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The young woman sat on the edge of the balcony looking out into the endless sea of stars. Her hair was a long and thick fiery red that was flowing behind her against the wind. Her skin was a golden brown with an orange tint and her eyes were a piercing shade of jade. Her eyes were her soul. They would always betray her emotions no matter how hard she tried to hide them. She continued to gaze at the stars when she heard a knock on her bedroom door, she sighed and slowly walked into her bedroom.

"Princess Starfire, May I speak with you?" A deep, gruff voice said.

"You may enter." She replied, trying to sound content.

The door opened and a huge, burly man entered the room. He had long red hair with a matching beard and a scar over his left eye. It was Galfore. He smiled and looked at the young woman sadly.

"My darling Starfire what is troubling you?" Galfore spoke softly.

"I do not know. I suppose I am not sure I am ready to return." Starfire answered honestly.

"Do you not wish to return to Earth? Do you not wish to see your friends? Your sister?" He asked earnestly.

"No. I am ready. I suppose I am just anxious and perhaps a little exhausted.. I think I shall go to sleep now." She said with her eyes downward.

Starfire turned and gave Galfore a tremendous hug. He held her tightly and then he kissed her forhead.

"Goodnight my Starfire."

"Goodnight Galfore."

The door closed and Starfire went to her closet. She pulled out some sleep garments and changed her clothes. She layed on the bed and thought about everything that has happened. She has been gone from Earth for almost two years. She left right before her 17th birthday, and now she would return right before her 19th birthday. She had to complete some training on Tamaran. Control her powers better, and also learn other combating techniques. It was Tamaran law and because she was royalty she had to return. Unfortunately, that was not the real reason she left. Tears came to her eyes and, sighing, she replayed those last few days in her head.

It all started when Blackfire arrived...


A week before Blackfire's arrival, Star had decided to confess her feelings to Robin. She had realized that she loved him and was just waiting for the right time to let him know. Starfire knew that he was the one for no other man ever made her feel the way that he did and she suspected that no other man could. Tonight she was going to tell him exactly how she felt and hopefully he would feel the same.

"Robin, may I speak with you?" Starfire said excitedly.

"Of course, Star." Robin smiled at her and sat down on the sofa. He ran a hand through his dark hair and then adjusted his mask. Starfire watched him for a moment. She took him in. His arms were strong, as was his body. She could see the outline of his abs through his uniform. He smelled wonderful and she could not believe that in a few short moments he would know exactly how she felt about him.

"Well, I was wondering.." Starfire began, but was interrupted when the doorbell rang. As no one bothered to get up, Starfire got up and walked to the door. She figured she could finish her discussion with Robin later.

She opened it and met beautiful violet eyes. Violet eyes she was not expecting to see ever again.

"Sister Dear!" The woman exclaimed and wrapped her arms around Starfire tightly.

"Blackfire.. this is a most joyous surprise." Starfire managed to say trying not to sound so shocked. Starfire knew that Blackfire usually only came around when she was in trouble. Blackfire and Starfire never really got along with eachother. Blackfire was always better at everything. Even when she visited before, all of the titans seemed to like her better than Starfire.

Blackfire pushed her way past Starfire and walked into the Kitchen. Everyone looked up to see her.

"Wow. Blackfire. I wasn't expecting to see you in a long time. How ya doin' little lady?" Cyborg said smiling at her.

"Much better now that I got to see you Cyborg." Cyborg blushed at her response and Blackfire simply smiled.

"Raven you look wonderful. Did you ever read that book I told you about?" Blackfire asked Raven, walking towards her.

"Yes it was very interesting. Thank you for the heads up." Raven said glancing at Blackfire for a moment and then returning to her book.

"Whoa, Dude, Blackfire. Looking good!" Beastboy yelled excitedly.

"You look pretty good yourself there beast boy." Blackfire winked at him.

Beast boy turned a brilliant shade of red and fell out of his chair causing Cyborg to burst out laughing. Blackfire slowly walked out of the kitchen and turned her attention to Robin sitting on the couch in the rec room.

