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Wish Gone Wrong

Kazuma chuckled at the orange haired teen storming out of his dojo, still wearing his training uniform. 'Honestly, that boy gets to worked up.' He seemed to shrug off all of the threats spewing out of Kyo's mouth as he continued to storm off. 'He better come back tomorrow if he wishes to win this tournament…which now I am sure he does!' He chuckled even more when he remembered why his 'son' was so upset.


Kazuma wondered into the training room with a bottle of water for Kyo.

"You need to stop working yourself so hard! Take a break." Kyo snatched the bottle of water out of his hands and put on his boyish grin he always got when he was around Kazuma.

"I can't help it Master! I am so pumped up and ready to cream this guy!" He took a long gulp of water which gave Kazuma time to pursue the topic.

"I understand that you want to make a good impression on your school, since the tournament is being held there, but I get the feeling there is someone in particular that you are trying to impress. Maybe perhaps…Tohru Honda." Water spewed out of Kyo's mouth and drenched the front of his training uniform.

"What the hell are you talking about! I don't like her," he snapped quickly. When he realized how unconvincing he sounded, he started to kick the punching bag. Kazuma came over to hold it steady for him and continued to make Kyo uncomfortable with his accusations.

"It's perfectly normal to feel this way, Kyo. After all, she has accepted you! But I think that she will like you whether or not you win." Kyo sent a hard punch into the bag, which Kazuma was jostled by.

"Ok, I probably deserved that. I suggest you don't think about her when you fight on Wednesday or you might just murder the poor guy."

"WOULD YOU STOP SUGGESTING THAT I LIKE HER!" Kyo fumed and his master just continued to chuckle.

"You have been spending to much time with that damn dog!" He continued to scream as he gathered his bag and stormed out of the house.

End Flashback

"When will that boy ever learn to handle his emotions?" Kazuma said more to himself than anyone else.


Tohru waited patiently at the table for Kyo to come home. She hadn't eaten supper yet because she had figured that Kyo would like the company, whenever he came home. She looked up hopefully when she heard the front door slam and she hurried into the hall. Tohru saw a blurry form of orange rush past her and run up the stairs. He was halfway up when her timid voice stopped him.

"Um Kyo? I made you dinner. I was hoping we could eat together." He stopped so suddenly when he heard her voice that he tripped and fell on one of the stairs in front of him. Dusting himself off he yelled at her.

"LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" Tohru winced when she heard the window-rattling slam of a door.


'I've really done it now…' Kyo slammed his fist on the desk in his room, but immediately regretted it when it gave a throb. 'Why can't I say anything right when it comes to her?' He cursed Kazuma for making his predicament seem so obvious. 'Maybe if I show her that I can fight, then she'll forgive me.' He dropped onto his bed and sleep overtook his exhausted body.


Tohru's head popped over the edge of the roof as she looked for the angry cat. She sat down with a sigh when she realized that he must have been too upset with her to even go to the roof. 'Why can't I say anything right when it comes to him?' She silently blamed herself for all of the unhappiness the cat had. Tohru continued to gaze at the stars, for what felt like hours until she shot up excitedly.

"A shooting star!" She clapped her hands together and went through her options for what to wish for, but her mind always went back to Kyo.

'I wish I knew how I could help him…That's it! If I could know how he thinks, then I could understand him more and then he wouldn't get so angry with me.' She closed her eyes and silently wished. 'I wish I could see the world through Kyo's eyes.'

But she had no idea what kind of trouble and embarrassing situations that one little wish could make…


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