Title: Rags to Riches!

Chapter 1: Prologue

Rating: Pg - 13

Ages: Sesshomaru and Miroku (20) Kagome and Sango (18)

Genre: Romance/ Humor

Words: 3513

Pages: 8

Summary: So there are these two guys. Miroku and Sesshomaru, who are rich and live in a mansion. Then there are these two girls. Sango and Kagome, who are really poor. What happens when these two meet? SessKag MirSan

Warning: The story is boring till chapter two, trust me! Give it a chance I promise you it gets better!

"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire."

Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC)

It was just an ordinary day like any other day. The sun was bright like a new light bulb fresh from the box and there was not a single cloud in the sky. Invisible fog covered the city just over the many heads, because people that were used to living here never noticed it or eventually got used to it. Tokyo streets were busy just like everyday. Just like every week, every month, every year. There wasn't a single leaf on the ground or a single flower bud floating in the air. The trashcans seemed to exist only when people needed them and disappeared right after. No one seemed to liter and vending machines hung everywhere, on every street, every corner when many people bought things to accommodate them.

People walked around street to street corner to corner going wherever it was needed them to be at the moment. Not a single block lay untouched. The bikes buzzed by while the shop owners' rung their bell signaling that the store had opened after a long nights' rest. Many people rushed in to get whatever they needed while some lingered to see what it had to offer. Children ran around playing tag, laughing, while others socialized with their peers. Some people talked on their cells phones. The tourist took pictures which each other to remember this experience of being in Tokyo.

The real question was what made Tokyo different then any other place? It was just a place, so why was it so important? Many people would just shrug their shoulders saying that they didn't know. That this was just another place they're grown to know. If they gave you that answer they were wrong. This is where Kagome Higurashi and Sango Taiji went to school. It was Shikon High, a High school not too far from where they lived, which made it possible for them to just walk there.

Some of the students and friends they knew biked. Other's had a ride from their parents, sibling, etc… Some of their friends owned a car and rode to school, getting there just on time. Overall there were many ways to get to school, but Sango and Kagome preferred to walk. Walking gave them exercise, which in the end gave them the long, lean legs they have, that many adored. It also gave them more time to talk because once they made it school they would split up. One would go to math, while the other would go to social studies.

Kagome and Sango are best friends. Best friends would be the understatement of the year in fact. They were best friends forever. Since the day they met they felt as if there was a sisterly connection between them and quickly became friends. They were stuck together like glue. Nothing in the world could ever bring them apart. They are so close that they considered each other sisters. From when they were born and hopefully till they died. Their parents are also best friends like them until today…

Kagome and Sango walked off of the school grounds casually. It wasn't like they were in trouble and were hiding or something from someone, no they were just walking! Kagome wore a pair of dark blue jeans, which faded at her thigh to a light blue and a while. For a shirt Kagome wore a white spaghetti strap shirt, which had a blood red rose in the front and two leaves with thorns on the stem. It showed off her perfect hourglass figure to everyone, but unintentionally.

Sango on the other hand wore tight black Capri's that reach the ½ way point between her knee and her ankle. It had a four - inch cut near the bottom. Her red tank top had a 3 claw slash prints on it. "That was so funny. You know Gina thought Mrs. Lisgen was lesbian!" chuckled Kagome walking down the street.

"I know! That teacher is married to a guy I might add and has 3 children!" laughed Sango holding her book closer to her chest.

"Or is she married to a guy?" asked Kagome suspiciously wiggling her eyebrows up and down.

"Oh come off it!" Sango playfully slapped.

Kagome and Sango kept walking till they came to the grey porch steps. They lived in a normal neighborhood. It wasn't as if rapists or muggers were just waiting around the corner for girls with short mini skirts to prance around. Also no kidnappers were there either. It was safe just like most neighborhoods. It wasn't the safest place in the world because no place is that safe. If it was safe then people would move there and then that would make it less safe.

