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Challenge: Matt Murdock has moved to LA and is hired by Angel to be a lawyer at Wolfram & Hart. When a string of murders begin to occur throughout LA, Angel and crew are on it, not knowing that Daredevil is on it too. But when Angel is almost killed, Matt learns that his past has caught up with him. The killer is none other than his former girlfriend, now professional assassin, Elektra Natchios. (don't know if that's how you spell her last name).

Elektra being behind all the murders.
Elektra being hired by Eve to take out Angel. She doesn't know he's a vampire, so she uses a sai and leaves quickly.
Eve specifically tells Elektra not to kill anyone but Angel.
Angel and Daredevil getting into a fight, each thinking the other was the bad guy.
Taking place at the beginning of season 5, with Spike as a ghost.

AN: For Daredevil, this is set a couple of years after Daredevil, around the same time as Elektra. For Angel and the gang, this is set after 'Hellbound', so Spike's still a ghost, but he can touch objects if he really wants it, and the gang are still getting used to running Wolfram & Hart.

AN2: Just to make it clear, I've never seen Elektra, so any information pertaining to that movie was acquired from second-hand sources. However, this is set before the events of Elektra, so, at this point, she's a remorseless killer who doesn't care about any collateral damage so long as she gets her targets

Blind Justice

Matt Murdock smiled as he walked into his new office, rapping his stick against the nearby window in an apparently casual manner that only his heightened senses could make sense of. As the sound waves spread around the room, he nodded slightly in approval; a good desk, two decent-sized filing cabinets (The writing in Braile, he hoped, although even his senses weren't that good yet), a light, two comfortable chairs (One behind the desk and one in front), and a computer with a microphone and large speaker system, evidently to help him if he couldn't use the keyboard correctly.

Walking towards the chair behind the desk (Taking care to come a bit too close to the wall on some occasions; he couldn't tell whether or not there were cameras in here and he didn't want people to start asking him awkward questions on his first day), Matt settled down behind his desk and ran his hands over the desk before him until he found the keyboard, then rapping the desk with his hand until the vibrations allowed him to locate the 'on' button. Pushing the button, he smiled as he felt the hard drive began to power up, then sat back to wait for the computer to come on.

"Everything OK?" a voice said from the door.

Matt jumped slightly in surprise- for once, this wasn't feigned, as he'd literally been unaware of someone coming into the room.

But how? Matt thought to himself. I should have been able to hear his heart, at least…

The figure then walked further into the room, and Matt noticed something else that didn't add up; unless the figure was actually moving, he didn't cause any other signals that might help Matt find him. No heartbeat… not even a breath…

Who is this guy? Matt asked himself, as he turned to wear he hoped the man was standing.

"Yeah, it's fine," he said, nodding at where the man seemed to be. "And you are?"

"Oh, sorry; my name's Angel," the man said, a brief air current indicating he reflexively offered Matt his hand before thinking better of it. "I was the one who sent Wesley to you with our job offer."

"Oh yeah…" Matt said, already chalking the situation up as a strange one.

His new boss didn't even need to breath? What was going on here…?

"So, why did you want to hire me anyway?" he asked, looking inquiringly in Angel's direction. "Wesley wasn't exactly clear on that point when we talked."

"It's easy enough," Angel said, as he sat down opposite Matt (Based on the squeak of the leather in the seat). "We only recently took charge of this firm, and it has… well, a bit of a bad reputation, to put it bluntly," he said, settling in one position as he stared at Matt; if nothing else, the air conditioning in Matt's office was proving to be helpful in keeping track of this man. "I was looking for lawyers with a good reputation, and your name cropped up; you seem to have handled a sizable number of clients on a strictly pro bono basis, which struck me as being exactly what we needed."

He sighed slightly; evidently, he still used oxygen, he just didn't seem to need it. "I'm just sorry we couldn't hire your partner as well, but it's hard to organize the money here."

Matt smiled. "Fair enough; I'm sure Foggy'll be fine running a secondary branch back in New York," he said reassuringly. "He's always wanted the chance to stand on his own two feet anyway."

Angel chuckled slightly, then seemed to glance at his watch (At any rate, his wrist moved) and stood up. "Got to go; I have an appointment. I'll call you if something comes up."

"Right," Matt said, turning back to the computer and reaching out for the microphone as Angel left the room. But, as the door shut behind the man with not even the slightest hint of a heartbeat, Matt made a mental note to find out what was going on there as soon as he could….

In an alleyway some blocks away from the main Wolfram & Hart office, a young man- barely fifteen years old- with long blond hair was walking through an alleyway, scanning his surroundings with an expression of seemingly clinical detachment on his face, the rapid movement of his head the only thing that suggested that he was slightly panicked.

His name was Ryan Anderson, and, although you wouldn't know it to look at him, he was one of the most dangerous beings alive, lacking even the slightest shred of human decency due to his lack of anything even slightly resembling a soul. He'd been treated to all kinds of conventional therapy to get rid of his violent tendencies- he'd even spent three years in an asylum- but nothing had worked. After all, how could you heal something that didn't exist?

Looking around himself, Ryan strained his ears, trying to catch the sound of his pursuer…

A dagger suddenly thudded into his back, severing his spinal column just between his shoulder-blades, cutting off the signals from his brain to his lungs, killing him instantly.

AsRyan's bodythumped to the ground, the figure that had been chasing him landed on the ground beside him, with an agility that was almost supernatural.

Reaching down to Ryan's body, the figure- all that could be seen in the shadows was a sexy female figure clad in black leather- pulled out the sai that had struck him, wiped it on what clean parts of Ryan's coat she could find, and then stood up, sliding the weapon back into its place on her belt as she turned away, reached into her pocket, and pulled out a mobile phone.

"He's dead," she said to her current employer.

"Excellent work, Miss Natchios," a voice said on the other end. "Just one or two more little tests, and then you'll meet the prime target."

The figure opened her mouth, as though about to ask something, but the voice beat her to it. "I apologise for the intrigue, but it is necessary; the prime target is a dangerous man, and my employers wish to be sure that you are capable of handling him in a combat situation. Have no fear, all your current targets are indeed dangerous in their own way; the world is better off without them."

The figure nodded in understanding and pocketed the phone.

Then, looking around to make sure there were no witnesses, Elektra Natchios turned and walked back into the dark alley.