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The Young Knight brainstormed for ideas that will help him find her. He roamed around the school campus and town to search for the only person he got left only to remind him out an astonishing truth about the Princess Ballerina, Meanwhile, she is now beginning to face the hardest decision she will ever made.

Chapter 14: I choose to say… Goodbye

Both dancers bows to each other

"Then does that mean you would let go of Mytho?" There are glimpse of new hope in her eyes and Roh caught the rare sight of it

"Of course but in one condition" Roh said

"Condition?" she repeated

"You would have to give up Princess Tutu" he finally said

Silence envelopes their surroundings.

'I-I would give up Princess Tutu… then that means…" Princess Tutu fell to her knees, shock on the condition he had made. Different horrible facts came flashing to her mind, and it was not helping her out one single bit 'If I do that, then I wont be able to…' she shook her head, erasing the idea that had just came out

Meanwhile, Roh was enjoying the site of this

'So what are you going to do now? What will you choose' Roh himself was drowning on his own thoughts

Roh continually amuse himself by observing her and even smirk when she look at him with full determination

"Tell me Roh, is my necklace a heart too?" she ask keeping eye contact with the golden hair boy, 2 meters away from him

Roh look at her more intensely and didn't say a word but nods his head in approval.

"Very well then" she said pulling herself up "I'm willing to give up Princess Tutu as long as you promised me that Mytho will be sent home…safely"

"If that is your final wish very then" he ask smirking on her "You seems very determined about this, have you really gave a thought to this?" he ask again

"Of course" she lied

"Really, then what about your Young Knight? Have you thought about his feelings?" Roh smirk when she look away 'guilty?'

"You don't have the right to ask that?" she said still not looking at him 'Yes, as long as everyone is happy, I too will be…happy'

Roh took a deep breath and snap his fingers and a cage came into view from the shadows. Princess Tutu narrowed her eyes trying to see what's in there.

"MYTHO!" Princess Tutu cried and runs towards him

"Tutu, don't be fool by him" the Prince warn holding her bare shoulders "Escape in here and leave me be" he ordered

Princess Tutu close her eyes and gave him a weak smile before shaking her head

"I-I can't… I'm sorry" she said to her Prince then opened her eyes "I was destined to do this"

Her cerulean eyes met his orange eyes. He could see that she was not open to this, but was honest enough for him and it pains him to see her like that.

Prince Mytho pulls her closer to him and despite the bars between them, he hugs her tightly and buried his face on her neck

"I'm very grateful because I know you are doing this for me, because you are willing to sacrifice your own happiness just to save me, but don't you think it's enough already" he said whispering to her ears

"Prince…I-I…" Mytho interrupted her and held her more closely to him

"You may think that it will be all right but are you sure it will? What about your happiness? Fakir's happiness? And Uzura, Rue, your friends, mine?"

"B-But…" she was stammering her words, looking at him at the corner of her eyes

"Before, you choose the role to play Princess Tutu for the sake of my happiness; you wished to dance with me, with all the pieces of my heart back" he reminded her.

In Princess Tutu's mind, recollection of the past flashing to her. From the first time she fell in love with the Prince at the pond, the first time she saw Rue dance, the first time she argued with Fakir, the first time she fought along side with him to rescue Mytho, the first time she saw him cry and revealed her secret to him, the first time she met Uzura and Edel, The first time she shed her tears for somebody else…

'Oh Fakir' her heart cry

"You became Princess Tutu to bring back happiness for me, but now you're taking it away from me" the prince continued.

