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The prince of Aloand. Prince Danric, King Devions only son. Lorelei and her grandfather closed their mouths, walking over to their guests and greeting them politely, all the while and hoping the Prince wouldn't recognize her.

As she took her seat he opened his mouth to say something, but her grandfather quickly cut him off. "Prince Danric, I don't believe you have met my niece, Lady Lora?"

"No, Lord Domin, I don't think I've had the pleasure." He turned to her and said softly. "Milady, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"The pleasure is all mine, Prince Danric." She said

"I pity the country that lost such a beauty." He purred, slathering on all manners of the charm that a prince should be taught.

And then everyone ignored Lore and had a very good roasted pheasant for dinner. Danric had reminded her of Aiden, what he had, and that perfect kiss in her bedroom. Why, oh why, did she have to ruin it by slapping him? Wait a minute, I slapped him because he kissed me without asking, but then again I kissed him back so there was no denying that there was chemistry between the two of us Not to mention that a marriage between the two of us would heal old wounds.

But did she even like him, or was it his kisses? She knew that she liked him or she wouldn't have agreed to go look for him. He's too cocky e for his own good.

Dinner was already over and it was getting late when she heard a voice calling her name and she snapped out of her thoughts. "Milady, did you hear me?" The Prince asked.

"No, I'm sorry, I didn't. My thoughts have run away with me again."

"Well I envy your thoughts." He said with a devious smirk, obviously flirting with her. Her face turned a bright pink in response, and she looked to her grandfather for help. He just chuckled at her predicament and took a sip of his wine. The prince continued. "So, how did you come to be in Aloand?"

"Oh." She said with a sigh of relief. "My parents, coming home from a late night party, were killed by bandits." Lore put on a miserable face.

"My deepest sympathies, Milady, to both you and your grandfather. It must be hard to lose your mother and father at the same time." He said with sincerity.

"It was. I mean, it is, it is." She said, catching herself quickly, hoping he didn't notice her slip up. But, of course, he did.

"Milady, aren't you still mourning your parents?" He asked, confused.

"Yes, I am, but I try not to think of it, it makes me cry." She said with mock sadness, hoping that he wouldn't see right through her. There were very few people who could do that and she sincerely hoped that he wasn't one of them.

"Of course Milady, forgive me for asking. Since it's such a lovely night out I was hoping that you would favor me with a walk in the garden. I have heard that your Lord has some of the best in the land, and I would love to see them." He said with an earnest face.

"Oh, well, okay." She agreed hesitantly. As she got up from her seat Danric offered her his arm like the gentleman he was. Lore decided that she would try to be nice to him. After all, I've never really had anyone try to court me before. They were all too afraid that I would lop their heads off.

As they made their way to the garden, the moon was full and shining brightly. Prince Danric was telling her about his childhood growing up in the palace. This actually interested her as she had spent most of her summers at her grandfather's manor, and had of course lived there for 8 years. The two of them had a wonderful time under the stars, talking and laughing. For a prince he didn't seem at all snobbish like they were supposed to be. And all of a sudden it was 1 O'clock in the morning.

Danric walked Lore back to her room. "Milady, I had a wonderful time with you this evening. I was wondering if you would accompany me on a picnic tomorrow, around noon?" He asked with such a sweet, eager face that you just couldn't say no.

"Of course, I would love to go on a picnic with you tomorrow, Milord." She said with a smile.

As she was undressing for bed she thought about Danric, how handsome he was, and how his brown hair would fall into his big brown eyes when he laughed. Lore sighed and got into bed, still thinking about him, when she suddenly remembered how she was supposed to be finding Aiden, but was going on a picnic tomorrow. She ended up deciding that one day wouldn't matter and fell into a peaceful, dreamless sleep. And no one would bereave her of a bit of fun before she went on the last leg of her journey…..

As Lorelei woke up she immediately began to think about the night before. About Prince Danric and their picnic today. She was excited; no one had ever asked her to do anything of this sort at home. They were all too afraid to be seen associating with a queen for good reasons and bad. She got up with a sigh to pick out what she wanted to wear, finally deciding on a soft yellow silk dress that nicely contrasted with the color of her eyes.

Thinking about her eyes made her mind wandered back to Aiden. She was going on a nice picnic and he was probably cold wet and or being tortured somewhere. Lore felt so bad that she didn't notice the time. It was almost twelve already and she had to get going. She vowed to herself that she would push Aiden and his kisses out of her mind and have a pleasant picnic with Danric. After all, she was going to start searching for him tomorrow. One day of fun can't hurt. She kept telling herself. But deep down she knew she was wrong and that she really had to find Aiden as soon as possible futures depended on it.

She heard a knock on the door and knew it was her grandfather. He probably didn't want her to go. "He is the one always nagging me about marriage." She grumbled as she opened the door.

Lore had been right; it was him. "Oh Kitten, you look so pretty." he said, acting overly kind.

Lore just sighed and smiled at him. "Grandpa, I know that you don't want me to go, but why, I mean you are the one always nagging me about getting married, and regardless, why can't I go with Danric? He seems nice enough." She said quickly

"Kitten, he is not interested in marriage, and I have a feeling you aren't either. He sleeps around with every woman he can get his grimy little hands on, and if he so much as touches you I … I'll … well, I don't know what I'll do, but whatever it is he won't be a crown prince for very long." Her grandfather said angrily, nearly shouting.

"Grandfather, please don't say such things. Its treason you know and they could hang you. Besides, do you really think that I would sleep with any man that shows interest? Please, I have much more dignity than that." She said with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

Her grandfather shook his head disapprovingly but, at the look in his granddaughter's eye, escorted her out to the courtyard where Danric awaited her with the most beautiful white horse ever. She knew it wasn't polite to stare but she couldn't help it.

