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Oh. My. God. I cannot believe father is letting me do this! My hands shake as I put my bikini into the suitcase. Syaoran is sitting in my window with one knee bent and the other hanging in my room. He was looking outside at the semi-clouded sky. It was supposed to rain today, but the trip still held. Tomoyo had been given a house boat for her eighteenth birthday a few weeks ago and she invited us all to go with her. Eriol....Me......Syaoran...... I squeal in delight, causing the young boy at my window to look at me and raise an eyebrow in question. I giggle nervously and he shrugs it off.

"They're here." He says monotonously.


Eriol pulled up in Tomoyo's van and cut the engine before stepping out. He cast a small frown at the sky, but still closed his door and started walking up to the Kinomoto estate, soon joined by Tomoyo.

"Think it'll rain?" She asks.

"Probably." Eriol replied, tossing his long brain over to his back with a flip of his head. "We better hurry with the luggage, just in case it starts sooner than expected, though." He reached up and pressed the doorbell.

Fujitaka answered the door with a smile. "Ohayo, Eriol-san, Tomoyo-san. Please do come in." He opened the door the rest of the way and moved his hand in a welcoming motion. "Sakura-san and Syaoran-san are in Sakura-san's room."



knock knock.

Tomoyo opened the door and stepped in, letting Eriol lean against the frame. Both sighed. On Sakura's bed were at least three suitcases, not to mention the large one she was trying to get closed as it is.

Eriol shot Syaoran a 'she's your responsibility' look, to which he gave him a 'no she isn't' glare.

" know I love you....but isn't this just a little too much?" Tomoyo walked over to her best friend and started to help her.

"A girl can never be to prepared!" She replies, finally getting the thing closed with her help.

"I told her the trip was only a week and a half, but she insisted on packing all that stuff....." Syaoran informed them, still looking at the sky.

"How much did you bring?" Eriol asks, walking over to him and joining him at the 'let's stare into the sky while the girls pack their stuff' game.

Syaoran shrugged. "Sakura packed most of it. I got about one large suitcase's"


A moment of silence for them as the girls fussed about which of Sakura's stuffed animal's to bring.

"I plan on buying most my cloths." Syaoran stated, feeling uneasy standing next to a quiet and smiling Eriol.

"How much money did you bring?" Eriol replied, giving him a face that read 'chill out, ancestor, I'm not going to do anything to you.'

"A thousand dollars is in my account." He stated, hearing something about Kero staying at home with Fujitaka. Sakura's family found out about the magic and stuff a few months ago. " I have been saving for a while."

"Un. Not really much to do around here anyway..."

A drop of rain hit the window.

Syaoran turned. "We need to go now, girls."

Sakura smiled proudly at him. "All ready." She turned and walked out of the room. "Be a gentleman and take my bags, please?"

"Hai, hai...."


Eriol reached up and closed the back of the van when Tomoyo found out she couldn't reach it without jumping. A small blush came to her face when she looked up at him. "Arigato..."

The reincarnation smiled nicely at her. "Anything for you." Before she could respond, he turned and walked to the porch to meet up with Syaoran and Sakura. "Ready?" A few more drops started to fall.

Syaoran nodded and walked over to him, leaving Sakura alone to say her goodbyes.

"Be good."

Sakura nodded, tucking some hair behind her ear. "Hai."

"Call me when you can. Touya will be mad when he finds out you are gone. He'll want to talk to you."


Fujitaka hugged her. "Now get going before they leave you."

"Hoe?" Sakura turned to see a grinning Eriol pulling out of her driveway with a laughing Tomoyo and Syaoran. "Hoeee!"


"Pit stop!" Eriol called, pulling into a gas station. The call woke up the three sleeping figures in the car.

"Wha.....Doco?" Tomoyo sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes.

"Fujikuroi." Eriol replied, opening the door. "The rain slowed us down a lot. We'll eat in this town if no one has any objections?"

Sakura opened the sliding door and slid out, followed by a sleepy Syaoran. Tomoyo was the last out of the van. "No objections here." The couple answered at the same time, making each other blush.

Eriol flipped the leaver and start to fill up with gas. "You guys go ahead in."


"So where exactly are we going?" Syaoran inquired as he browsed the tourist trap/gas station.

"The town or lake?" Tomoyo answered while Sakura looked through a book.


Tomoyo giggled. "The town is the West Capital. The lake is about five miles from there." She smiled as Sakura picked up an Atlas. " The houseboat is already on the lake. It We should get their early tomorrow morning."

Syaoran nodded, looking over Sakura's shoulder to look at the map. " And the way things are going..." He trailed a finger from Tomoeda to the West Capital. "We should stop...." He moved his finger back up, quickly calculating the numbers in his head. " About here."

Syaoran pulled back from Sakura's backside and she suddenly found herself able to breath again. "We'll.....have to stay at a hotel?"

Tomoyo smiled at her blushing friend. "I'm sure we'll find a good one."

Eriol walked into the gas station then and started to pay for the gas with Tomoyo's credit card she had given him.

Syaoran nodded. "Un."


