessed that they would be boring and yawn-worthy so I decided never to attend one.

But there was a rule now; every SENIOR student was required to attend a prom that was hosted by the school. The only catch was the fact that this Prom was the ONLY ONE for seniors. If I missed this one, I would have to be forced to attend the other levels' proms.

How embarrassing would that be?

Anyhow, I walked away with this really, really, really, really, really annoyed expression on my face. I stopped by my locker and some students scrambled away since they noticed that Raven Roth WAS NOT in a happy mood.

I also have this confession to make. I may be cool and calm most of the time but once you piss me off, get ready to run.

I opened the metal door and chucked some of my math books inside and grabbed my Science book. When I shut it, my bestfriend, Jennifer-ahem-Jinx Carlson was smiling at me for some particular reason. I looked in her eyes and knew that this was not her ordinary smile.

This was her 'I'm-so-pissed-off-I-can-kill-you-and-everything-else-so-get-out-of-my-face-smile'

I shut my locker and got ready for her explosion. Jinx opened her locker and out her whole head in it.


When her pink-haired head came out of her locker her smile was gone and was replaced the same look that Raven had on her face.

"I still can't believe that they created that stupid rule! They know how much we hate proms!" Jinx muttered loudly.

I was about to reply but then I noticed the Principal's office door open and a pack of pink-clad girls scrambled out.

Their leader, a.k.a. Katie Anders Kori's Sis, smiled graciously at the Principal and said loudly, "Thank you again Mr. Bates for implementing PROM RULE"

Mr. Bates smiled at them and shooed them out of him office. Jinx and me glared at them like hell and they went away laughing like pink hyenas.

"One of these days, I'm SOOO gonna get them" Raven muttered darkly.

"Ditto" Jinx said as they walked away.