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Chapter 10 - Simply Meant to Be


The Titans had returned home to the tower, except Aqualad who chose to stay at Blackfire's side. They were relieved to be home and also thankful to still have Robin as their fearless leader. Things slowly seemed to be returning to normal: Beastboy and Cyborg went back to arguing over breakfast and playing video games, Raven went back to ignoring almost everyone and losing herself in one of her many books, Starfire went back to her sweet cheery self and always tried to stop her friends from fighting, and Robin, although he had confessed his feelings for Starfire infront of a hall full of people, went back to being shy and nervous around her.

Robin sat at his desk, absently drawing circles on a piece of paper. 'I want to see her. I need to see her. Since we've been back we haven't really talked about what happened... Does she hate me? No, No don't think that, she could never hate you. She loves you. I just have to find her and make sure she loves me. Yeah.. I'll go find her. But I need a drink first. Yeah I'll just go get some water and then I'll talk to her.'

Robin walked down the dark hallways of the tower slowly entering the kitchen. He filled a glass with water and downed it quickly.

"Hey Rob. What's goin' on?" Cyborg walked in, flipping through a car magazine.

"Nothing. Just thirsty," Robin said casually, "Hey have you seen Star?"

Cyborg looked up from his magazine and grinned, "Your girlfriend? She mentioned something about a bath. Go check her room, lover boy."

Robin glared at him, "She isn't my girlfriend... yet." Robin quickly made his way out of the kitchen before Cyborg could commence teasing him.


Robin knocked on Starfire's door. No response. He punched in the over-ride code on the keypad and her door slid open. Immediately he was greeted with the sweet smell of lilacs and vanilla, her smell. 'God she smells so damn good.' He looked down at his body. 'Just the fucking smell of her gets me hard. Shit Robin you need to calm down.' Robin took a few deep breaths and ventured further into her room. Her room was a sea of pinks and purples, everything cordinating, everything perfectly organized. He noticed steam coming out from under her bathroom door, he cautiously walked towards it.

"Starfire... can we talk?" Robin knocked at the door.

"Yes Robin. You may come in." Robin slowly opened the door to reveal the bathing beauty. She was laying back in the enormous tub, her body covered from his eyes with bubbles. Her hair was wet and her bangs were pressed against her forehead. Her eyes sparkled when she saw him and her smile sent shivers down his spine. He didn't know what to say, he had lost all thought. Starfire seemed to do that to him. He walked towards the tub, her smile never fading as he came closer. He pulled off his mask and threw it on the counter. In his eyes, Starfire saw desire and passion. She knew he wanted her and she was not about to stop him.

In one swoop, Robin pulled Starfire from the tub and pressed her soaking body against his. He held her tightly and kissed at her neck, eliciting moans of pleasure from her. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, while he held her by the small of her back. Starfire left little kisses all over his face as he backed out of the bathroom slowly making his way to the bed. Once he reached the bed, he fell backwards onto it and pulled Starfire on top of him. His eyes roamed over her beautiful body, droplets of water glistening down her slender frame. Starfire feverishly pressed her lips against his, only breaking the kiss to pull off his cape and shirt. She let her fingers wander over his taught stomach and chest, and slowly began grinding against him.

Robin groaned and massaged her breasts, gently pinching and tweaking her nipples. Starfire licked along his neck and then down his body. She ran her tongue in soft circles over each of his nipples and then around his belly button. Robin bit his lip and curled her hair around his fingers, gently massaging her scalp. Starfire licked slowly along the rim of his pants and then quickly pulled them, boxers included, off. She stared at his hardness in fascination. She had never seen one before, last time they were in the dark and now the room was barely lit up by her night light. Robin watched her smiling, finding her curiousity incredibly innocent considering what they were doing.

Starfire bent her head and licked at the tip of his throbbing hardness and Robin jerked in response to the sudden wetness of her tongue. Starfire slowly slid her mouth over him and tickled his shaft with the tip of her tongue. Robin could not believe how good she was at doing that even though she had never done it before. Starfire continued to lick and suck at him, while his grip tightened on her hair. 'Fuck she's amazing.' Robin's breathing became short and hurried and he knew that before long he was going to lose control.

