Princess Tutu


Dance of Happy Ending

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The ending of the story wasn't really a happy ending wasn't it? All may have been turned back to normal, but what about those people who wish to be the same way as it was…

Chapter 1: The presence of evil…

In the peaceful castle where prince Mytho and Princess Rue resides, something that is very disturbing had awakened the two from their deep slumbers.

"Th-that feeling!" Mytho said panting and sweating cold as he sat up from their bed.

Rue also felt what her prince was talking about; Rue's body can't stop from shaking as Mytho look at her

"Rue?" he mutters

"…" She didn't answer; she was still shaking and sweating cold.

Mytho reach her small body and hug her, Rue for the first time open her lips

"Mytho…that aura…no it can't be…can it?" her voice was trembling;

"…" Mytho hug her more tightly

"No, you have defeated him, I saw you. WE HAVE DEFEATED HIM!" Rue yell as tears came out flowing from her beautiful face. Mytho wipe away her tears and comforted her princess

"Yeah" he said smiling to her. Rue seeing this smile too and close her eyes as she fell asleep to his arms 'But…not doubt about it…it's him, the evil raven'

Meanwhile in Kinkan Town, particularly in Fakir's house…

Fakir groans as he kept turning and tossing in his bed until he finally shot up from his bed.

"What the heck was that?" he said as he try to catch his breath as if he just a marathon race

When Fakir regains his senses, he scans the room for anything unusual. His eyes went to the basket that was place besides his bed

'Where the heck did that stupid duck go?' he thought.

Fakir walks out of his bed when he saw something move by the window

'Huh, Ahiru?' and Fakir walks towards her

Ahiru was lost in her thoughts that he didn't even notice the young man approaching her; thinking what was that strange feeling that cause her to wake up

"Hey Ahiru, what are you doing here?" Fakir asks the golden duck who is drowning in her thoughts "Why aren't you sleeping in your basket?"

Ahiru look back to him and back to the sky…

"Quack…" (Fakir…) she answer; she heard him sigh

"You felt that, didn't you?" He said looking up at the same stars

"Quack! Quack! Quack!" (Yeah, could it be?) Ahiru replies looking a bit worry

"…" but Fakir didn't answer

"Quack?" Ahiru look back to him and saw that he was also looking at her, she blush

"Ahiru…" he calls lowly

"Qu-quack?" (ye-yes) she answer a bit tense

Quiet envelops the both of them and the whole room

"A-ahiru…" he calls again but this time it was as a whisper

"Quack?" (wh-what?) She reply this time her heart is beating fast (What's up?)

"A-Ahiru… is still I can't understand a word you're saying" he admitted flatly.

Ahiru fell off the window shelf and fly back while bickering at him, when she realizes he was right.

'Oh that's right, I am a duck now so he can't understand a word I am trying to say to him' Ahiru's bright face turn sad and Fakir saw that 'Anyway if Fakir felt that strange aura, it means I wasn't just imagining things on my own'

Fakir sigh and look at his duck friend, the clock from the tower says that it was only 4:00 am

'Too early' he thought as he carry the startle duck to his arms and back to her basket.

Ahiru look at him asking more questions

"Drop it, whatever you are thinking. Go to sleep and we can figure it out tomorrow" he said as he too went back to his bed to sleep, but Ahiru was too stubborn for that. The thought of the mysterious aura kept her the rest of the night and fell asleep just before the sun rises

Meanwhile in other time dimensions, a creepy voice can be heard as he laughs his way to a familiar location…

To be continue…

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