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Kohaku's POV

I stare out of the car window as the rain softly beats upon it. I place my headphones on, it would be the last time I used them for a while. Turning it up as far as it would let me, I turned to my favorite song and slightly shook my head to the beat.

At the stop of a red light my sister, Sango took my headphones off and turned the volume down. "You'll go death if you don't keep it at a certain level."

I glared at her for turning down the music, I was mad at her for several reasons. She was sending me away to a Hospital for some therapy thing, I never did pay attention to what she was saying about it. All I remember her saying was something about me having a therapist and that I would be able to see her every Saturday...something like that.

"I called the doctor last night, he said your consular will be a girl, so be more polite to her." Sango said in her usual controlling tone.

I rolled my eyes and placed my headphones back on and turned the music up, making sure the music was at a decent level for her, I went back to nodding my head to the beat, occasionally looking at the wet damp streets, and people who walked on them.

An hour slipped by and we still weren't at the Hospital. "Are you lost?." I ask, getting tired of having my ass on this chair.

"No, it's an out of town Hospital, I told you that. It'll be another thirty minutes." She snapped.

"Whatever.." I placed in a new CD and close my eyes, tilting my head back so I'd be able to get my last couple of minutes of peaceful sleep.

Thirty minutes later, I felt Sango waking me up.

"Kohaku, we're here."

I slowly opened my eyes, in front of me was a large white three-story building which bare the words "Tokyo Hospital for Troubled Teens" across the entrance. I'm not "troubled" I don't even know why she was sending me here in the first place. It's a mother's job to worry if her son is harming himself, not the older sisters.

Reluctantly, she walked me up to the entrance. "You know...if you weren't harming yourself, you wouldn't be here...I'm so sorry it had to come to this." She sighed softly. "I'll come by with Miroku next weekend to see your progression." Sango bent over slightly and wrapped her arms around me. "I'm going to miss you Kohaku...good-bye."

As Sango left me in the entrance, a tall Nurse dressed in plain white, carrying a clipboard came to my side.

"I'm Miss, Taka. I'll be your Nurse while you're here Mr..." she glanced at the clipboard, "Anberu. Come with me please. I'll address you to your room and consular."

Miss. Taka grabbed my hand and guided me through the Hospital. In the hallways were several teenagers, all with the same dead look on their face. At the end of the long hallway was a door that looked no different from all the others. When she opened it there were two Doctors and a girl with long black hair.

"Mr. Oroshi, Mr. Takai, and Miss Sakaru, this is Kohaku Anberu, you're newest patient." Miss Taka said formally.

The two Doctors took a quick look at me and then continued back to their conversation, pointing at papers and writing down notes. The woman, Miss Sakaru, stood up and faced me. She seemed to be no older then seventeen, with bright brown eyes, a flashy smile and a curvy figure.

"Hello." She said, sticking out her hand. "I am Miss Sakaru. Your consular, if you feel uncomfortable calling me Miss Sakaru, call me Rin."

I took her small hand in mine. "Okay...Rin."

Rin pulled out a seat for me and alerted the Doctors that I was "ready." The Doctors sat down and began explaining things to me. What pills I would be taking, what was and was not allowed here, my schedule, what my meals would be for the next week and the daily group activities. Finally, after about an hour, they handed a set of white clothing to Rin.

"Alright Miss Sakaru, he's all yours."

She took the clothing and bowed. "Thank you Mr. Oroshi." She turned her head and smiled. "Come along Kohaku. I'll show you to your room."

I sighed and followed her. We went up a set of stairs and then to the end of the hallway.

"Room 220." She said brightly. "Here you go."

Inside was white. The walls, the utilities, the bed sheets...everything was white.

"It's white..." I said in disapproval.

"Most of the hospital is. Very few rooms are actually depends on what you call color..." She handed me the white clothing. "I'll give you time to change. Though I'm not scheduled to work with you today, I thought I'd take the time to get to know you better."

I quickly removed my clothing and placed the new ones on. It was highly uncomfortable and itched my skin every now and then.

Shortly, Rin returned to the room. "Kohaku? Are you changed yet?."

"Yes." I replied, sitting down on the lumpy bed.

She smiled as she walked into the room. "Mind if I sit next to you while we talk?."

I shrugged. "If you want."

She smiled once more and sat down next to me. "So, let's start." She paused for a minute, trying to think of something to say. "I know! Do you have any pets?"

I nodded. "Yeah, a cat named Kilala...she's more my sisters though."

"A cat? How adorable! I'd love to get a cat but my Dad is allergic to them. What about your parents? I told that it was your sister that dropped you off, I thought it would be your parents unless they were to busy at work."

"My parents are dead." I said stiffly. I didn't like talking about them at all, not even with Sango. "I live with my sister and her fiancé."

Her cheerful expression left.

"Oh, I am so you mind if I ask how and why? It'll help me while I counsel you." She placed her right hand on mine.

"My mom died while giving birth to me, and my dad..." I wasn't going to tell her how he died. She really doesn't need to know. I'll be out of here in no time and I don't want her to know much about my personal life. Thankfully, she understood.

