AN: AH HAH! And here is the next story in what I have dubbed the Tony series for obvious reasons. This one I belive is going to get a bit darker. And even though Tony is the main character, I'm going to put a really wicked serial killer in the story for the lab (meaning Sara and Greg) to try to catch. So yeah, I hope you like it. And review please, I love reviews.

"Hi Lindsey," Tony said, opening the door for the young woman.

"Hey Tony," Lindsey said ruffling the teenage boy's hair. "Where are the midgets?"

Lindsey and Tony, among themselves, always referred to the twins as 'the midgets'. It was there little running joke.

"I think they're in their room playing," Tony said, shutting the door behind Lindsey and walking into the kitchen. "You want a drink or something," he asked her.

"Do you have an fruit punch," she asked eagerly. Tony nodded and opened the fridge.

"Your starting a new school next week aren't you," Lindsey said when he handed her a glass of red fruit punch. Tony started to pour a glass for himself.

"Yeah. I'm going to be a sophomore," he stated.

He was going to be going to school for the first time. Originally Sara and Greg wanted to send him to school for 7th grade, but Tony wasn't ready then. 15 almost 16, they decided was a good age. Tony was a bit nervous. He wasn't used to so many people. His friends consisted of Kyle, who he met in the waiting room of the doctor's office when Sara was pregnant with the twins, and Lindsey during the summer when she wasn't at collage.

"High school is brutal," Lindsey stated.

"Very reassuring Linds," Tony said sarcastically.

"You'll be fine," Lindsey assured him. "You'll get to take classes with more people, meet new kids. You'll make friends."

"I hope," Tony said softly. He and Lindsey moved out of the kitchen and into the living room, sitting down on the couch.

"How's collage going," Tony asked her. Lindsey enjoyed telling him of her experience on campus. He was a good listener and offered his opinions and advice but expected her to do her own thing. And he didn't repeat anything he heard. He was good at keeping secrets.

"Good I guess. I passed my chemistry class," Lindsey told him. Tony smiled. Chemistry had been hard for her, even though she was good at it. She was planning to take after her mother and become a criminalist. Preferably in Vegas, but if she didn't, she could search for employment elsewhere.

"So tell me what's been going on. I only just got back and haven't had a conversation with my mom yet," Lindsey said eagerly.

"Your mom tell you about her promotion," Tony asked. Lindsey shook her head, a huge smile on her face.

"That jerk of a lab director Ecklie, he moved onto bigger and better things. Your mom took his place."

"Really," Lindsey squealed. "That's great."

"Grissom's still in his same old spot. He'll be doing that job from his wheel chair. Which might not be that much longer," Tony said with a grin. Lindsey laughed softly but had to nod in agreement.

"Sofia, still don't like her, she finally got her wish to be head of the day shift. Warrick and Nick got pushed back with the night shift. And Greg and Sara are still where they always were," Tony finished. Lindsey smiled and nodded.

"That's good," she said.

They're figuring out how old you have to be to do the intern thing with the lab," Tony added. Lindsey grinned at the younger boy.

"For who," she asked, just to clarify.

"In the end, it'll benefit both of us," Tony said.

"True," Lindsey agreed. "You'd make a good criminalist," Lindsey told him. "Good scientist."

"Thanks,"Tony said.

He and Lindsey had become tight friends over the years. They bonded pretty quickly and Tony would write to her when she was in collage, and she would write back. Their little agreement was to not talk about things that were new in the lab, with their parents careers and whatnot. They'd save all that for when they could talk in person. But they spoke about movies they saw, books they read. Normal friend stuff.

"Tony," came the shriek of one of Tony's younger siblings. Their voices mostly sounded the same. It turned out to belong to Owen who ran into the living room and leaped onto the couch and scrambled to Tony in an effort to get away from his sister.

"What Owen," Tony asked, putting his cup of punch down so it didn't spill all over the couch.

"She's after me," the little boy shrieked at the top of his lungs, giving Tony an earache.

"I am not," Miakoda said, shaking her head and hiding something behind her back.

The twins looked very much alike. They both had dark, chocolately eyes and sandy blond hair. They had heart shaped faces that made them look a lot like Sara, and both were already on the thin side.

Their names had been something of a dispute before they were born. Greg didn't listen to Lena's warnings about never arguing with a pregnant woman and was rewarded for his bravery. He got to name Miakoda, if that wasn't already apperent to everyone. Sara decided to inject some normalcy into the babies and named the boy Owen. Of course, they didn't decided who would name witch baby by the gender. Sara agreed to name the older one, and Greg would name the younger. Greg's alternative name in the case that Miakoda had been a boy was Eshkoll. It made Tony very grateful Miakoda had been a girl.

"Koda, what do you have behind your back," Tony asked the little girl.

"Nothing," Miakoda said slyly. Her nickname had always been Koda, so as not to be confused with Mia at the lab.

Lindsey reached over and pulled the little girl toward her, pulling a large wooden rod out of her little hands.

"Where'd you get that," Tony asked, indicating the rod.

"It was in the attic," Miakoda said honestly.

"She was gonna hit me with that," Owen shouted.

"Was not," Miakoda shouted back. Despite the fact they quarreled all the time, Miakoda and Owen were really tight. They had to be, they were twins after all.

"Miakoda," Tony warned. He almost never called Miakoda by her full name, so it was a big enough warning for the little girl. "Don't go around threatening to beat people up with sticks okay."

Miakoda looked guiltily at Tony and nodded. "I'm sorry Owen," she said to her brother. Owen seemed to take this as a adequate apology and leaped off the couch. He started to run back to his room, dragging Miakoda with him.

"Makes me glad we don't live in the apartment anymore," Tony said to Lindsey when the twins were safely in their room.

"I'll bet," Lindsey said.

Tony's family had moved out of Sara's apartment about a month before their 2nd birthday, which, strangely enough, was December 25th. Christmas babies.

"Which reminds me actually," Lindsey said going to her coat she left in the kitchen. She rummaged through the pockets and came back with a little envelope.

"For all your leisurely reading books," she said with a grin and presented the envelope to Tony. He smiled happily and opened it, already knowing what was in it. It was gift card to the local bookstore.

"Thanks Linds," Tony said giving her a tight hug.

"What are friends for. Besides you got to exercise those brain muscles if your ever going to keep up with all the other high school kids," Lindsey said with a laughed.

The twins shrieked again from their bedroom. Tony rolled his eyes. "I'll be right back," he said.

"You know I think all those people at your apartment building were glad you moved out too," Lindsey called after him.