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"Why am I up so early?" Paige thought. "Perhaps it has to do with the fact that my dad is finally home and has a huge surprise for me. Or it could be my little brother Chase running and screaming through the halls. Who can blame him? He's two years old and his dad is here. Yep, definably dad's fault, now he is stomping through the hall after him."

"Well, might as well get dressed," said Paige as she put on a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.

"I can't believe my dad is here," Paige types to a friend, "he has been gone at work for so long now, which he won't ever tell us what it is he does, Chase is going crazy but that's because day is running after him like a werewolf or something. May, my mom, is just smiling and kissing him all the time. And me, well, he kind of looks at me weird when I'm on the computer or listening to music. I still don't know what this big surprise is. I heard my mom and dad talking about it before, mom sounded worried and dad was anxious. Well, Chase is going down for a nap and I get to know this big surprise, I'll e-mail what it is later, bye!"

After Paige sent the e-mail, she went into the kitchen to talk to her parents. No one was in there so she sat at the table and waited. She picked up her dad's name tag from work and read it out loud,

"Remus Lupin, Auror, what kind of job is that?" said Paige

"A very difficult job," said Remus in barely a whisper, but even that was loud enough to make Paige jump as she turned around to see her mother and father looking quiet anxious.

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