Author's Notes: And here is the happier ending to the story. Please forgive any perceived fluff. Again, italics shows the lyrics to the original song written by me in Nida's POV. This one has no title yet. I'm open to suggestions. At the end is a few lines of perfection edited by Squall.

2sidez-Samecoin: Thanks. This is the end!

"I can't do this," Nida said, his whole body shaking.

"Nida," Squall spoke softly to the elegant asian, "You can to this. I know you can. No one knows this like you do."

"I can't do this," the male repeated, only to feel strong arms wrap around the waist and soft lips press against his neck.

"You can do this. You said that the music felt incomplete, now is your chance to fix that."

"But…" Nida started to protest.

"Nida," Squall said, his tone reprimanding, "These are our friends out there."

"And my students, and all of Garden!" the aviator groaned.

"They are going to love this. And anyone that calls you 'perfect' I will give a detention with Seifer."

"And if Seifer says it?"

"I dock his pay and won't let him win a duel for a month."

Nida smiled and leaned back in Squall's arms. "Thank you… For setting this up."

Squall smiled softly, something he only did for Nida. "Go out there my perfection. Complete the music."

There was an eruption of applause through the door to the stage. Nida, who was dressed in the same loose black pants and shirt from when Squall first heard him sing, looked nervous. Squall placed another kiss upon his boyfriend's throat and watched with a smile as Nida moved onto the wings of the stage. The Headmaster, who had arranged for Infinity to play at the Garden Festival and for Nida to finally join him, smiled and left the dressing room to go to the seat at the Instructors table that Doctor Kadowaki had saved for him.

"Everybody," Jason, the bassist of the band and Nida's cousin, spoke into the mic, a grin on his face. "Everybody, we've got a little secret to share with you. You see, we don't write our own music, and we don't hire someone either. Our music, ALL of it, from the initial sheet music to the lyrics, is written by Balamb Garden's own Instructor Nomura!"

Cheers and applause, some shocked, erupted from the students. Selphie, who was right at the edge of the stage with Irvine was almost screaming.

"Oh, and did I forget to mention that Nida is my cousin?" Jason asked and the screams from the females increased as he winked. "Well, with the help of your Headmaster we've finally convinced Nida to join us on stage."

At this point Nida hesitantly came onto the stage, blushing furiously while moving to pick up his guitar.

"Our normal vocalist, Ryan, has agreed to step aside today and allow Nida to sing a few songs for you. You'll get to hear 'Perfection' from the man who wrote and lived it. You'll tremble when you hear 'Broken', our new hit, sung by Nida because he pours his soul into it. But first, he's going to play a little song for you that no one has ever heard before."

More applause, more cheers as a stool is brought out for Nida. Quickly a roadie fixed a mic for Nida and another for his acoustic guitar.

Silence moved over the partying Garden as the first notes of music flowed out.

"I dedicate this song to my boyfriend. Who saved me from so much…" A gasp of shock came over the crowd and both Squall and Nida blushed, though only Nida's was noticed.

"In the darkness, A hand reaches out, Brushing so lightly 'gainst my face. In the darkness, Eyes likes beacons shine, Guiding me from bitter ruin. In the darkness, Arms wrap 'round me, Giving me the sanctuary I need. And in the darkness, Two lonely souls Collide."

Squall was breathless, always was when Nida sang for him. Never had he heard this song before. And Nida was singing it for him, just like Broken. Their eyes me for a brief moment.

"And through it all my dear, You support me on the way. No matter what I do, I know you're by my side. Forever and a day we swore, But that's what love is for."

Now the rest of the band had picked up the beat and were as softly as possible backing up Nida's voice and guitar.

"In the light, A voice like music sings, Calling out to show me way. In the light, Lips like sweet candy, Comfort me through all the pain. In the light, Love of an angel, Always guarding me from sin. And in the light, Two lonely souls Collide."

As Nida started the chorus again the bang sang slowly after him.

"And through it all my dear, You support me on the way. No matter what I do, I know you're by my side. Forever and a day we swore, But that's what love is for."

Nida's voice became hushed and sweet now, "In my life, Heart of my love, Keeps me from falling again. In my life, Mind of my friend, Helping me through the obstacles. In my life, Body at my side, Holds me safe, warm and calm. And in my life, Two lonely souls Collide."

Nida, at this point signaled for the band to stop playing, his eyes watching Squall intently.

"And through it all my dear, You support me on the way. No matter what I do, I know you're by my side. Forever and a day we swore, But that's what love is for."

Now Nida stopped playing all together, letting only his voice carry the song, "Life is so hard, But that is what our love is for. And through it all, Two lonely souls… Collide."

Finally Nida stood and bowed his head, and then the applause began. Squall also jumped to his feet to cheer wholeheartedly for his love.

Nida was tired and strangely content when, later that night, he was congratulated by the band. Jason threw an arm around his cousin's shoulder and smiled. "You never told me you were…"

"Your parents and my own gave me a hard time about it," the pilot admitted nervously, "I could only assume that you would too kid."

"Kid! I'm only…"

"Several years my junior. You're a kid still Jason," Nida said. "Thanks for… Not minding about my boyfriend."

"So…" Ryan said with a teasing smile, "It's that guy, Squall, right?"

Nida turned scarlet.

"He's great for you Nida. I've never seen you so happy. It's like suddenly your life really is perfect. And guess what, it gets better… We want you to join the band, permanently…"

The asian froze, "I couldn't."

"Why?" Ke'mel, the keyboard player asked.

"I have obligations here."

"I told you that we wouldn't hold it against you if you left us for a band. I won't hold it against you either Nida," Squall's voice came from the doorway.

The asian male picked up his guitar case, a folder of his music and the bunch of flowers (and phone numbers) that had been thrown onstage while he performed and moved to Squall's side. "No thanks. For once, I'm totally and perfectly happy how I am. And I enjoy some of the things I'm considered 'perfect' at."

Squall blushed as the band laughed. He pulled Nida close and out into the hall.

"Heard a little story, called it 'perfection', 'bout a man broken inside, and the lover that saved him…" Squall sang softly, teasing Nida as they headed to Squall's office and to the lift that would carry them to the sanctuary they had turned into a home.