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Title: Affection
Author: Fuji S. Yuki
Series: Prince of Tennis
Rating: PG
Pairing: Karupin, Ryoma
September 2: Cat
For 31days

The first time Ryoma fell in love was when he was six the object of his affection being that of a Himalayan baby kitten. Normally Ryoma did not glue himself to something as adverse before and he would stay in front of the pet shop window holding his hand against the window.

That was the first time when he actually said he loved something and his mother being kind hearted at her child's attention. Did not wish to part the two from one another therefore she bought the kitten and Ryoma carried the kitten with him home. Beside she was secretly grateful that there was something else that got Ryoma's attention besides tennis.

The first time Karupin wandered away was the first time Ryoma felt heart broken. That was the day his mother saw him crying over something he cared about. The night Karupin came home Ryoma felt relieved and his mother was glad for her son.

Love itself never went away from these two companions. They stay with one another, slept, and play with one another. Even as Ryoma grew older and his cat Karupin aged they never parted ways for their love was something solid.

And even though Karupin the cat wouldn't ever realize that Echizen Ryoma had only eyes for Karupin, tennis, and Ponta.