"It seems as though the Boy Wonder has grown into a man." A seductive voice whispered almost right into his ear. He felt chills down his spine and immediately turned around, his face only inches away from Blackfire's face. He gulped.

"Wow Blackfire you look rea..really.. really.. go.. good. ." Robin stuttered while staring at her body.

Blackfire did look good. Infact she looked amazing. She was 2 years older than Starfire, She was infact Robin's age. She had the body of a woman and knew how to show it off. Her long black hair was hanging down around her almost like a curtain and her skirt was short enough to almost get a peek at her panties. Her shirt barely covered anything at all and you could tell she was very "perky."Any guy would be in Heaven.

Starfire sunk back onto a chair. She was happy to see her sister, but she hated being ignored. When Blackfire was around, the world stopped for her. When Starfire was around, it was as if no one noticed. Starfire retreated to her bedroom where she spent the rest of the day. During dinner she was informed that Blackfire was going to be staying with them for awhile, possibly becoming a Teen Titan herself. Starfire stayed pretty quiet during the entire meal noticing that Blackfire and Robin were stealing glances at eachother whenever they could. Starfire once again returned to her room and decided she would talk to Robin later.

A little past midnight Starfire crept from her room, hoping to spend time with Robin. She quietly made her way to his bedroom but before she could knock she heard something.

"mmmmmmmmmmm... that is... mmmm god.." a muffled voice said. It almost sounded like Robin. Starfire had hoped maybe he was watching one of those videos of pornography that beast boy is always talking about. She didn't want to think he was doing something else. But then she heard a giggle.Not just any giggle...

Blackfire's giggle.

'What is Blackfire doing in Robin's room?'

Starfire slid open robin's door and peeked in. To her horror, Robin was on the bed with Blackfire on top of him. They both were naked and Robin was kissing Blackfire's neck as he gently played with one of her nipples. Their bodies were sweaty and they both had expressions of pure bliss. They hadn't noticed the slide door open, they didn't even notice Starfire standing there. Starfire tilted her head to the side and silently watched. Tears slowly began to fill her eyes, but she blinked them away. She didn't want to cry in his room and she definately did not want to give them the satisfaction.

When it seemed as though their passion was reaching a climax, Starfire could not take anymore.

"I loved you.." Starfire spoke barely above a whisper.

Robin and Blackfire both turned their heads. Their faces dropped immediately when they saw her. Starfire quietly turned around and left the room. She walked to her bedroom, shut the door, and locked it. She immediately began packing her things. She knew she was needed to return to Tamaran anyways, she had to begin her training. Then she realized that is why Blackfire returned. She had completed her training and now it was Starfire's turn. Starfire wrote a note to her friends about why she would be departing. She did not mention the incident in Robin's room and left them to believe she was leaving entirely for the training for royalty and combat skills.

After she completed packing, she sat on her bed and waited. Starfire was expecting Robin or Blackfire to come and talk to her, but neither of them came. This was not unusual for Blackfire, but Robin always came to see if she was alright. In that moment she realized she meant nothing to him...

..End Flashback..

Starfire replayed the image of them together over and over again in her mind. She was disgusted. She was depressed. She was angry, but above all else... she was heartbroken. Starfire got off of the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. She had grown up in the past two years. She had matured into a woman, a real woman. She removed her sleeping attire and studied her body, her curves, her skin. She smiled at herself. It was a brilliant smile, one she hadn't see in a long time.

Starfire raced to her closet and pulled out her old uniform. She put it on and noticed that it had become smaller. Although it fit her, it barely covered anything. Starfire had grown. Her legs were longer, her chest was larger, her hips were wider. Starfire once again looked at herself in the mirror and realized she had never looked more amazing.

'I shall find someone to love me..' Starfire thought to herself and then frowned. 'But all I want is him...' Starfire took one last look at her room and then left to make her long journey home to Earth.