Both Sango and Kagome lived in a normal house. Not a mansion it was just a normal house. It had 4 bedrooms, luckily, and 2 baths. Each house had a backyard with wonderful colorful flowers like the rainbow and a front yard with roses and tulips or different colors. For Kagome there was a sakura tree in the back while Sango's was in the front. To the right there was a garage where a car or bike would be kept. Both families owned a care but never seemed to actually use it. Every house on the block was built the same way so things didn't get complicated. They all had the exact same design.

Sango looked at her best friends house. "You know it still amazes me that 4 people live in that house. I mean how is it still in good condition? It looks practically new!" Sango said loud enough for Kagome to hear.

"Oh come on Sango. Plus we have the house to ourselves since everyone decided to ditch us and go on their "secret" trip to wherever! I mean seriously a "secret" trip? That is so unbelievable." Kagome happily replied facing Sango.

"Oh fine!" Sango huffed as she started to go up the porch stairs.

Slowly they trudged up the stairs. There weren't many but it felt like hundreds. It took a while considering the fact that the two girls just had P.E. where they had to run the mile and they both had to walk home. When they reached the black door Kagome unlocked it and stepped in. After Sango entered it she closed it and locked it for safety measures. It was an automatic reflex that she had come across as she grew up in her house next door.

Sighing Kagome threw her stuff down on the cream colored carpet. She didn't throw them very hard just tossing them off her aching back, which pulsed with pain. She didn't normally do this, but no one was home so she wouldn't get in trouble for doing it this one time. "Come on Sango so what are we going to do today? I am so bored that I can give bored a new definition." moaned Kagome falling backwards onto her couch.

"I don't know how about… well we could always go to the mall. You know the whole shopping spree or something." Sango lazily replied raiding through Kagome's fridge.

"Let's have a food spree! We haven't had one of those in awhile. Plus last time we only ate like at 1 place. Let's go to 2 places this time." Kagome excitedly replied jumping up and down after getting up from the couch.

"Of course Master Kagome. I am lower then you and will obey your every command." Bowed Sango.

"Finally you respect me! Good job knave. Bow down to all my powerfulness again! Show me that you know who is the boss." Kagome replied pointing to the floor again.

"Hey Kagome come on!" Sango laughed from the living room.

The two laughed together and walked towards the door. Suddenly Kagome froze in shock. She remembered that she needed to get her money. "Uh oh, wait Sango let me get my money!" Kagome hollered from the bottom of the stairs already have happened to reach them.

Kagome skipped up the stairs and grabbed her wallet along with her purse and cell phone. She made sure that her room was clean like she left it. Closing her bedroom door she walked down the steps and walked to the front door where Sango was waiting for her. "Okay Sango, let's go!" Kagome cheered slinging the purse over her shoulder, and sticking her cell phone and wallet into her pocket.

The two turned and then walked down the steps and continued to walk the short distance to the mall. Both of them thought over what they wanted to eat. There were so many choices they had to choose from. After arguing for a while they decided to get some ice cream and then later get some Chinese food. Walking through the door their eyes set on an ice cream stand. "Welcome to Swenny's ice – cream how may I help you?" asked the worker at the stand.

"I'd like a strawberry ice – cream scoop in a waffle cone?" asked Kagome nicely.

"I'd like a vanilla in a sugar cone?" asked Sango.

The worker quickly complied. He quickly scooped out the two flavors and placed them on the correct cones. Then he handed Kagome and Sango their ice cream. Both Sango and Kagome took a lick of their ice cream scoop and closed their eyes hiding the color underneath their smooth eyelids. "Hmm that's good ice – cream. Thank you…" faded Kagome.

"Hojo! Would you like anything else today?" the worker replied smiling.

"Oh hi Hojo! Thank you for the ice cream and no thank you." Smiled Kagome as she paid him.

Hojo just smiled at Kagome and nodded. Kagome and Sango walked off together trying to finish the ice cream they had just bought without getting a brain freeze. After finishing their ice cream they went to a Chinese restaurant, like they had decided earlier. "Don't you just love the fortune cookies Sango?" asked Kagome giggling like a little two-year-old girl with a toy.