Robin quickly pulled Starfire up to him and kissed her eagerly, kissing and sucking on her lips and tongue. She was now laying on him with her center right over his hard cock, and it twitched when it felt the heat emanating from her. He rolled her over so he was on top and slowly slid into her, cherishing every inch of her wetness. Starfire gasped and wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, trying to bring him in deeper. Starfire kissed at his neck and ran her tongue up to his ear, licking at sucking at the lobe. Robin tried to keep his thoughts focused and continued to move in and out of her, speeding up with each thrust. Starfire moaned his name into his ear and bucked her hips against him, letting him know that she was close. Robin ran his fingers down her sides and kissed her neck, loving the smell of liliacs, vanilla, and arousel. She was intoxicating and Robin could feel her tightening around him. That was it, Robin couldn't take anymore. He knew she was so close, her nails dug into his back and she was moaning his name loudly. With one final thrust, their bodies exploded into eachother. Both screamed loudly and clung onto eachother, trying to push their bodies even closer together.

Robin rolled off of her and layed next to her. Their panting was the only noise that filled the room. Neither spoke a word as words are not needed between lovers.. soulmates. Robin turned on his side and pulled Starfire close to him, so her back was against his chest. He kissed the nape of her neck and soon the lovers fell into a peaceful slumber, the only thoughts on their minds were that of eachother.


Eight months had passed and now the Titans find themselves back on Tamaran, waiting outside Blackfire's chambers for the birth of her child. Robin leaned against the wall, checking his watch every few minutes. Cyborg and Bee were sitting on a bench, talking quietly and chuckling. Raven sat on the floor cross legged with Beastboy's head in her lap, and Aqualad was pacing the floor, waiting to find out if he had a son or a daughter. Starfire was in the room with Blackfire, as was customary for Tamaranians.

Starfire burst through the doors quickly, "Friends, This is most glorious! Tamaran has an heir! A beautiful baby boy!"

Everyone jumped up quickly and Aqualad rushed past Starfire and into Blackfire's room. The other Titans slowly began to follow, but Starfire held Robin back.

"What is it Star?" Robin asked seeing the concerned look on Starfire's face.

"Robin, I think you need to keep them separated.."

"Keep who separated?" Robin asked as he slowly started walking in the room. Aqualad was glaring furiously, Cyborg was grinning, Bee was shaking her head, Beastboy was shocked, and Raven showed no emotion except for the occassional eye twitch. Robin slowly walked over to Blackfire who was holding the small baby in her arms. Robin looked at the infant, noticing the black tufts of hair and the sapphire eyes, the baby looked a lot like Blackfire.. except of course, for the green skin.

Robin stumbled backwards for a moment and glanced at Beastboy, then back at Blackfire, then at Aqualad. "Uhhh... What is going on?" Robin asked.

"Well.. It's not that.. I.." Beastboy started.

"We were drunk. It was at Starfire's party. Raven left to get a drink and talk to Bee and Aqualad went to request some music or something. I walked by the bathrooms and saw Beastboy and next thing I know, my skirt is up and we were... yeah. It meant nothing." Blackfire finished for him.

The room fell into complete silence and stayed that way for quite awhile until Aqualad spoke up..

"The child is mine. I will raise him as my own."

And with those words.. it seemed to be settled.


The Titans made it back to the tower quickly, although disturbingly quietly. No one had said anything the whole way home, except for commands and questions relating to the journey. Once they reached the tower everything seemed to be back to normal except for the fact that Raven would not speak to Beastboy.

Robin made his way to the roof and found Starfire, sitting on the edge gazing at the stars. He walked up behind her quietly.

"Can I sit with you?"

Starfire jumped and then smiled up at him, "I did not know you were there, but of course you may sit. You are always welcome by my side." Robin smiled and sat next to her, wrapping his arm around her waist.

"I love you."

Starfire smiled at his words and leaned her head on his shoulder. They stayed in the comfortable silence for a good hour and then Starfire sat up and stared at him.

"You won't do that to me will you?"

Robin looked at her questioningly, "Do what?"

"You will not consume to much of the 'alcohol' and then commense in the 'making of the love' with someone else?"

Robin chuckled at her question. It was cute that she was so concerned. "No Star. I would never do anything to hurt you."

Starfire smiled and once again leaned her head on his shoulder. "Robin," She sighed dreamily, "You are most wonderful. I love you so very much."

Robin smiled and pulled her closer, kissing her head. "Starfire...You mean the world to me. I love you more than anything else and no matter what happens or what problems we may come to face.. you are the one. My only one and I'll be there for you.. even as the world falls down."

Me dearest friend, if you don't mind

I'd like to join you by your side

Where we can gaze into the stars

And sit together, now and forever

For it is plain as anyone can see

We are simply meant to be


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