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"Shit," Nick muttered, gazing down at the body of a teenage boy. The crime scene was a near perfect replica of two other crime scenes. All victims had similar histories, all found on the sidewalk, their brains bashed in, blood all over the pavement. And all had an eerie resemblance to Tony.

"What's the bet this is exactly like the others," Sara muttered. This crime scene, like the others, made her nervous. And she had yet to tell Tony about this case.

David bent over the body.

"Let me guess David," Nick said. "The body was moved postmortem, his head was cracked open postmortem too. After he was beaten and shot between the eyes."

"Most likely," David answered.

"Just like before," Sara said bitterly. "I really want to catch this guy." She was afraid, scared that Tony would be the next target. Nick seemed to sense this.

"Sara, Tony'll be fine."

But Sara wasn't comforted by this, because she had an awful feeling that Nick was wrong. And he was. Nick was very horribly wrong.

"I'll be back soon," Tony called to Lena.

"Alright," the young woman called back. "Tell Kyle I said hi."

Tony nodded and walked out the door. He walked swiftly along the sidewalk, towards the park. All of a sudden he got an odd sense of being followed. He didn't slow down or stop or turn around. He continued as if nothing was wrong.

As he turned, purposely, into an alley way to get a short cut to the park, Tony definatly heard footsteps. Still he kept going, but his ears stayed sharp. Despite knowing it was coming, Tony put up no fight when he felt an arm wrap around him. He took one breath and held it. He felt something press against the nose and mouth. Knowing what it was, he didn't take a breath, but went limp anyway.

Faking his unconsciousness did have its advantages. He felt himself being lifted up easily. He heard a door, like a car or van door, opening and felt himself being thrown and hitting the floor. Defiantly a van. He didn't flinch or groan or anything. He kept his face blank and his body motionless. He locked himself in his mind, something he was good at and had plenty of practice to perfect.

It bothered him that he was kidnaped in broad daylight and no one saw anything. But he didn't let himself dwell on that. He would need his head straight to figure out a way out of this.

Lena heard a knock at the door. She didn't know who it could be. Sara and Greg had both gotten called to the lab, and they should be home in about an hour, but neither of them would knock. Tony wouldn't either.

She was very surprised to see Kyle standing on the stoop.

"Kyle," She questioned. She had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Kyle looked a little scared, just a little. And disappointed too.

"Did Tony forget," he said with a forced grin. Both of them knew it was a stupid pointless question. Because there was no way in hell Tony would forget.

Tony knew the van or whatever it was, was moving. He felt the motion under his body. He had landed with one hand twisted under his body, and it was really bothering him. But he couldn't move, couldn't do anything, and risk exposing the fact he wasn't really unconscious.

Briefly he wondered why, why someone would kidnap him, what possible motive they could have.

"Shit," Lena breathed, throwing down the phone. She bit her lip to keep from crying. Tony was missing and Lena couldn't get in contact with either Greg or Sara. She gritted her teeth and picked up the phone again calling the lab outright. Kyle was in the other room playing games with the twins, trying to keep them occupied.

"Crime Lab, how may I help you," came the pleasant voice at the other end of the line.

"Yeah, can I speak with...uh...Gil Grissom," Lena said hurriedly. She was told to wait and was then met with silence. Lena's heart raced as she willed Grissom to pick up the phone. Thankfully he did.

"Gil," Lena said quickly before Grissom could even say anything. "It's Lena...where are Sara and Greg?

"I think they're in the field," Grissom said calmly.

"I can't reach them on their cell phones. Gil, something happened to Tony," Lena said.

"What," Grissom exclaimed.

"He's missing. About 20 minutes now."

"I'll find Sara and Greg alright. I'll have Brass get on it. Somebody'll be at your house as soon as I can get them over there."

"Thank you Gil," Lena said gratefully.

"Call if anything happens okay," Gil said firmly. Lena agreed to that and hung up.

"Lena," Miakoda said softly walking into the kitchen. Lena looked at the little girl and forced a smile.

"Where's Tony," Miakoda asked. Lena's smile disappeared and she lifted the girl up. Hugging the child tightly Lena sighed.

"He'll be okay... He'll be here soon."