"No Kagome I love the fortune. Did you know every single one I've gotten has come true?" smirked Sango mentally patting herself on the back.

"Sango you've only gotten a fortune cookie once in your life and it said something like the future will being you happiness!" laughed Kagome bursting Sango's ego.

"It has so why argue with the cookie?" Sango stubbornly replied.

Before the conversation could continue the waitress came up. She wore a red kimono like dress that reached knee. Then it had slits up the sides to her thigh. On the red dress were golden colored flowers and vines, which connected together with at least one other flower at one point or another. "Welcome. What can I get for you today?" she asked politely knowing that the girls didn't speak Chinese.

Kagome was the first to answer since she already knew what she was going to get. For some reason she always got the exact same thing, no matter what. It wasn't because she was afraid of change it was more like why take the risk? "I would like some chicken chow mien please."

"Unlike my friend here I want some Spring rolls and seswan chicken." Sango answered putting down her menu.

Giving a nod the lady left picking up the menus while she was at it. "So Kagome any idea where out entire family went? I mean man; they even took Souta and Kohaku. Oh and let's not forget your grandpa! If they took your grand pa it can't be that exciting wherever they went." exclaimed Sango.

"Well I don't know maybe it's a surprise since it's out birthday's tomorrow. It's still shocking how both of our birthday's are on the same day, but sadly we were born at very different times." Kagome answered while thinking.

"I know but whatever!" Sango carelessly replied still waiting for her chicken to arrive.

After a while the same waitress that they had ordered to brought their food to them. Before they even began eating the steaming food that laid before them both girls picked up their cookies. It was only natural as curiosity picked at them. Their minds told them to find out what was inside and they did exactly as they were told. "Okay Sango on three we both open our cookies at the same time. Okay one… two… three!" Kagome counted just as anxious as Sango.

Both of the girls opened up their fortune cookies and gazed at the small slips of papers in their hands. Their eyes skimmed over the paper hungrily quickly gazing side to side. "Hey Kagome you go first."

"Okay um it says every bad luck has good fortune which awaits you." Kagome replied confused by what the fortune had to say.

"I totally didn't get that. Well I'll read mine, it says soon your misfortune will guide you to love." Sango read after Kagome.

"That was also weird, I mean how can bad luck give you love? Or like mine, that all bad luck has some good luck in it!" Kagome replied weirded out.

"Whatever! So how's your food Kagome because mine's really good!" Sango happily asked.

"Oh my gosh Sango it's so… so… good it tastes just like chicken chow mien." Kagome replied chomping down on her noodles.

"Kagome that's what you ordered!" Sango replied sweat dropping.

"Oh yeah!" Kagome answered as realization hit her.

After finishing up both paid and headed outside. The stars had yet to come out but it wasn't as they would either. Tokyo's fog made it impossible to see the beauty of the stars or the moon. Sometimes on a clear night the small specks could be seen making a small glow for people to see at night. "Sango I don't know about you but I'm pretty much ready to go home." sighed Kagome.

"Yeah come on!" motioned Sango getting up.

Both Kagome and Sango walked out of the mall doors after paying for their food. They trudged back to the house talking along the way and enjoying the sky even though there wasn't much to see. When they did reach home both girls tiredly slipped in. Glancing at the clock Kagome yawned as a reflex. It was already 10:00 at night and she had no idea they were at the mall that long considering the fact that they had only gotten two things to eat!

Before anything could happen the phone rang and Kagome was the first to get it. "Hello? Higurashi residents."

"Hello Miss. Higurashi this is the Tokyo hospital. I am sorry to inform you but your family was in a recent car accident with another family. The other family they were with are the Taiji's. Please come down to the hospital immediately if possible."

Kagome gasped. She looked around for Sango. "Sango hurry our families are in the hospital!"

She could hear Sango rushing around. This wasn't how the planned to end the day but it was these surprises that made it worth living for and sometimes not. Within a few minutes Sango was ready to go with her jacket and wallet. Both Kagome and Sango ran out of the house making sure it was locked not wanting any burglars to come and steal the many possessions in the house. They called a cab and made it rush them over to the hospital immediately yet not breaking the law at the same time.

