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Title: Poet
Author: Fuji S. Yuki
Rating: PG
Pairing: HijiSouji
August 31: Tell me, beloved rarity / tell me, rare love / where are you now?
For 31days

"Tell me, beloved rarity." A deep masculine voice came across the room, a muffled laugh joined immediately with an annoyed huff. "Now what is it Souji?"

"Hijikata-san is so funny."

A glare was an answer to the younger boys' giggles.

"Here I am trying to write some poetry and you are interrupting me, unless you want to go to your own room?"

"Alright I'll be good." Souji answer in a singsong way that grinded at the older man's nerves.

"Now where was I?"

"Something that isn't a haiku," a pillow was immediately stuffed into the tensai swordsman's face.

A growled was another answer in the darken room, "no one asked you!"

"Mou you're so slow Hijikata-san." Souji pouted in boredom even though he felt it was highly entertaining to make Toshizou go wild.

"If you can do it better then do so."

A serious look appear over the violet haired boy, "Tell me, beloved rarity, tell me, rare love, where are you now?"

Slowly crickets chirped in the silences then a sudden crash echoed through the room.

The next morning the occupants arouse to go through their daily ritual. However, to their immense surprise outside of the housing was a very large hole in the wall and a futon with arrangement of pillows were tossed out in the open courtyard.

It can be said that rumors of ghosts and other pranksters' spirits roam the night and that no one should venture outside without a guide of a talisman.