Princess Tutu's eyes widened

'Is that what I'm doing to you now?' she ask herself as tears began forming and flowing out of her cerulean eyes…

"Tutu, what is there to be scared of? Everything's going to be alright" The Prince finally let go of her and gave her a warm smile 'Ahiru, you're strong you can do this'

But he was wrong, then out of no where

"He's right!" Someone from behind shouted; His voice echoed all over the place. Mytho, Princess Tutu and Roh turn their attention to where the voice is coming from

"FAKIR!" and there he was, the knight who vowed to protect both Prince Mytho and Ahiru with his life

Princess Tutu and Fakir's eyes met and lock for a short moment before she looks away with hurt in her eyes

"Nice way for your entrance" Kai said appearing from his back and walk forward. He looks at everybody in the area then turns his gaze to his partner "YO!" he said waving a hand at him

"What you're partners?" Fakir looks at him in disbelief

"Oh did I forget to tell you that?" Kai innocently ask giving him a puppy eyes

"Yeah hell you did" Fakir snap

"Sorry" was his only reply before running away form him because Fakir was just about to give him another punch

Meanwhile Princess Tutu watches them, specially the young knight

'Why…why do you have to come here… You would just make this more difficult for me' she thought as she fought to stop her tears from coming out.

"Fakir…I-" Princess Tutu started to form some conversation but was interrupted by him

"Don't say anything" He stated not looking at her "You don't have the right to say anything on the first place" he coldly said

Princess Tutu was taken back by his sudden coldness. She could take it if it is just angered, but no, it's like he really hates her and it pains her to see, hear and feel that from him.

"You broke your promise, you left me without considering my feelings and now you want to make a decision on your OWN again" Fakir bark at her

"B-But…" This time for sure, she can't stop them now. Pure liquids pour out of her cerulean eyes endlessly.

Fakir didn't realize this yet because he was avoiding any eye contact with her and was about to say more when Mytho finally found the time to join their conversation

"Stop it Fakir! She's already hurt…Stop it" Mytho said, and then the young Knights face turn to the Princess Ballerina.

Fakir saw her cry, and it's his fault again… 'Damn' he said to himself. Fakir looks away trying to suppress his anger.

Princess Tutu was having weird emotions building up on her.

'Why…why can't they understand that…" Princess Tutu was about to speak her thoughts when she saw something weird about them

Everyone in the room stopped moving. Everyone except her that is; The place seems to stop. The clock's hand stopped moving, Mytho's mouth were left open, she bet he is still talking to Fakir, and Fakir, well he was looking away from her, looking guilty on his eyes. Kai and Roh are currently arguing about something too…

'Weird' she thought then she heard footsteps coming her way and was surprised when a figure of a Princess Ballerina appeared in front of her; her eyes widened in disbelief

"P-Princess T-Tu-Tu!" she said 'But' she immediately look at herself and was surprised to see that she didn't turn into a duck

Her eyes met hers; she saw how sad she was and how tired she look

"Princess Tutu" Ahiru call again and was taken back when the Princess Tutu began to dance slowly, gently and gracefully "That dance…"

Princess Tutu gave her a final glance before returning her own concentration back to dancing.

The Princess Ballerina lifted her arms openly up in the sky as if she finally accepted all. Her legs which are lying on the ground slowly stretch sideward while her body is bending backwards.

Then automatically, her left foot bend to kneeling position lifting her up maintaining her balance. Her right foot then step backwards lifting her left foot while her arms are swaying front to back.

"Princess Tutu, onegai…yamette" Ahiru cried she was still watching her with hurt expression in her eyes because apart of her will be gone soon.

But Princess Tutu didn't even gave into to her wish and continued dancing her steps

Ahiru watch her carefully; observing every step she makes; every sway of her arms and legs. She kept her cerulean eyes only to hers that is because she knows Princess Tutu was not allowed to express her own feelings; she was forsaken to do so. It seems to be simple but a very hard deal she needs to endure.

She fell in love to the Prince and was given chance to meet him through her. She accepted the role despite the hardships they need to bear, all in one condition, they are not meant to be together.

Demo… She's different. She's not the Princess Ballerina, she's only a duck, no matter how hard she wish she'll never be able to dance as perfectly as her.

Ahiru smile and she saw her smile too despite her struggling. She wipe away her tears; her last tears for her then she nods her head.

She stood up took a deep breath then she herself decided to dance and follow up her steps. Of course her steps were not as graceful, gentle and perfect as Princess Tutu but… in every step she made, in every sway of her arms and legs, she's exerting effort hoping she would be able to be just like her.

