Chapter 15

John crossed his arms over his chest and stood there listening...

He watched as tears filled Marie's eyes as she said, "When I woke up and asked everyone where you were, Dad told me where you were, then Rachel told me the REAL story...Out of everyone I share my life with there was no one more that I wanted to be there with me then you...John I love you, Out of all the creeps I've dated in my life, you're the first I ever fell in love with...Every day that you're not in my life, I hate myself...5 months of hate is too much for me to take anymore...I don't know how you feel and right now I can't imagine...And I don't want too."

Marie blinked and tears slid down her cheeks, she pushed her hands in her front pockets and said, "I've been thinking of quitting wrestling, I don't know, maybe I'll go back to college and do something eventful with my life...All I know is, I can't be this close to you and not have you in my life...It sucks to love someone who just doesn't love you back...and I refuse to watch you move on with your life with some one else. I don't know, obviously it was a mistake for me to come here, but I had to tell you...I had to get it all out, before I walked away for good..."

Marie turned on her heels and walked out and went back to her room.

John just stood there in awe...he couldn't think...he couldn't speak. He watched as she walked out of his life...but why the fuck wasn't he stopping her...It would have been so easy to run after her, so easy to just get her to stay...

But why didn't he...were they really too far gone to save their once great relationship...That couldn't be the reason...John knew that wasn't the reason, hell he wanted to kiss her lips off and hold her when she started crying, but something inside of him wouldn't let him do it.

A week later, John saw Marie walking in the hallway of the arena they were at for Smackdown that night, saw her saying good-bye to Rachel, she'd been serious...she really was leaving. John watched as two guys in black suits walked up to Marie and John moved closer so he could hear what they were saying.

Marie looked up at the two men and one said, "Are you Marie Williams?" Marie said, "Who wants to know?" The guy said, "Ma'am, I'm Agent Simms, and this is Agent Smith, we work for the FBI, you're father had contacted us about your shooting...we did some checking on the gun that was left at the scene and we found out it wasn't a fan who made an attempt on your life...We actually found out a woman had hired the man as a hit man to take you out of commission for good...but the name...We were looking into your past and we don't see anyone with this we wanted to run it by you before trying to track his lady down."

Marie was standing next to Rachel when she said, "What's the name?" Agent Simms said, "Well, Do you know anyone by the name of Camille Castles?"

All the color drained out of Marie's face as Rachel stood there in complete shock...Marie looked up at the Agents with tears in her eyes and said, "Please tell me it's a can't be true...You have to check's wrong the information is wrong."

Agent Simms said, "No we double checked we checked the bank records and a money transfer for $25,000 to the man who shot you was deposited in his bank account from Camille Castles account a week before it happened...So you recognize the name?"

Marie said, "I should recognize the name." Tears slid down Marie's cheeks as she handed her cell phone to Rachel and said, "Call my dad." Rachel nodded as she walked a few steps away to call Steve. Agent Smith said, "Ms. Williams if you know who the woman is, then you know how to find her...Who is she?"

Marie said, "She's my mother." Everything went black.

The End...Ready For The Sequel?