Hey all! With s3 finally starting in the UK, its back to the good ol' Jam! Woot!

Dclmr: You know the drill...

Jack sat hunched over the counter behind his desk. After a case like today's, and if Kate and Hanna were in the New York, he would have practically ran home to them. Kiss them; cover them, sigh in relief that they were safe.

Now what? Go back to that shell of a home? Lie on the couch and remember the good ol' days? Or do what he'd been doing most nights since that plane took off – sleep on the small leather couch in the office.

No-one seemed to notice that he was first in on a morning. They didn't notice or they didn't care. What was he-

"Jack, I'm gonna – are you alright?" Samantha's caring voice broke him from his self-pitying breakdown.

He straightened his back and quickly wiped a hand over his face, composing himself, still he didn't turn to face her "See ya tomorrow" he said, trying to look like he was stifling a yawn.

"Jack, what is it? Is it the case? It hit us all" she whispered, depositing her coat and purse on the taking near the door and taking a seat on his desk

"No I'm –"

"Jack…" she put a stop to his controlled speech. She'd heard it all before. If he didn't mean it then, he certainly didn't mean it now.

He hunched back over again as he sighed. "It's the girls…Kate's phoning me everyday, telling me everything she did at school and what her new best friend 'Chantal' thinks about Justin and The Backstreet Boys and how she misses me…" his rant petered off with the last four words.

"And Hanna?"

"She doesn't want to talk to me. She blames me for what's going on. We tried to explain it to her, to them, but she doesn't want to know. She sees me living here and sees it as me not loving her or wanting to be with her…"

Samantha rubbed a hand up and down Jack's back, "It'll come. It's all new to her. She just needs to get her bearings is all. I don't for one minute believe she doesn't love you or thinks that you don't love her…she's just…reacting"

"That's what scares me" he gave a slight chuckle, which Samantha would have missed had her hand not registered the quiver in his shoulders.

"She'll come around. Just give her time"

Jack slowly nodded. He knew this stuff, he just needed someone other than himself to tell him it. He drew in some deep breaths.

"Go home, Jack. Get some sleep. You look like hell" She smirked, which was reciprocated by a chuckle from Jack. She stood up and made her way back to the door and her belongings. "You watch, Jack, it'll all work out" she turned to leave, but hearing his voice, she spun around again.

"Samantha? Thanks"

She nodded a smile and left him to his thoughts.

Jack caught a look at his reflection in the glass walls. She was right, he did look like hell. He shuffled a few papers, put some into a file and tucked them under his arm, making his way home and to a hot shower and bed that was calling his name.