Little did she know that time finally came back to normal. Roh, Kai, Fakir and Mytho were dumb folded since they feel like they were interrupted for some reason and when they saw something move in the center, all of them were surprised because Princess Tutu suddenly began dancing the most dangerous dance there is.

"Stop her Kai" Roh said grabbing his partner's shirt

"Hey, who said you can order me around" Kai slap his arms away "Besides, she's dancing the most dangerous dance there is, the la danse sacrificatoire" He then walk towards Mytho's cage and free him "there's no point in keeping you there anymore"

Mytho walk out of the cage and went to Fakir

"La Danse Sacrificatoire, or the sacrificial dance; It is said that this dance is very dangerous because once you performed it there's no turning back" Mytho said "What are we going to do now? If this continues we'll lost her" the Prince ask standing besides Fakir

"…" Fakir didn't look at him, he knows that but what can they do, what can he do?

"If you are planning something, make it quick, she's already at the middle of her dance" Kai reminded them "Actually the only way that can save her now is her OWN decision"

"Hey, what do you think you're doing helping them out!" Roh angrily ask him

"Shut up! This wouldn't have happened if you didn't butt in to my plans" Kai retort back

Then both of them glare at each other

"There's one way to communicate with her" Mytho said taking everyone's attention

"And what's that? Don't tell me you're going to dance with her" Roh said sarcastically

"Precisely" Mytho grin then walk towards Princess Tutu

"Hey wait! If you do that…" Roh was interrupted when he heard a small noise from behind "F-Fakir?"

Fakir slump on the floor, eyes close and his arms are somehow connected to each other; He looks like he was meditating

Roh was confused on what the Prince and the Knight was doing but Kai was smirking evilly to himself

"I think I know what they are doing just leave them alone if we want this story to end happily ever after" Roh look again to his partner 'Actually, I never knew it was possible but it was worth trying. The only way to bring Ahiru back to us is if at least one of them can reach her.'

Being Mytho, the Prince of the story, he was build and characterized as the Prince who will dance and protect everybody and so through dancing he will be able to reach her but Fakir is different. There is no parchment or quill here so it would be hard for him to write story in his head to reach her heart.

…It would be a test of ALL…

"Roh, Let us just watch and wait" Kai said to his partner surprising him by tapping his back; Roh smirk at him

"That girl name Ahiru really change you in a very short time didn't she, too bad you can't have her" Roh said nudging his shoulder in return oh his tap

"Yeah, just too bad" Kai admitted

Meanwhile, Mythos is having a hard time too unlike Kai predicted.

'She was already far but I can't give her up' Mytho said as he tried to pace up

Prince Mytho tried his best to reach her; he won't give up, not now, not ever. She has done enough for him, now it's time to repay her equally.

'AHIRU!' he yells

Ahiru in Princess Tutu's heart heard somebody call her name

"That voice… Prince Mytho?" but no she can't stop now because if she did then it's over

Fakir on the other hand is having the worst trouble than Mytho. There are so many things that are distracting him, so many that all he sees in his mind is her sad face.

Fakir opened his eyes and hit the floor uttering the word 'damn'. He's angry because he can't concentrate, he's angry because he made her cry again, he's angry because after this, he might not able to see her again, her silly face, her sweet smile, her strong persistent to stay strong and her ray of hope which made him continue living up until now.

'I won't let her die, I won't let her sacrifice her life just to save Mytho, as her knight, no as her friend who will always love her will offer my life to defend her'

And before he knew it he was already beginning to write stories for her, for Ahiru and her happiness.

'Once there was a duck whose name is Ahiru. She was living with her friend and a little drummer girl in a small town called Kinkan Town.

One day, a wish that everyone dream happened and everything change back from where the previous story began. The golden duck change to a little girl again, but older and more compassionate from before.

Her friends from the past came back to her and made her really happy and those friends feel the same way too.

But evil is evil, slowly a new dark path is surrounding the town and the only way to save them is for her give up something that is very precious to her, her other self, Princess Tutu.

