Title: Maybe
Author: A.j.
Rating: Er. Parental Guidance needed for those under the age of 13.
Pairing: CJ/Josh... for Tedi. ARG! Must go wash the brain now...
Challenge: CJ/Josh, "Normal people worry me.", and a door.
Spoilers: Er. In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, although this is totally pre-admin.

Summary: He is still smiling, but his eyes look a little sad. Wistful, maybe.

CJ's hands are in Josh's hair, and she kind of wishes that she was drunker than she is.

It's nearly midnight on a Thursday in February, and she's known this man for roughly six minutes. Okay, so more like a month and a half, but it's still six minutes in the grand scheme of her life.

He tastes like peppermints and a long day and feels like sin in a suit.

And she hasn't had enough liquor to be thinking about sending Toby a fruit basket for hiring her. Because this quick makeout session in the dark of Josh's office is more than worth the five-hour flight she'd spent crammed into coach.

Her head is swimming when he pulls back, lightly tugging her lower lip between his teeth.

Yeah, she felt that all the way to her toes. And holy, god, did that whimper just come out of her mouth? She's pretty sure it did because his eyes are darker now, and he's staring at her mouth like it's a piece of chocolate.

Dear. God.

"We shouldn't be doing this."

Gah, was that her?

Yeah, it was, because his eyes are shifting, and he's leaning back and away from her.

"No. We shouldn't." His words are belied by his hands massaging her ass through the material of her skirt, hiking it further up her thighs, and it's been too long since she's wanted to attack a man in an office that someone can see into from the street.

"Your hands are on my ass, Josh."

"They are."

And then they're kissing again. Lips and teeth and tongues and...

...the mood's totally gone.

They start to giggle at the same time, laughing like loons in the middle of campaign headquarters; her hands in his hair, and his hands on her ass. It's funny, and her heart warms and pitter-patters a bit because he's laughing too. Warm and rich in her ear.

"Why the hell couldn't we have met at a bar in Georgetown?" she pants into his neck and forces her fingers to loosen. She can feel his hands shift up and then they're on her back, warm and good through the silk of her shirt.

"Because that would have been normal, and normal people worry me," he grins into her cheek.

Just like that everything is okay again. She still wants him hard and fast against a door, but reality has reasserted itself, and the reality is that she has to work with this man. He can't just be a quick fuck, and she really, really isn't ready for anything more. Not now. Not when she can feel herself - and everyone else in this office - on the edge of something big. Something that could just maybe change the world.

"You and me both, mi amor," she says while shaking her head and pulling away from him. Her left shoe is missing, and when she steps down her hips jolt and they're suddenly at eye-level.

He is still smiling, but his eyes look a little sad. Wistful, maybe.

And that, more than anything else, she is what remembers sitting in the eerily silent waiting room of George Washington's emergency room.