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Challenge: Matt Murdock has moved to LA and is hired by Angel to be a lawyer at Wolfram & Hart. When a string of murders begin to occur throughout LA, Angel and crew are on it, not knowing that Daredevil is on it too. But when Angel is almost killed, Matt learns that his past has caught up with him. The killer is none other than his former girlfriend, now professional assassin, Elektra Natchios. (don't know if that's how you spell her last name).

Elektra being behind all the murders.
Elektra being hired by Eve to take out Angel. She doesn't know he's a vampire, so she uses a sai and leaves quickly.
Eve specifically tells Elektra not to kill anyone but Angel.
Angel and Daredevil getting into a fight, each thinking the other was the bad guy.
Taking place at the beginning of season 5, with Spike as a ghost.

Blind Justice

"You're sure about this?" Angel asked, looking inquiringly at Matt as their new friend packed the last of his office belongings back into his briefcase while the vampire stood uncertainly in the door.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Matt replied, smiling slightly at Angel after sealing his case. "Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the opportunity you gave me here, both personally and professionally, but after everything Elektra's been through, I think she'd re-adjust to being back to normal better if she was in more familiar surroundings, and those definitely don't include spending time in a city where she spent so much time killing people."

Angel didn't bother reminding Matt that Elektra's memories of Los Angeles weren't always clear. Whatever kind of influence the Beast had exerted over Elektra, it had apparently taken more direct control of her when she was generally wandering around Los Angeles, most likely to stop her questioning what she was actually doing here, although she retained clearer memories of the occasions when she was called upon to actually kill anyone; most likely the Beast had concluded that she would be better at her job if she was actually the one in control when the time came to actually fight anybody.

Regardless of what she remembered, Angel had to concede that Matt's essential reasoning couldn't be argued with; Elektra had never been sent on any missions in New York, most likely to ensure that nobody from her past recognised her, so the city was probably the best place for her to get away from the memories of what she had done while the Beast controlled her.

"Don't forget to get in touch with us if she remembers anything else about whoever hired her," Angel added, after a moment's awkward silence had passed following his last comment. Elektra's memories of her time with the Hand were still vague, given that the Beast had been more directly exerting its control over her behaviour at that point, but that didn't mean that there wasn't a chance that she'd remember what else had happened to her at some point, which might include the identity of the person who had hired her to kill him in the first place.

"Count on it," Matt replied, nodding reassuringly at the vampire, pausing in his packing to look at his temporary boss with a reassuring smile. "And if you ever need any extra legal help over here...?"

"Just remember that it goes both ways," Angel said, holding out a hand to Matt. "If you need any back-up, consider us available."

As he shook the blind lawyer's hand, Angel had to hope that they would meet again some day.

Matt might not think that he was suited for their kind of life on a regular basis, but he'd clearly shown himself to be a worthy ally and a good friend for the short time that they'd spent together; if either of them ever needed the other's assistance, Angel had little doubt that either of them would be there for the other if they ever sent out a call for help.

As she walked into her lover's apartment, already shrugging off her jacket and shoes as she stepped over the threshold, Eve sighed apologetically as she looked over at where her lover lay in bed, staring contemplatively up at the ceiling.

"It didn't work," she said, resisting the urge to curse as she thought back on all the time and effort that had gone into the last couple of months. Hell, practically from the moment Angel had arrived at the office, Eve had been helping her lover work out a way to finish the vampire off.

All that effort Eve groaned to herself, as she unzipped her dress and let it pool around her feet as she looked over at her lover.

"Turns out the assassin we hired had been lovers with a new lawyer Angel had hired," she continued to say as she reached behind her back to unclip her bra. "The assassin might have been able to pull it off once she knew what she was up against, but with the lawyer ex added into the equation?"

She sighed in frustration once again as she removed her panties and walked over to the bed, looking apologetically at her lover. "It gave the gang all the incentive they needed to try something other than just beating her up. The last I saw of them, Angel was sending the lawyer and the ex back to New York to get some time to 'get reacquainted'."

As she slipped under the covers, her lover shrugged nonchalantly as he smiled over at her.

"Well, it was never the best chance in the world that the direct approach'd pay off," he said, looking at her tenderly as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to him.

"And the fact that the loss of the Beast during a mission we asked its host to undertake has probably cost us any chance of getting support from the Hand?" Eve asked, looking at him with a slight smile.

"Wasn't like we were planning on using them again anyway," her partner replied casually. "Hiring an independent just seemed like the best way to get him out of the picture right now; there's other ways."

Noting the emphasis on the word 'seemed', Eve looked up at her lover curiously.

"What do you mean?" she asked, raising an inquiring eyebrow at him.

"Had an idea for a little… alternative plan we could try out," her lover said, as he looked back down at her. "It occurred to me; if Angel's so keen on trying to do the whole 'Champion' gig while still running Wolfram & Hart, but can't do it like he used to without losing his clients- and, thus, his position- maybe we should… remind him of what he's missing?"

Eve was about to ask what her lover meant by that, when it occurred to her.

If Angel was reminded of how things used to be for him… before he had to take control of Wolfram & Hart, thus forcing to fight evil mainly in the conference room rather than on the streets, he'd start suffering from confidence issues, constantly questioning his decisions in life…

And, from there, it would be far easier to take him down from an angle that he wasn't expecting even now.

"But how?" she asked, looking inquiringly up at her lover.

"Simple enough," her lover replied.

A broad grin spreading across his face, Lindsey McDonald, former golden boy of the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart, looked down inquiringly at Eve as he held her in his arms, his brain already planning out the fine details of the plan that would defeat his greatest enemy once and for all.

"You wouldn't happen to remember the location of the equations that Texan chick was trying to use to give Spike his body back, would you?"

AN: Well, there you have it; my conclusion, tying the story into continuity while still leaving the potential open for some not-so-canon sequels with Matt and Elektra coming to help their new friends at some point...

I'm not saying I'll write anything new in this reality, but let's just say I'm open to suggestions and would also be willing for someone else to follow this up if they have a good idea and run it by me first.