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Chapter 1: I'll tell you what happened

Allow me to introduce myself before going on with telling you what has happened to me all my life. Well if you'd call 4 weeks a real 'life'. I know it sound weird but my body is actually 18 years of age, according to the investigation that was done.

And in the last week of my live I've been going through a lot. First I was attacked by an alien force, then I got on a space ship and now I'm in an escape pod that's about to crash-land in the middle of a city.

Allow me to tell you why I say that I've only lived for 4 weeks. I still don't know exactly who I am, or where I was born. I don't even remember my parents. I don't remember anything before 'that' day.

The first thing I've seen that I can remember was fire. I woke up in the middle of a fire. Next to me there was some kind of crater. I heard voices coming from around the bushes. A man and woman were talking. "That was REALLLLLY close to hit. It only landed 200 meters away from us. We should go buy a lottery ticket dear" a man's voice said.

"What are you talking about? Why should we buy a lottery ticket?" a female voice answered.

"Because we're really lucky it seems!" the man answered, laughing at his own joke.. After hearing their voices I tried to call them only to find out that my voice didn't work very well.

"Wait a second dear, did you hear that?" the woman said.

As I looked up a saw a man and a woman standing above me. The woman had blue hair and was wearing a straw hat. They looked very shocked to find me. Before I passed out I could hear someone yell:

"HEY GOT A DOCTOR OVER HERE. THERE'S SOMEONE INJUR….." And after that everything went black.

When I woke up again I was in a hospital. I looked around and immediately fell pain running through my entire body. I looked down and saw that my entire body was covert in bandages. I was seriously injured and yet I felt pretty good (although I couldn't move around at all).

I heard a door open and a nurse can in my sight. She wasn't very good looking nor was she very ugly yet there was something about here that I just couldn't stop looking at. She had a third eye on her forehead. She didn't seem too surprised about it though.

"Excuse me sir, how are you feeling?" she asked me.

"I don't feel too bad but if look at my body I can see that I am in a very bad state right now." I said.

"Yes you were very lucky that those people were just walking by. If they hadn't been there you would have died from blood loss."

"Do you know what happened? I don't seem to remember it. All I remember is seeing fire around me."

"Yes of course sir, it's not too strange that you don't remember. It was actually a miracle that you're still alive after what happened. A few hours ago a huge meteor came into the gravitational field of this planet, Hydra IV. It got drawn to the planet and was on a collision course with the planet. That is of course no big deal because most of the meteor burned up in the atmosphere of the planet. It happens all the time. However this time the core of the meteorite was made up of metal and that didn't burn completely. A small piece of it was left intact and hit the ground about 200 meters away from the beach." She spoke calmy, in a voice that was very soothing.

"A place where you were standing. The meteor core landed 10 meters away from you and due to the small distance you were hit by the impact"

"I see. I really am lucky then, for surviving a smash like that so close to me."

"Yes indeed. Your body has impressive stamina and strength. Are you playing a lot of those VR games or something? Nevermind that. On to the reason that I was actually coming here for when you woke up."

She said before her voice changed to a professional tone, that was less soothing, yet still extremely calm. "Do you remember anything at al from before the crash? Your name, family or Homeplanet?" she asked me.

"No I don't remember anything at all from before the crash. I don't know who I am, where I'm from or why I'm here." I said after a few moments of thinking.

It was strange how calm I was even though I was seriously injured and didn't know anything about myself.

"it's alright." the nurse said. "It's not unusual to get amnesia from a shock like that. Don't worry you'll get your memory back in time." She said.

"But for now you need your rest. Take a nap." After saying that she left the room leaving me alone. I quickly fell asleep.

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