Danric noticed and chuckled. "You fancy horses, Milady?"

She looked him straight in the eye and said "Why, yes I do."

He smiled, flirtatiously causing Lore's grandfather to groan from somewhere behind them. "Do you know much about them?"

She just shook her head in response. He proceeded to explain. "Well this one, milady, is an Arabian stallion. He was a 20th birthday gift from my father, his name is Pericles."

Her grandfather decided that it was time for him to say something, and of all the things he could have said "Take good care of my niece Danric, she means a great deal to me" came out of his mouth as he helped her onto Pericle's back.

"Don't worry Lord Domin, no one shall touch the Lady whilst in my presence." he said, giving her grandfather a perfectly reassuring smile and mounting Pericles himself. But Lord Domin sure didn't look reassured. Instead he looked petrified. But with Danric's smile the two of them were off.

Danric took her to her favorite spot by the lake, where her grandfather had taken her when she was little. The set every thing up and reached out his hand to help Lore sit down which you gladly accepted. They shared the most fabulous meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes and chocolate cake, made better by the fact that Lorelei hadn't had her breakfast.

The two of them laughed and just enjoyed being by the lake, when he suddenly asked her "Lore, do you ever plan on getting married?"

Lore just sat there like a bumbling idiot, mouth somewhere by her right shoe, and stuttered out. "Oh um I… I don't really know."

He laughed again. "Did I catch you off guard?" He asked, leaning in closer.

"Yes." She replied a little too hastily.

He just smiled. "Well you did not answer my question Lore. Do you ever plan on getting married? If so, I would be very interested in having something to do with it." And with that he leaned in closer, at first just slightly grazing her lips with his, then kissing her harder and rougher. His kisses are nothing like Aiden's. His were sweet and passionate, not hard and rough like this fool's. I miss him. Wait, what am I thinking? I miss him, wait, I mean I don't.

Danric pushed her onto the ground and started to kiss her harder if that was possible. He already has one foot in my bed. This will not do. She suddenly found his hand grazing her breast, and pushed him off quickly. "SO THE STORIES ARE TRUE ARE THEY? THAT YOU ARE A WOMANIZER. Well, I am not that kind of woman Prince Danric. You'll not get me that easily!" She screamed angrily

"I thought I just proposed." he said, looking confused.

"And I just said NO." She shouted, still angry.

"Please Lore, calm down. You weren't giving me any signals to say that I couldn't kiss you. I've never proposed to any other woman in my life, I swear. And you are so different, so sweet, and so pure."

Oh, if he only knew the real me. Lore thought.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are so beautiful, so unbelievable." He finished.

"One day" She replied quietly.

"Excuse me?"

"One day," She said again, her voice gaining volume, "That's how long you knew me, one day. I don't want to be married to someone I barley even know, not after ONE DAY." She shouted, more than a little upset. "Maybe if you give me some time to think it over, alone time. Then maybe, just maybe you will have a answer."

"Oh." Was all he said.

"Look, lets make the best of our picnic and stop talking about this. I will give you your answer, you needn't worry about that." She said cheerily.

"Of course milady, as you wish." he said, regaining his composure. She just sighed and sat there in uncomfortable silence. She decided to pick a new topic, one that would help her tomorrow. She turned and faced him, grabbing one of his hands.

"Let's talk about something different." She said

"Mmmh." he grunted out.

She took a deep breath. "Where would the King of Faore keep prisoners of war?" She asked, catching him off his guard.

"Why do you want to know?" He inquired.

"Well, it just interests me. I thought you were going to answer my question." She said, mocking him with the sly grin on her face.

"Well." He said, getting happier as she scooted close enough to him so he could put his arm around you. "Usually they are kept at the old castle in the mourning mountains, but not many venture up there. They say that a banshee lurks around up there, pining away for her dead lover. Now answer my question. Why do you want to know?" He asked curiously.

"Nope." She said matter-of-factly.

"Oh really."

"Really." They both started to laugh hysterically and lay back on the grass. When Lore stopped, Danric was looming over her looking at her lips as a child would look at candy they can't have. Suddenly she found him kissing her strongly. Lore decided to let him, unless it went too far again. She would be gone by tomorrow anyway.

Finally he pulled back. "We really should get you back. I promised Lord Domin I would have you back before sunset." And she realized that it was already sunset.

Smiling wryly she sat up as well. "You don't really want to bring me back, do you Danric?" She teased.

"No I don't, but if I want any chance at proving to you that I am not a womanizer, as you so kindly put it, then I have to bring you back." He said seriously. "I wouldn't want to bed you on the first day that I actually got to spend with you would I?" Danric teased.

She smiled covertly and got up, leaving his embrace, and his face fell. He recovered quickly, as he helped her onto Pericle's back and then mounted himself. They rode back in silence, him kissing the back of her head every five seconds which caused her to giggle. When the two of them got back to the manor he got off first then helped her down, sliding her into his arms for a convenient goodbye kiss.

As they pulled away he said, "I have to go back to the capital to …….do some rather important things." He sighed. "I'll be gone for at least six months."

"Oh." Lore said sadly. "Then it will be a while till we see each other again won't it."

"I will come back for you, I will prove to you I'm not a misogynistic womanizer"

She gave him a cryptic smile and said "We'll see." With that, and another chaste kiss on her cheek, he mounted Pericles and left.

She stood there and watched him go until he was out of sight, "But I won't be here when you return for me." She whispered to herself. With a great sigh she floated up to her room and prepared for tomorrow's journey. But, down below, her grandfather had heard every word.

He sighed and said, "Gods help me."


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