"That's alright, you don't have to say. Most patients of mine don't feel comfortable telling me." She was back to her cheerful self. "So you said your sister has a fiancé? When is the wedding?"

"Middle of October, shortly after I start school again."

She then became giggly. "How sweet," was all she could say.

I stared at her for a minute, watching her giggle about Sango's wedding before I gave a weak cough, letting her know that I was here and wanted her to shut up.

"Oh! Right, I'm sorry." She thought for more questions. "What do you do for fun? What's a regular day for you?"

"Nothing really...since it's Summer I have a lot of time to myself. I now just lay on my bed listening to music until Sango calls me for dinner. I then eat with them and once I'm done, go back up to the bedroom and listen to music some more until ten or midnight. Then when I know that Sango and Miroku are finally asleep, I come downstairs and watch a bit of tv, go on the computer...things like that."

A few more questions went by before Rin finally stood up. "Well that's all the time I really have to talk to you. I'm sorry it can't be longer."

"No problem." I said, thankful she was finally going.

"We'll have our first visit..." she mumbled to herself trying to remember, "Monday! Good-bye Kohaku." She grabbed my "regular" clothing and walked out the door with her cheerful smile and waves.

I laid down on the bed once she was gone and let out a heavy sigh.

Why would Sango place me in the hospital anyway? I've only done it a few times. If she just left me alone and wasn't always bothering me I'd be able to live a 'normal' life. Besides, it's not like she hasn't done it either. I know what things she does when Miroku leaves for his business trips.

The bed was hardly even comfortable to sit on and now laying on it made it worse.

There must be some way to get out of here early...

Rin's POV

After my session with Kohaku finished it began to pour. The rain was beating heavily on the building, cars, and road. I grabbed my umbrella out from one of my inside jacket pockets and opened it, placing it over my head as I searched for my mom.

Soon enough, my moms car pulled into the parking lot. She honked the horn a couple of times, letting me that she was waiting.

"So how was work today?." My mom asked in her usual cheerful voice.

"Good, there's a new patient today. His name is Kohaku Anberu. He's around my age, maybe older." I set my soaking umbrella on the car floor.

Mom raised an eyebrow. "Is he cute?."

I turn a light pink and stare out of the window. "I-I..wouldn't know, I'm focusing more on my job, not how cute my patient is!."

She gave a small laugh. "So, what is he in for?."

"He cuts himself..."

"Another?" Mom replied in disbelief. "He's the fourth one that's been admitted this month."

"His mother died during his birth, and his father was killed for some reason he didn't say. He now lives with his older sister and her boyfriend...He says that it just gives him relief." I stopped talking and placed my hands closer to the car heaters.

Mom and I didn't talk much after that. She had turned on the radio and we sang a few of the songs that played on it together. Laughing every time one of us messed up on a line or word. She then took me out for American. It was something we did every other Saturday to just talk about what had been going on in our lives lately. Since it was Summer time and I always told her about work when I finished my shift it was normally gossip and updates in the lives of Celebrities, "glamour world" as we called it was what we normally talked about.

When we finished our food it was another hour before we were home. The streets were busy as usual and it was dead into rush-hour. By the time we were home it was near seven at night.

"I'm not going to bother with supper," mom called to me as I headed up for my room, "so if you get hungry again just snack on whatever you can find."

I wasn't hungry. American food always filled me up so fast.

After quickly dropping off my purse and books that I read while I waited for patient, I headed to the computer room. I knew no one would be online. It was either too early or too late. My friends either slept all day and weren't on until Midnight or stayed up all night and wouldn't get off until noon.

I decided to write in my online journal. In my opinion it wasn't as private. If they wanted to, my parents could easily go in and read it, but thankfully they respected that. It wasn't like my journal entries were personal. Most of them held information and my patient and their progress. Rarely I'd talk about my secrets and life. Why would I write it down? It's not like anyone would want to read it.

August 1st, 2005.

A new patient came in today; Kohaku Anberu.

Name: Anberu Kohaku

Age: Sixteen

Hair/Eye color: Brown

Kohaku is more of a 'loner' type boy'. He's not very talkative and it seems that he tries to avoid anyone out of his comfort zone. He seems to have a highly bad attitude and if he wasn't always locked up in his room, I'd say he'd make terrible crimes. He's highly negative and isn't all that friendly.

Like many of the people I counsel, Kohaku commits self-injury to his body. I've seen a few scars on his wrists from where the older cuts have been made. Since no new ones seemed to appear, I believe his sister made sure all the things that can be used as a knife were hidden from him. From what I've seen, his health seems perfectly fine. The doctors gave me notes explaining part of Kohaku's life before his Fathers death. For some reason of belief, I think that it is his death that maybe caused Kohaku to become this way. It is just a theory, I have yet to figure out why he does it.

I finished up the entry about Kohaku and checked my messenger. No one was online still. I wasn't going to wait for the next several hours so I signed off. It was only a quarter after eight by now. I shrugged and walked into the living room to finish watching the movie she was watching with her.

Author's notes - Hm, still to my disapproval, but it's better then the original version.

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