Unselfishly, Ahiru went to an unknown dangerous path thinking that it's the only way but no one is agree to that. No one is willing to give her up since she already done many sacrifices for them and it was enough. But she was too stubborn, too naïve to see the light herself

Unknowingly, it was all part of another story, a story that was written long before and was interrupted when a certain old man name Drouselmire intervened with the story of the Prince and the Raven making the old story be forgotten and worst interrupted.

But now that the Prince and the Raven story is rewritten and all finished the old story that has no title has began to flow again giving the protagonist surprised and confused.'

Fakir paused for a minute… panting, this is much harder than he thought but he can't give up now… think… think harder Fakir or you'll loose her, these thoughts kept repeating inside his head and then, a flash of visions appeared on him

He saw Ahiru and Princess Tutu dancing together but not as one but two.

'Wait but in reality Princess Tutu is dancing alone then that means… Ahiru is also planning to…' Fakir shook his head "No I won't let you Ahiru!" Kai and Roh were interrupted again and look at him

"Mytho do you trust me!" he shouted over to the Prince who turned his head on him still not breaking the dance because he knows if he did then he's doom

"Of course I am, you're my best friend and protector, right" Mytho replied smiling at him

Fakir smirk before returning to his world

'Good, cause I'll be needing you more than anybody else' then he began writing in his thoughts again

'But her friend who can write and rewrite stories won't let her do as she pleases. He won't give up and swear to bring her back no matter what happened. So he began to rewrite it.

In the middle of her sacrificial dance with Prncess Tutu, the Princes of the story came to dance with her in reality, doing the same steps as hers to reached her.

Slowly little by little he was reaching her pace and then they are now dancing like a couple.'

'What the? My body is moving against my will!' Mytho said and when his gaze went to his knight, 'Fakir'

'The Prince lifted her up in the sky completely surprising the Princess in the air. He then pulls her down gently and made her twirl around him. The Princess lifted her hands to him openly when they came face to face as she stood up in one foot while her other foot is lifted on her side

The Prince knew and so does the Princess that what they are doing is completely a new dance and they are completely new to this'

"What's happening? Why are my steps so different from hers" Ahiru said while watching Princess Tutu who finally turn to her again and smile

'Princess Tutu gave Ahiru her final smile.'

Ahiru who was still trying her best not to break the dance realize that Princess Tutu's smile means something and when she saw Princess Tutu's hands gestured her to listen she obediently obey her and close her eyes while dancing and then she heard him, his voice, his heart, his cries

"Fakir…" She felt like crying at that moment "You're doing your best to bring me back don't you" then a vision of Mytho dancing with Princess Tutu in reality appear on her left "And Mytho too…"

Princess Tutu in her world is still dancing the sacrificial dance and only Ahiru was dancing the new set of steps.

"Now I understand, you and I are different, no completely different and since your story has finally ended this story is mine that is just getting started" Ahiru said then memory of Uzura made her remember what Edel said

"Mirror shows you're reflection as you made your way to reach you dreams. But the wheels of faith had began its move again and misfortune may brought up in the future"

"I see… now I understand…Princess Tutu…Arigatou" Princess Tutu step towards her while twirling around taking her hands and circling around her; Ahiru smile

"I know… you're happy too right and so am I, dakara…dakara… I'm setting you free…Free to forget, free relive and free to love…" Ahiru is now crying

'Yes, as Princess Tutu still continuing her La Danse Sacrificatoire, Ahiru is performing the La Danse de Fin Heureuse and when the dance of two ballerinas performed this two opposing dance together at the same time, they can make one wish and only one wish for themselves'

"I know…" Ahiru shook her head "no, we know what we want to wish for…"

'And then Ahiru together with Princess Tutu began to perform their great finale… and with their eyes close they whispered to each other what they wish for'

Princess Tutu cross her right foot to her left and Ahiru lifted her right foot while her left is supporting her, their fingers intertwine with each other drew them close and then Princess Tutu jump away from her and in reality, away from the Prince…

"Princess Tutu!" Mytho calls and realize he can move on his own again but wait he can still feel warm flesh in his arms and was shock to see "Ahiru"

Ahiru open her eyes and saw that she was back, back to her friends, back to Mytho, and back to Fakir. She sighs and smiles

"I'm back… I guess" Ahiru said smiling to the Prince.