Syaoran yawned quietly to himself as he drove the van down the road. He was on an interstate, but only going about sixty-five. The rain was coming down rather hard now, not giving him much vision ahead of him. To his right, and also navigator, was Sakura. Eriol and Tomoyo were asleep in the back seat. Eriol was leaning against the side of the van with Tomoyo leaning against him. Each had pillows, but Eriol kept her warm by having his arm around her shoulders.


"Hai, Sakura?"

Sakura felt a small blush paint her cheeks and for a second only the sound of the rain and windshield wipers could be heard. "Why did you decide to come with us?"

Syaoran didn't say anything for a while, thinking over his response to himself in his mind. " I don't know... Just thought it would be nice to get away for a while, I suppose."

Sakura looked down. "Oh....."

Syaoran blinked. "I also came to see you in a cute two piece."

Sakura jerked her head up and blushed madly. "Sy-Syaoran!" Without warning, the young chestnut haired boy erupted in a laughter that only she had heard before. "G-gomen ne.." He took a breath. "But I had to say it..." A few more chuckles came, despite him trying to hold them back.

"Mou....." Sakura crossed her arms and pouted cutely.

"Hey, now, don't be like that." Syaoran told her in a light voice, reaching for her hand. "I was just playing.."

Sakura pulled her hand back. "Oh, now you want to take my hand. Well you just forget it, Li Syaoran!" With a 'humph' she turned her head and looked up and away.

"Ne, Sakura...If you're mad, why are you trying not to smile?"

Sakura blushed. Busted. "Hoe....."

Syaoran chuckled. "I didn't want to hold your hand anyway."

That earned him a look. "Oh, am I not good enough?"

'Uh oh.... Don't get her mad, Syaoran.... She is scary when she's mad....' The boy shook his head. "No, no...That's not it at all." He thought fast. "You are very"

Sakura found herself growing redder and redder. Of course she knew he was saying all that just to make her happy and not hit him, but she still found it nice to hear that from him. "Mou..You can stop now, I forgive you."



Eriol yawned and pulled into a hotel parking lot. The place wasn't really fancy. Just a normal place to stay for the night. He had swapped with Syaoran about two hours ago so he could get some rest from driving.

"Where are we now?" Syaoran asks, looking into the light drizzle of rain through the window.

"Beats me..somewhere off I-55." Eriol replied, reaching over and past Tomoyo to open the glove box and pull out his wallet. "Let's just hope they have rooms, otherwise I'm switching with Syaoran again."

Syaoran hmphed. "Whatever. It's only eleven. I can drive another two hours at least."

"Whatever." Sakura retorted, stretching. "After you fall asleep at the wheel, maybe."

This earned the rest a good laugh at Syaoran's expense. "Oh sure..laugh it up..."

Eriol chuckled and climbed out the door. "I'll be right back. Coming Tomoyo-san?"

The young girl in the passenger seat blinked, but got out anyway. "Hai."


"Lucky." Eriol greeted the couple when they got back from the office. "They had two rooms left."

Syaoran nodded. " Doubles?"

"Singles." Tomoyo answered for him. "Me and Sakura one room, you and Eriol in the other."

"I...guess I can live with that..."

Sakura slapped him on the arm playfully. "Oh lighten up already!" She told him in a harsh whisper. "It won't be that bad!"

"....Whatever..." He grabbed a small suitcase Eriol chunked at him.


Syaoran sighed as he flipped through the channels. He had already had his shower and when he came out, he found a note saying that Eriol had already went to Tomoyo's room for a while. He mentally debated to go to sleep or not, but a knock at the door startled him out of his thinking state.

"Hai?" He called out.

"Syaoran, open up. It's chilly out here..."

"Sakura?" Without thinking, Syaoran hopped off the bed and walked over to the door. "What are you doing out here so late?" He demanded as he opened the door.

"Gomen ne." Sakura replied, blushing at the sight of him only in his boxers. "But you know how those two get....."

Syaoran blushed brightly when he realized what he was wearing, or lack there of as it was. "Hai...All too well." The young boy quickly closed the door behind her and walked over to his bag, pulling out a long shirt and sliding it on.

"Ne...Isn't that my shirt?" Sakura asked, pointing.

"Oro?" Syaoran looked down and chuckled. "Hai, hai. I'll give it back later."

The shirt wasn't really hers. Syaoran had let her wear it one time she spent the night at his house when her father and brother were gone for the night. She didn't want to stay alone so after a walk in the park, she ended up at his house. Syaoran, of course, refused to let her go home alone so he offered her a place for the night as well as some cloths to change into. She had called that specific shirt she wore that night 'hers' ever since.

"So what are you doing?" Sakura wondered aloud, sitting on the bed and scooting back to use the wall as a prop.

"Just channel surfing...nothing really good on." The boy replied, sitting next to her.



An awkward silence.

"You mind if I lean on you?"

Syaoran shook his head. "Not at all." Sakura smiled and scooted closer to him, finding his arm already raised up and waiting for her to take her place under it.

She didn't disappoint him.