Vacation4 I smile to myself happily as I follow Syaoran around the land by our boat. We had taken a jet-ski, moving slowly so we wouldn't get wet, to the bank and started walking from there. The land around here was very beautiful. Trees grew freely around, but were still open enough to let you walk comfortably through them. There was sand where the water hit land, but that only lasted about twenty feet, give or take. Syaoran held our lunch with one hand, sandwiches my butt- he went all out on a Chinese corse again- and held my hand with the other. I was walking behind him and a little to his side, so our hands were outstretched a little, but I don't mind. I enjoy the chance any time I can, although he is kinda shy about it in public. Maybe because he gets teased about me.... We have been good friends for a while now. In fact I heard that no guy would dare ask me on a date because of Syaoran. I don't mind, though. This saves me the trouble of turning them down.... Slowly I give his hand small squeeze and he turns to look at me. I offer him a smile to which he returns with a small blush. I loved him so much.

By: Satashi
Part four

"This looks like as good of a place as any..."Syaoran spoke, looking around the little area that they were in. The trees grew thick around this area, not leaving very much room for travelers. The space that they were currently in consisted of many trees and a circular patch of dirt in the middle of them all, kind of like the place was intended for picnics. Around the circle patch of dirt was a space of maybe ten feet before the first tree. This space was covered in a soft grass. The overhang of the area consisted of the tree branches crossing each other, letting in just enough light to be pleasant, and also keeping the heat off of the surrounding area so plant life could grow easier.

"It's very pretty....."

"Un..." Syaoran sat down the wrapped up box that contained their lunches and stretched while Sakura flung their externally large blanket into the air and letting it settle perfectly on the ground. "I hope you like my cooking.."

Sakura giggled and sat down and crossed her legs. "Oh, I know I will..... You know how much I love Chinese food..."

The copper eyed teenager chuckled to himself as he sat down in front of the emerald girl. "Save that for after you tasted it."

"Tease." Sakura accused. "You and I both know I love Chinese food, and we also know you can cook better than me at times so hush up and let's dig in before I jump you for it."

Syaoran blinked, causing her to giggle uncontrollably at his cute expression on his face.


"Eriol....." Tomoyo whispered against his lips. "They may be back soon..."

Eriol chuckled into the kiss. "Won't be the first time they walked in on us..."


~*Later that night*~

"Ne, Tomoyo..." Eriol began while laying on the couch, looking out the window.

"Hm?" She replied from the kitchen. She had volunteered to wash dishes that night.

"You know how I promised you that we would watch the sun set together? "


"Well.....can we put it off till tomorrow?" He winced sightly at the small sigh from her lips, and decided he better explain fast before she gets sad. "Sakura-san and Li-kun seem to be going on top of the boat to do just that..... Maybe we better leave them alone?" Just as he expected, Tomoyo was already at the door with her V-8 out, recording it all.

"Kawaii desu wa!"

Eriol felt the familiar evil smile come to his lips. "You know how champagne makes you feel like sex?" Tomoyo froze. Seems like she did. "Yeah, I put some up there, just in case."

Tomoyo turned and smirked at him. "Oooooohhhh.....So evil."

Eriol grinned. "I know."


Syaoran looked around the top of the boat, surprised to already find two lawn chairs side-by-side with a small bucket next to one with ice and a champagne bottle in it. "Huh?" After checking to make sure Sakura got up all right, he walked over and picked up a small letter tapes to the first chair and read it aloud. "The sunset is great, watch it with the one you love. Signed Eriol."

Sakura giggled and plucked the note from him. "Always thinking ahead, I see."

The young boy laughed to him self and bowed dramatically, motioning to the east on the left. "My princess."

Emerald eyes met brown and sparkled with joy. "Flirt." She addressed him, slapping his arm lightly in a playful manner before laying down in the long lawn chair and resting her back in a sitting up position. Mentally she wondered if she would have the chance to lower the back of the thing so she could be laying down. As soon as she thought that a blush shot over her face, getting her an odd look.

"Your face is kind of red..."

"Shut up." Without any farther warning, she pulled him down to sit next to her. Instantly his arm fell around her, causing both to blush. Slowly Syaoran regained a little of his senses and started to stammer apologies to her.

"G-gomen ne...." He managed to move his arm just a little bit before Sakura reached up with her hand to take his and keep it down.

"No..It's okay... It's a little chilly anyway...." Once again she looked into his eyes and read his expression like only she could. He was nervous, there was no mistaking that much. Slowly she gripped his hand in hers and spoke to him softly. "It's just us"

Slowly the young boy nodded his answer. "Hai....Just us..." The blush came to his face just as he knew it would.

Sakura only smiled at the result of her boldness. It had turned out a lot better than she thought it would. Truth be told, she was expecting him to pull away and not understand what she meant by being just them. ' Maybe tonight is the night... Maybe now I will be able to tell him. It's been such a great day....I can't think of any other way for it to be any better.....Syaoran, I love you so much... Please....don't break my heart.'

"Ne....wanna try out this stuff?" He asked, pulling up the bottle of champagne and two glass cups with stems. "I've always wanted to see what it tasted like...."

A nod. "Hai....Me too, actually." She giggled and accepted a glass while he popped the cork out of it and let it fiz.


"Ne...isn't it beautiful?" The female Card captor slowly ask as they watched the sun sink into the waters. It was already getting dark. The sky was a dark purple with shades of pink and red mixing in where they could. The bottle lay next to them, completely empty now. Syaoran held up the last drink of his glass and looked to Sakura.

"You are the only beautiful thing I see around here, Sakura..."

The girl giggled to herself at his flirtatiousness. She lightly tapped his glass with hers and spoke between a cross of a giggle and a sexy look. "To us then."

A nod. "To us..."

Both drank down the last of the drink and let the cups fall and roll off onto the ground below them, each now wrapped up in the champagne induced kissing.


The couple each came back to their senses a while later. The touching stopped, the deepness of the kiss shrank back, and soon it stopped all together. Sakura breathed heavily from her place on top of him and Syaoran looked up at her, breathing just as hard. A bright blush slowly found its way over to them, but neither moved, nor released the hold on the other. When they could think further, they realized that each had lost some clothing.

"G-gomen ne..." Sakura stammered, feeling her blush grow brighter than before. "I.I...."

Syaoran's face was confused at first, then cleared into an emotion of something else. Slowly he pulled her down and hugged her to his body. "Sakura...I don't know if it was the champagne that did all that....but I want you to know...... I enjoyed it..." Subconsciously he closed his eyes. "Slap me if you want too, I'll understand..."

A pause.

Then a giggle.

Syaoran opened his eyes, only to be met with Sakura's closed eyes and a kiss on his lips. It ended quickly and she then spoke to him. "Silly. I enjoyed it too....I guess I just needed a little push to get me going..."

This time Syaoran chuckled. "God....I guess Eriol planned all this out." He gave her a knowing look. "And Tomoyo is probably recording all of this, you know."

"I don't care." Sakura replied, bending in for another kiss. "On one condition..."

"Name it..." He could taste her breath on his lips as she spoke.

"Make me your girlfriend."

And he did.