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She'd been in the bathroom for while now. Hurry up, hurry up! she yelled to herself, willing her shaking hand to write faster upon the mirror. She knew it wouldn't be too long until Jackson got suspicious and came knocking. The little girl outside be damned, that wouldn't stop him, she knew.

After finishing the last B, Lisa admired her handiwork and was surprised to notice that the letters were legible, her shaking hand notwithstanding. She quickly turned on the tap and proceeded to scrub her hands clean as fast as she could, which in her opinion wasn't nearly fast enough. Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself before she opened the door, not wanting to go back out there and face the hell that was Jackson Rippner.

Once the flight attendants saw her message she'd be safe. But her father… Shuddering, she forced the thought to the back of her mind figuring that once she got Jackson taken care of she could call her dad and tell him to sneak out of the back of the house or something.

Forcing her hand to be still, she reached out and opened the bathroom door, nearly shrieking when she saw Jackson's clear blue eyes staring at her.

"I was beginning to…" his words trailed off as his eyes glanced to the right, her message in plain view. A look of complete and utter rage filled his face and he forced her back into the tiny bathroom, blindly reaching behind him to close the door. He seemed to fumble with the lock before it clicked into place, and then the focus was all on her.

Her heart beat out a tattoo of fear; she was convinced it was going to break out of her chest. Her head knocked savagely into the wall as he slammed her backwards, successfully knocking the breath out of her. Jackson leaned forward, after she slumped to the ground, grabbed her by the white V of her collar and whipped her around, this time slamming her against the sink, the small of her back screaming in pain. His hands went up around her neck and started squeezing.

"Can't…breathe," she managed to get out, not paying attention to anything he was growling at her, her only thoughts were on somehow getting him to relinquish his grip on her delicate flesh.

Hands still around her neck, though significantly looser he, swung her around yet again, this time the bathroom door was her target. She hit it with enough force to shake it, she fervently wished someone would come to her rescue, but in her fogged up brain she was well aware of what the flight attendants (and everyone within a short distance) thought was going on here, and there would be no one rushing to help her.

"You love your dad, don't you?" he ground out through clenched teeth.

Lisa screwed her eyes shut, trying to stop the tears from falling, but nodded all the same.

Jackson moved his hand from his hold around her neck to her jaw, gripping it gently, but tightened until she opened her eyes again. He wanted to make sure that she was looking him in the eye before he spoke again, enunciating every word, "Then stop gambling with his life."

His blue blue eyes bore into her own hazel ones. She nodded imperceptivity, but he felt it. They reached a silent agreement, and then his lips were on her own. She didn't even see it coming, one minute he was staring at her anger still leaping off of him, and the next he was kissing her, but it was over just as suddenly as it started. Lisa followed Jackson's line of vision and saw, more than felt, him brush aside her collar to reveal the scar on her chest. Her dirty little secret, as she called it.

She flinched as he gently fingered the raised white flesh, its imaged burned into his mind. How dare someone do this to her? How dare they carve upon her perfect skin? Her body was to be praised, not degraded in such a way. And in that moment he knew, he knew what happened. Why she hadn't been on a date, much less alone with a man for a prolonged amount of time in all the weeks that he had watched her. He knew why she was so skittish towards the male gender. Hate flowed through him, but it wasn't towards Lisa and her foolish plan, it was for the man that had so carelessly done this to her. Well, there was nothing to be done for it now. Unless…

Jackson leaned forward again, hands gently cradling her face. Instead of the fast and furious kiss that he gave her before, he made sure that he started out slowly and gently. He grazed his lips against her own, gauging her reaction, and when she didn't pull back (not that she had a choice with the door behind her head) he continued with kissing the corners of her mouth, his stubble tickling her face. He then pulled her lower lip into his mouth suckling on it before he went in for the kill. The kiss was deep and soulful, though not as fierce as it was before, but it wasn't lacking in passion. This woman did something to him that no other had, stirred things that he thought were long since dead. When she took a startled breath he used that as an opportunity to slip his tongue in her mouth, which she thankfully didn't bite.

She was at a loss as to why he was kissing her, he was a master of switching emotions at the drop of a hat; from flirty charming strange to cold merciless manipulator, from ready to kill her to kissing her like she'd never been kissed before. He was an enigma, then again he probably had to be in his line of work. She admitted to herself that she would much rather him be kissing than trying to kill her.

Disengaging his tongue from hers, he trailed a line of kisses from her jaw to her collarbone, her breathless gasping music to his ears. He smiled against her neck at being able to arouse all these different emotions with her. Arouse being the key word. He was sure she wasn't aware of it, but he felt her thrusting her chest into his own. Trailing his right hand down her side, he moved from her shoulder, over the outside of her breast, down her stomach, then thighs, and finally stopping at the hem of her skirt.

Lisa stiffened as she felt him raise her skirt higher, hand under it and right up against the skin of her thigh. The thought fleetingly crossed her mind that she should have worn nylons. After a pause, a litany of other thoughts came to the forefront, and right in the middle was the one where she was berating herself for what she was letting him to do her. This was the same man who wanted her to help make Keefe an easier target, the same man who had no qualms about killing her dad to get what he wanted, who manipulated her without second thoughts. Which is what he was doing right now, but she was entirely too afraid to do something. It was that day all over again, except this time he didn't have a knife, just the power of threats.

Deciding against his next course of action, he pulled away from her and took in her appearance, from her disheveled hair and swollen lips, to the hand print he could see forming around her neck.

"The phones are working," he whispered against her mouth as he kissed her lightly and working the lock on the door at the same time. She pulled her skirt back into place before she was all but pushed back to her seat, Jackson at her back.

After winking at the nosey flight attendant, who was thoroughly getting on his nerves, he resumed his aisle seat, and looked forward all the while ignoring the looks of disgust Lisa was throwing his way.

All the while he tried to ignore the bulge in his pants.

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