"She was what?" Connor asked, shocked at what the vampire had just revealed. Spike had his head down, staring at the wood table instead of at the people gathered around him. He prayed Dawn was occupied and wouldn't walk in on their conversation. She was still in shock and the last thing he needed was for her to break down again. He was running out of dry shirts.

"He raped her," He reiterated, turning to face the boy. "You know what that means right? The bloody bastard held her down and violated her. He killed the little bit of innocence that was left in my girl. Left her battered and bruised in a graveyard. She was alone for three hours before I got worried and went to find her. He's damn lucky a vamp didn't come along or he'd be in the ground,"

"I can't believe this," Cordy whispered, sitting heavily in the chair Dawn had vacated. "When did this happen,"

"Fourteen days ago,"

"You know the exact date?" Gunn asked, a little surprised.

"I've cursed it since it happened. I vowed to protect her and I failed," His voice lowered. "Again,"

"Spike, you couldn't stop it," Angel told him, trying his best to comfort his childe.

"I should have," He barely got the words out before he was slapped.

"Don't you dare blame yourself for some pigs mistake. I watched you with her and you were amazing. She loves you and probably wouldn't have made it through this without you so if I hear you blame yourself again, I'll kick the crap out of you, ya hear me?" He stared in shock at the young brunette seer before allowing the tips of his mouth to curve upward.

"Why did he do it?" Connor questioned, and Gunn sighed.

"Because men like that are the worst damn monsters you'll ever see," Spike looked at the black man in respect before turning to Angel.

"What happened, Spike? What did the boy do? Well, I know what he did but I mean…" Angel stopped speaking when Spike nodded and explained.

"They went on a date. She was so excited, Angel," He was crying now, and Cordy placed a supportive arm around his shoulders. "Dressed all nice and pretty. Make up and all. I met the boy, shook his hand. She kissed me good-bye and was off. He was human. He was fucking human. She's all I have left, Liam, all I have left and he killed a part of her,"

"I know, William, I know," And Angel reached his hand across the table, placing it upon Spike's as the vampire allowed steady tears to flow down his face.

"Don't let her get hurt here. I can only do so much," The younger begged, his voice so low that Angel had to strain to hear it.

"Spike, I watched Dawn grow up, which means I love her too. I used to tuck her in at night when Buffy was on patrol and her mom had to work late. She's like a sister to me and I wont let anything in this world hurt her. Don't forget that," Spike nodded, before requesting that Cordelia show him his room.

"She's so young," Gunn stated, running a hand over his bare head.

"They always are," Angel shuddered, remembering times when he had been the rapist. Remembering girls who reminded him a little too much of Dawn.

"That bastard," Connor muttered, sitting down and staring at the cup Dawn had drank from. "She's only a little girl,"

"She's sixteen, Con," Angel informed him and he showed no concern about the fact that there was only two years age difference between the two of them.

"I wish he had murdered him," The teenager said venomously, and Angel cringed because for once he agreed with his son.

"He's going to tell them," Fred looked at her confused as the younger girl sat gently down on the bed, running her hand over the mauve comforter.

"Tell them what?"

"That he raped me," She ignored Fred's gasp. She was used to it. So used to it that now all she was was numb. He made her numb. Killed her insides. The only thing left was the baby, the baby that was the result of all his pain and torture. All the nightmares and touching and screaming. All the times she said "no."

"Well," Fred was at a loss for words and instead just sat next to Dawn and placed a gentle arm around her. "You're safe here," And the flood of tears started. The teenager began choking them out, words mixed in.

"I just wish Mom was here," She gasped, and Fred hugged her tighter because she knew what it was like to be dark and alone and numb and not know what to do. She knew what it was like to just want to be home. And she let Dawn cry it out, disgust slowly building in her. That boy, that vile creature, was just as bad as the monsters that had tormented her for so long. And this time, they weren't allowed to kill it.

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