Chapter 1

Rachel Callaway and Marie Williams were walking back stage at the latest Monday Night Raw event. They'd been best friends since their fathers worked in the same company...They lived in the same state though different cities...and who would of thought they'd both grow up to be WWE Divas...

They were two of the best female wrestlers, obviously having been trained by two of the best wrestlers in the company...Their fathers...Mark Callaway (Undertaker) and Steve William (Stone Sold Steve Austin).

Rachel 25, was 5'11" 130 lbs with emerald green eyes that matched her fathers, plus the long bright hibiscus red hair to the middle of her back.

Marie 24, was 5'9" 125lbs with deep blue eyes like that of her father and chestnut waist length hair.

Rachel and Marie were cracking up laughing...when Marie's cell phone started ringing...She looked at the caller id and flipped the phone open and said, "Hi daddy!" in her soft southern accent. Steve chuckled at his oldest daughter and said, "24 and you still call me daddy..."

Marie straightened her face and said, "Okay what can I do for you father?" Steve laughed again and said, "If you ever call me father again in that snotty hoity toity voice, I'll ground you until your 30...or until you get married." Marie couldn't help but laugh herself into a wall as she leaned against it as Rachel watched her friend.

Steve said, "Well honey, I've been talking to Vince and he has a project for you and Rachel. He's going to throw you two into an injury script with a few other wrestlers from Smackdown and Raw...He wants you guys to venture up to OVW in Louisville, and train some men and women coming there...they are really needing a women's point of view and plus get the males also. Do you think you'd be up to the task?"

Marie said, "Aye, aye Captain." Steve rubbed his temple and said, "You're gonna get it girl." Marie couldn't help but bust out laughing and said, "Yes Dad, we'd love to...When do we need to be there?" Steve said, "Wednesday, cause you'll be arriving with the Smackdown crew." Marie smiled and said, "Okay dad...I love you and I'll call you sometime over the weekend to let you know how it went." Steve chuckled and said, "I love you too baby girl." They hung up.

Marie explained to Rachel what was going on and Rachel was excited to get some half time off...They'd both been a little jet lagged...and it would give Rachel time to stare at Mark Jindrak the beef cake hunk that'd recently been placed on Smackdown from Raw. Marie smirked when she saw the gleam in her best friend's eyes...Rachel always had a thing for Mark Jindrak...But never had the courage to tell him anything.

This new project was just what she needed to get her mind off of her cheating Ex-boyfriend, whom she still had to see nearly everyday...Who ever said dating a wrestler is overrated...they weren't lying...She still hadn't told her dad yet that she and Randy Orton had broken up yet...because he couldn't be happy with one woman...he had to have 4...naturally it was the 4 she walked in on him with they sealed the deal of her kicking him to the curb...but it still hurt like hell to have to work with him in a 'love' storyline.

The project would be interesting when she got to see who all was going to be involved in the training part too...

Lord help this soon to be mess.