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Chapter one - Wanted

Wanted – Reliable and responsible male or female to volunteer at the Takshi Ranch; work includes feeding animals, milking cows, and general farm work. Must have own transportation; we will provide food and beverages, as well as a room for you to stay in should the need to stay the night arise. Change of clothes is highly suggested and good working boots should always be available. If interested, please contact Ranch owner, Ryosuke Takshi or sons Sesshomaru and Inuyasha Takshi at 587-841-0923 or 164 Tokijin Road. Thank you.

She stared at the ad in the newspaper, chocolate eyes blinking once before a slow smile spread across her features. This was just what she'd been looking for. Sure, it may not have any pay because it was just volunteer work, but it still gave her something to do, nonetheless. Having lived in the country almost all her life and working at another ranch about fifteen minutes from where she lived, she knew all about farming. She knew how to tack a horse, horseback ride, milk cows, drive a tractor, and just general farm work that she would be doing.

Smiling still, Kagome Higurashi reached for the phone beside her and dialed in the appropriate numbers before holding the phone to her ear.

Three rings before a male voice answered. "Takshi Ranch, whaddaya want?"

A bit taken aback by the rude greeting, Kagome's brows furrowed slightly but she spoke in a polite voice, "Hello, my name is Kagome Higurashi and I'm answering your ad in the newspaper about volunteer work at your ranch," she supplied, rereading the ad once more.

The voice didn't answer right away and Kagome could hear ruffling on the other end then a deep sigh. "Alright girl, we'll need your name, number, where you live and your cell phone number if you have one so we can contact you if your not home after we interview you." He said rather boredly, as if he's said it a thousand times before.

He probably has. Kagome thought idly. "Well, I already told you my name, Kagome Higurashi. My home number is 587-841-1096 and my cell is 867-5309. I live on 87 Feudal Road." She replied, writing down the ranch's address on a piece of paper. She needed to know where she was going for the interview the man mentioned.

A pause on the other end – Kagome figured he was scribbling everything down – then he spoke again. "Age?"

She arched a brow at the odd question but shrugged it off. "I'm twenty four."

"Okay girl, be here at five o'clock tonight for your interview and no later, got that?"

Kagome's temper rose and she narrowed her eyes. "No need to be so rude. I'll be there at five. And my name's Kagome, not girl. Got that?" She mimicked him with a smirk.

She heard a growl on the other end and she blinked. "I'd watch my tongue if I were you, wench. If you want this work, you're gonna hafta be well mannered." He snapped, his own temper rising.

Kagome bit back a retort on the tip of her tongue. Wench? How dare he call me that! He doesn't even know me and here he is, calling me names! "Fine. I'll be there at five," Even though she thought this rude, arrogant man didn't deserve it, she said it anyway. "Thank you."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever wench." The line went dead.

Kagome huffed and slammed the phone down on the cradle, glaring daggers at it. "What a rude man. I certainly hope I won't have to work with him if I do get this job." Looking up at the clock, she sighed and headed upstairs to the bathroom to get ready. It was already four thirty.

"Yo, Pops,"

Ryosuke looked up from his computer screen to stare at his youngest son. "Yes, Inuyasha? What is it you want?"

Inuyasha plopped down in one of the plush chairs in front of his father's desk. "Someone just called answering our ad in the newspaper for volunteer work. She'll be here at five for an interview."

Ryo cocked a brow. "She? What's her name?"

Inuyasha dug around in his pocket for a scrap of paper. "Kagome Higurashi, she's twenty four and she lives on 87 Feudal Road," he responded, placing the piece of paper on the desk before him.

Mr. Takshi picked it up and scanned the messy handwriting adorning it. He nodded. "Alright then. You and Sesshomaru will meet her, ask her the basic questions then bring to her my office so I can meet her." He tucked the paper in a folder and typed something in his flat screen computer.

Inuyasha's mouth dropped. "What? Why do we hafta do it? Why can't you?" he complained, brows knitting together.

Ryo rolled his eyes. "Because, Inuyasha, I have a lot of work to do today and I do not have the time to do the interview. My meeting with her will only be brief then I must get back to work. Now get out of here and tell your brother wherever the hell he is so he knows." And with that, he gave his son a stern look before returning to his work.

Inuyasha mumbled something the stood up and stormed out the door in search of his bastard of a half brother.

"Sesshomaru! Where the hell are ya?" Inuyasha yelled, jumping down the porch steps.

"No need to yell, brother. I'm in the barn." Came the smooth voice of his brother.

Inuyasha sighed and strode over to the barn entrance to see his brother stacking hay with a pitchfork. "We gotta interview someone who's coming over at five. Dad can't do it 'cause he says he's got too much work to do, which I think is a load of bullshit." He hoisted himself up onto the stall railing and stared at his brother boredly.

Sesshomaru heaved a bale of hay into the pen and wiped his brow. "An interview? With whom?"

"Some bitch named Kagome. We gotta ask questions then bring her to Dad's office so he can meet her."

Sesshomaru nodded. "Very well. Since she will be here in less than half an hour, I'm heading in to take a short shower." He propped the pitchfork against the wall and passed Inuyasha as he headed for the exit. He paused in the threshold. "I suggest you do the same, Inuyasha. You stink of manure and sweat."

Inuyasha snorted. "No shit Sherlock, we live on a farm. Whaddaya except me to smell like, daisies and cologne? You don't smell like a bouquet of roses either." He explained, jumping down and following his half brother outside.

Sesshomaru ignored him and headed for their large ranch house, climbing the steps and pushing the screen door open. "And be sure to wear some clean clothes, Inuyasha. We want to look decent for our volunteer. The ones you have on now are filthy." With that said, Sesshomaru started up the stairs, leaving a grumbling Inuyasha behind.

Walking down the stairs in a nice jean skirt that ended at her knees and a white shirt with a brown leather vest thrown over it, Kagome pulled on her white and tan cowgirl boots then walked to the kitchen. "Mama, I'm leaving to go get interviewed at the Takshi Ranch. I gotta be there at five so I probably won't be back until around six or so."

Mrs. Higurashi looked over her shoulder and smiled. "Alright, dear. Good luck. I'll save you some dinner for when you get back."

Kagome smiled and kissed her gently on the cheek. "Thanks, mama. And tell Souta to stay out of my room while I'm gone, please. I don't want him putting mustard on my pillow again." She wrinkled her nose at the memory. That brat.

Her mother laughed softly. "Of course, dear. Now go before you're late."

She nodded. "See ya later, mom." She turned around, grabbed her keys off the table and headed for the door. She pushed open the squeaky screen door and jumped the two porch steps, bending down to pet her fat cat Buyo before striding over to her forest green Jeep Wrangler. She jumped in and started her jeep, pulling out of the dirt driveway then speeding down the road to her destination: 164 Tokijin Road.

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