Stupid Thing
by cousinjean

Rating: PG.

Summary: "Every day, she saved him."

Spoilers: S2, S7, and only speculation for the future.

Archiving: If you already archive my fic, don't ask, just take. Otherwise, just give me a heads up and let me know. I like to know where my work is.

A/N: This is a set of four drabbles. The first three were written for the Sunday100's "Fantasies" theme. The last is just because I thought they needed a good capper. All titles from Stupid Thing by Nickel (which, in case you don't know, is the song that played when Spike first saw Buffy in "School Hard"). Only the titles are from the song. Rest assured, this is not a song fic.

One Step Away

Cute girl.

He skirted around the dance floor, watching her move. No doubt that she was the one. Shame they always had to be so pretty.

He took his time, savoring the hunt. Awed by so much power packed into such a tiny frame.

He thought of how she would taste. Let himself imagine taking her over. Pinning her to a wall, driving inside her as she wrapped those shapely legs around his waist and screamed his name against his mouth--He froze, and shuddered. Found his companion. "Go get something to eat."

The sooner he killed her, the better.

A Moment of Weakness

Comfy chair. Nice house. Cozy. A place he could get used to.

The mum smiled at him again. He looked away. Caught glimpse of a picture of the Slayer in a cheerleader's outfit.

And her whole life flashed before him: youthful innocence crushed beneath the weight of being Chosen. Clueless mum, ineffectual friends, lover wanting her dead…. She'd probably never smile that vibrantly again.

God, he really was all she had, wasn't he? He wondered…

No. He was there for Dru. Once he had her back, he could forget all about the Slayer.

And about wanting to see her smile.

…More Like Three Years of Weakness

He'd made her smile.

He held her (as if the smile hadn't been reward enough), and thought of ways to do it again. Maybe in the morning he could make her breakfast. Recite the news to her as she ate, make it all happy stuff and nonsense. Tell her more about how lost everybody was without her.

Tickle her with soft kisses until she giggled. With his hands until she laughed outright. Caress her until she felt good again. Until she returned it… every last bit of it.

Spike opened his eyes.

At least she'd left a note this time.

…From Crashing To My Knees

Dying hadn't been the hard part. That had been letting her go. Least he wouldn't have to live with his decision.

Except, he did. Bleeding Powers had a sick sense of humor. Or whoever it was brought him back. Didn't matter.

Here he was, and here she was not.

Best that way. She had it good now. She was free. Free of everything he represented.

He'd died for that freedom. Kept dying still. Every day.

Until she found him.

"You're real." Whispered against his lips. Breathing life back into him. And every day after that.

Every day, she saved him.

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