Ahiru feels really tired and her knees just gave up on her but Mytho saves her before she even hit the floor "Arigatou, Mytho"

"I'm glad you're back to us, but Fakir mostly did the job" he turn his head on his friend.

Fakir open his eyes breathing heavily as if he just run a marathon race, he's also having a head ache right now, well what do you expect, all that written thing in his mind is not something you can take easy.

Fakir look at Mytho and Ahiru, he was glad she's back with them he smiled and raise a hand to them. The two smile back to him but was surprise when he collapse on the floor…

"FAKIR!" Ahiru cry out and pull herself away from the comforting arms of the prince and to her knight's aide "Fakir…Fakir… wake up… Fakir…" she repeatedly call

"He's alright; he just fainted because he is exhausted." Kai said placing a hand on her shoulder. Ahiru look at him and nod her head

"I was surprise and really didn't thought he can actually pull it off" Roh said "I'm impresses, he really deserves to be a knight" he was smirking now

"Now you're acting nice" Kai tease

"Shut up!" and everyone laugh when suddenly Fakir groan

"Shut up… I'm trying to rest here" he said. Everyone smile and Ahiru pull Fakir to a tight hug

'Oh Fakir' Fakir smile when he felt her arms surrounds him "Arigatou, Fakir"

"I told you, a knight never backs off his words" he said smirking

"Well I know you're fine now Fakir but we can't risk that, we'll bring you to the hospital, but..." Mytho stop and look at Kai and Roh

"Don't worry our mission is finally ended, you guys can leave here" Roh said putting his arms in his waist

"We can even teleport you right exactly to the hospital if you want" Kai said gleefully

"That would be nice" Ahiru said embracing Fakir closer to her, burying her face to his side.

It has been 2 days already after Fakir was log out of the hospital. Everything is back to normal, normal on how the people in there choose to live that is.

"Wow its sunny today" the young girl said stretching her arms and legs while lying on the soft green grass near the lake. "It's a very nice day to write your new stories"

The young man who is seating besides her while holding a pen and a notebook his hands look down on her

"Yeah it was" he said smiling

Ahiru then look up in the sky observing all the passing clouds in the blue sky above them

"So what did you wish?" He suddenly ask, Ahiru raise an eyebrow

"Huh, isn't it obvious?" She look back to her "We both wish that we can be happy…" she pause closing her eyes "simply to be happy" she happily said

Fakir looks at her and smiles

"That's good" he said

"And I have to thank you for that Fakir" Ahiru then sat up and lean on his shoulder "I guess to be happy is to be with you…"

Fakir then put his arms around her and they peacefully watch the lake shines with the suns rays while fishes are jumping in and out of the water.

Well it was supposed to be peaceful until

"Hey! How come you two are the only ones who are enjoying the scenes here" The ever so cheerful Uzura came in popping out of no where

"Hey Uzura, why did you ruin the most rare site in this story? Didn't you know it's rare to see them like that?" Rue angrily approaches the little drummer girl; Mytho is tailing behind her waving a hand

Both Fakir and Ahiru bolt up and separated looking embarrassed

"Oh now look, they both look red and embarrassed… but still they look really cute" Kai tease

"Y-You too are here as well?" Fakir said pointing at him

"I'm here too!" Roh appearing on Kai said pointing to himself

Both Fakir and Ahiru stood up

"But why are you still here? I thought you guys left when you teleported us to the hospital" Ahiru said walking towards the two young men

"Well it's a bad manner to suddenly disappear without saying good bye to you" Kai said reaching her hands and kissed them again. Kai then look at Fakir and smirk "I hope the next time I do that you won't glare at me anymore"

"Well maybe next time you'll learn that its is hand off" Fakir joke around "But anyway, thanks" Fakir then offers his hand to him