When they reached the Tokyo Hospital Kagome quickly paid for the cab ride and ran inside. Nothing mattered right now. The only thing on her mind along with Sango's was the fact that their families were in the hospital and they didn't know why. Rushing over to the desk Kagome panted. "Higurashi and Taiji please."

The nurse looked up and typed some information into the computer. When she did find whatever she was looking for she looked up once again. "Oh they're on the 5th floor rooms 510 and 512."

Kagome nodded and ran. Sango soon followed behind as they rushed to get the elevator. Both ran into the elevator, which took them to the 5th floor. When they came to the doors the doctors were outside talking to the nurses quietly whispering amongst themselves. "Doctor how is my family?" Kagome frantically asked.

"Are you Miss. Higurashi?" The doctor calmly asked not wanting to have any turmoil this late.

"Yes and this is Sango Taiji." Kagome answered nodding.

"Well Miss. Higurashi and Miss. Taiji your families were in an accident with a drunk driver. I wish I could say that they were going to be perfectly fine, but I can't. It seems that since the car was completely totaled, they were badly injured. Sadly all I can tell you is that they don't have that much longer to live." The doctor replied once again.

"Wait, what?" asked Kagome taking a double take.

"Yea, what do you mean they don't have much longer to live?" Sango angrily asked.

"Well their skulls were fractured mostly near the frontal. Also the sides of their brain where the memories are stored were bruised. So we had to perform some surgery on the injured parts. Then just other injuries all over their bodies badly bruised them up and such. Maybe if you talked to them they might get better, but I can't promise you anything because even if they do recover completely there might be a small chance that they might never remember you or feel the same way towards you." The doctor sadly nodded.

"Can we go see them now?" Kagome pleaded with tears in her eyes.

"Yea, I mean I want to spend as much time with my little brother, Kohaku, since you won't do anything about it." Sango quietly whispered yet angry at the same time that the doctor couldn't do anything to help her family in any way.

Sango stormed off into the room. Kagome looked over. "Are you sure there is nothing you can do?" She asked once again.

"I'm sorry." The doctor replied.

Kagome sighed. She held back the tears, which threatened to spill. She walked into the room to see her family all hooked up to machines. It was all-quiet except for the beeping of her heart monitor and the movement on the beds by her family causing the spring in the mattress to bend and make a squeaking sound. She walked up to her mother and put her hand on her mothers now pale and weak one. "I'm sorry mama."

"Kagome?" Mrs. Higurashi moaned.

"Mama? Are you okay mama?" Kagome quickly asked.

"I don't know. I guess you found out I don't have much time left." She sadly smiled at her daughter.

"No mama you're going to get better!" Kagome urged.

"Please take care of yourself." Mrs. Higurashi replied as her eyes slipped shut.

The heart monitor stop beating and a single long beep came out. Doctors rushed into the room pushing Kagome out of the way. She was pushed out of the way and out into the hallway. Sango soon came out with tear tracks on her face. Both girls looked at each other.

"Kagome… they… died…" Sango cried.

Kagome walked up and engulfed Sango into a hug. "We'll get through this Sango." She whispered into her best friends ear while trying to contain her own tears.

One of them had to be brave. Both sat down and waited to see if the doctors could save their families for just a little while longer. Time slowly ticked by second by second yet no doctor seemed to come out. An hour later the doctor and nurse came out. Kagome and Sango got up and looked at the doctor with hopeful eyes.

No words were spoken as the two girls learned that their families were gone. Tears fell down Kagome and Sango's eyes. They were alone in the world. They only had each other and no one else.

A few days later Kagome and Sango stood in front of the coffins that contained their families. In total there were five. Kagome looked up at the people that came to the funeral. A while later people started to depart after paying their wishes.

Sango and Kagome walked away. Both looked back at the tombstone thinking along the same lines. Mom, grandpa, brother, while Sango's read Kohaku, and father… Both ended with the same phrase… we love you.

To Be Continued…