Title: Unrequited
Author: Ariyana
Fruits Basket
#17 orange; color
Kagura Sohma/Kyou Sohma
13+ Some Caution
Word Count: 161
Fruits Basket belongs to Natsuki Takaya, Hana to Yume, TokyoPop, Funimation and whoever else I forgot.
Notes: For the most part I'll be mixing anime and manga for these one-shots and drabbles that are inspired by Livejournal community 30Hugs. Be warned I'll be going all ove the place with this couple. So each chapter will be it's own stand alone piece and there will be spoilers for the manga.
Is it foolish to dream?

Kagura sat in her room quietly reflecting on her love for Kyou. It had been a few days since she had officially given up on him. She still didn't have the heart or the strength to get rid of all her Kyou related memories. She just hugged the little orange cat backpack to her heart -- the heart that had literally been broken in two.

It was for the best, he had told her he could never love her the way she wanted and it wasn't like she was unaware of that fact. She didn't stand a chance against someone like Tohru. Hopefully they would admit their feelings to each other soon and give her the closure she needed to move on.

Her mind could be rational but deep inside her heart; there still remained a glimmer of hope that Kyou would return her love someday.

It may be foolish to dream but I've always been a foolish sort of girl.