"Just doing our job" Kai said taking his hand and they both shake hands

"Job? What is your job anyway?" Rue ask carrying the little Uzura in her arms

"Well to make the explanation short, we're just here to make you guys especially Ahiru learn that she and Princess Tutu are two completely different persons so they don't have to be very dependable on each other" Kai explained

"But it was a little bit out of our hands but it was okay too in the end right" Roh said mischievously laughing all by himself while the others are sweatdropping

"Well anyway, we are now going on ahead, we just drop by to say good byes" Kai said dragging his partners arms who is still laughing hard and alone

The two was about to leave when suddenly they bump to two cheerful girls who are in a hurry

"Ahiru!" Lillie call out waving her free hands while her other hand is clutching Pikes hands which they think fainted because she was drag down by the so energetic girl

"Lillie, Pike, what are you doing here" Ahiru ask

"What do you mean what are we doing here?" Pike snap at her

"I think she totally forgot, oh and Fakir you're dead too" Lillie said gleefully… everyone sweatdrop for someone who is about to be dead she's too happy for it

"W-why is that?" Fakir ask getting confused

"What? Don't tell me you inherited Ahiru's sick habit too?" Pike naughtily said while smirking

"WELL JUST TELL US ALL ABOUT IT ALREADY!" everyone shouted at them; the two girls bend down and covered their ears

"Gezz no need to shout. It hurts you know" Pike and Lillie said rubbing their ears and sweatdrop when they saw all of them glaring

"Fine we're gonna tell. Remember you're detentions?" Pike began immediately Fakir and Ahiru bolt up remembering that they had forgotten about it already... and they mean TOTALLY FORGOTTEN about it

"Mr. Cat is really mad… no furious when she arrived the next day. The grand hall is so dirty, the windows are full of dusts and scattered chairs were still there" Lillie narrated…Fakir and Ahiru sweatdrop

"And you know what since the two of you didn't come to school two days straight he's really burning up making the two days to us a hell because we are all putted in detention!" Pike ended giving death glares to them

"We're sorry…so sorry" Fakir and Ahiru bows to their knees in front of them when they realize where the two girls are standing above…

"Hey Kai, Roh what are you doing down there?" Fakir ask

"It's good that you finally take notice of us" Kai said

"We thought we are already been long forgotten in this story" Roh said

Immediately the two girl shriek and jump off them

"Sheesh ladies don't you think it is US who is supposed to…" Roh was interrupted when she saw Pike. Their eyes met and both blush "Sorry"

"N-no it was our fault…s-sorry" Pike is stammering on her words

Meanwhile Lillie offer her hands to Kai who gladly took as he push himself up

"Thank you" Kai said smiling

"Well it was our fault why you had to experience that… It's the least I can do" Lillie said smiling too

The four of them were surrounded with flying hearts and cupids…

"I think someone's in love" Rue commented

"More like four of them is in love…" Mytho said

Ahiru just smile at them because at least they too found happiness right. She was surprised and gave a small gasp when Fakir snake his arms around her and pull her towards him

"Mytho, I think you should make that six" Fakir corrected before leaning closer to his duck; yes he can finally call her 'His" after all of this. Ahiru giggle and wrap her small arms around his neck

"Aishteru… and I'll swear I'll make you mine and mine alone" he whisper to her ears

"And what if someone came again and make me fall in love to somebody else" she challenge

"That's simple… I'll just have to rewrite it" then Fakir close the gap between their face and kiss her sweetly. He felt her smile and when both them broke up in need of air Ahiru look at him in the eyes; her cerulean was drowned to his emerald orbs

"I love you too…" she smile and both of them kiss again most passionately but gentle.

"Awe, now I envy them" Rue pouted

"Well it's never too late to copy them" Mytho smirk and pull her princess to a warm kiss

"This is too much for a little girl like me" Uzura said covering her eyes with her little hands.

'In the end, Ahiru choose to say good bye, good bye to Princess Tutu and wish her that she may find happiness in her next story'

-The End-

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