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Chapter 1


The Titans were sitting at in the common room. Robin was searching something on the computer, while Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing the Game Station. Raven was reading a book called, 'A Wrinkle in Time.' Starfire was watching Beast Boy and Cyborg play the Game Station. Suddenly the alarm went off. Cyborg shut the game off and everyone gathered around him.

"It's Control Freak, he's causing chaos at a video store." said Cyborg after looking at the screen.

"All right Titans go!" said Robin firmly as he and the team ran or flew to the store. They ran through the doors.

"Titans...Never mind" said Robin shocked at the police arrested Control Freak. They saw a teenage girl who looked a lot like Catwoman. Her brown hair reached the bottom of her shoulders.

"Just take me away from her! Please! I can't believe a Cat snapped my remote in half!" begged Control Freak angrily and a little scared as he was taken away.

"Don't take what is mine again!" growled CatGirl angrily as she sheathed her metal claws back.

"Did you take him down by yourself?" asked a very shocked Beast Boy. CatGirl looked sad of a moment.

"Yes, I've been training for 10 years," said CatGirl quietly and firmly. Then her ear piece spoke in her ear.

"Not a word apprentice. Remember your mission is to find the Titans' weaknesses and report them to me just like you did to the League. If you don't remember I have your closest friends held hostage," said a dark evil voice in her ear piece.

"Yeah I know!" snapped CatGirl angrily.

"Who are you talking to?" asked Raven in her monotone voice. Cyborg and Starfire looked surprised. Robin looked very angry and suspicious.

"A little nat in my ear!" said CatGirl irritably.

"Are you working for Catwoman?" spat Robin angrily.

"I need to sharpen my metal claws. No I'm not working for her. I'm her sworn enemy. I'll be right back," replied CatGirl sadly and firmly as she ran outside behind the building. She put her right hand on her ear piece.

"Yes, as you were saying Catwoman?" spat CatGirl angrily and seriously.

"I forgot to tell you that I can kill your little boyfriend Richie Follie! Virgil Hawkins isn't far behind," said Catwoman evilly and seriously.

"He's not my boyfriend! I will stop you! Mark my words!" spat CatGirl angrily, seriously, and very firmly her hidden eyes flashed angrily.

"Candy Hunter, I know everything about you. I killed your parents and I can kill your closest friends unless you use the Titans!" spat Catwoman evilly, seriously and angrily.

"Fine, just don't hurt Richie," sighed CatGirl finally giving in.

"Done deal Candy," said Catwoman evilly and calmly as the communicator shut off. CatGirl walked back in the building. Robin walked over to CatGirl.

"We talked it over and would you like to visit the tower?" asked Robin firmly, seriously and reluctantly.

"I'd love too. My name is CatGirl by the way," said CatGirl warmly trying to hide her anger and denial.

Starfire flew over to CatGirl and gave her a bone crunching hug and said, "Welcome new friend! My name is Starfire! How did you get here? Where are you from? What's your favorite color? Do you wish to be my friend?" asked Starfire eagerly all in one breath. CatGirl unsheathed her claws and then sheathed them again. Starfire took that as a warning to let her go.

"Um I walked. My life is very personal; I don't know where I'm from. I'm just a wanderer. My favorite color is mainly black. I'm not gothic. I'd be honored to be a friend of the Titans," replied CatGirl calmly and warmly.

"Welcome again new friend!" cried Starfire happily.

"I'm Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Robin and Starfire," said Raven in her monotone voice gesturing to each one of the Titans. CatGirl nodded politely.

"Let's go than dude!" said Beast Boy irritably as he looked at Raven longingly. Raven sighed and used her powers to lift everyone up and fly back to the tower.


CatGirl sat on the sofa. Starfire sat next to her. Robin sat next to Starfire. Raven sat next to Beast Boy. Cyborg sat next to Robin. Beast Boy sat next to Cyborg. CatGirl looked at the moon. The moon was almost full.

"No! Tomorrow is the full moon. The Titans will see my true powers. Next month is when I betray more friends. First the Justice League and now the Teen Titans! I have to if I want to save Virgil and Richie...Maybe I do love Richie. He was the only person who made me feel like I was not different. Virgil is a nice friend. He's pretty funny. But Richie was the only person who made me feel like I could trust him completely and maybe fall for him too," thought CatGirl dreamily and seriously as she stared at the moon.

"CatGirl, are you all right?" asked Starfire who looked concerned for her new friend. The other Titans looked curious.

"Yes I am. I'm just thinking of my past, presence and future," said CatGirl quietly.

"Okay than, tomorrow we're going have a combat practice," replied Robin in a more friendly voice.

"I'll look forward to it," replied CatGirl warmly.

"It's late we should go to bed," said Cyborg as he looked at his digital clock on his arm. It read 10:30p.m.

"I shall go to my bed," replied Starfire happily.

"You can have the sofa CatGirl," said Raven in her monotone voice. Starfire smiled and flew out of the room and flew back with a blanket and a pillow as soon as Beast Boy and Raven walked out of the common room to their rooms. Cyborg walked out soon after BB and Raven. Robin was locking down the tower.

"Here CatGirl," said Starfire as she gave CatGirl a blanket and a pillow. She took her masked eyes off the moon as nodded her thanks.

"Thank you Starfire," said CatGirl quietly. Robin watched the scene with a lot of suspicion.

"I bet CatGirl is a spy sent by Catwoman to destroy us!" thought Robin angrily. Starfire flew over to Robin.

"Robin are you all right?" asked Starfire worriedly as looked worriedly at him. Robin smiled warmly. He and Starfire walked out of the common room.

"Yeah I'm all right," lied Robin. Starfire looked suspicious.

"Robin, when we discussed CatGirl's visit at the tower. You seemed very reluctant. Why do you dislike her?" asked Starfire curiously and with a desire to know in her voice. Starfire had read Robin just like a book.

"I don't trust CatGirl because well um...she just seems too suspicious," said Robin seriously and warmly as he looked into Starfire's emerald eyes.

"Our friend is evil?" asked Starfire in a confused voice.

"I don't know if she is or not. In time we'll all see if she is evil or not," said Robin seriously, warmly and sincerely as he walked Starfire to her room.

"Thank you Robin for walking me to the room of mine," said Starfire sincerely and warmly as she walked into her room. Robin stared at the door for a while, and then he shook his head to get out of his 'Starfire trance'. After that, he walked to his room.

CatGirl sat up on the sofa. She began to cry silently.

"How could I allow that evil woman to use me!" whispered CatGirl angrily as she punched the sofa hard. CatGirl took out her communicator from her ear. She was going to smash it. Then someone appeared on the screen. It was Catwoman.

"I couldn't communicate with you through the ear piece I gave you so I decided to hack into the Titans' computer. Don't even think of destroying that ear piece young lady! Look at whom I have," said Catwoman evilly as she stepped to the side. She saw Gear or Richie tied up on in a chair. Static or Virgil was in a rubber prison so he couldn't use his electricity to break free. He was tied up like he was a crazy person.

"CatGirl save us!" cried Static desperately. Gear couldn't talk because a handkerchief was stuffed in his mouth. Catwoman smirked evilly. CatGirl looked away as she looked down.

"I...I...can't. But I'll find away... I promise!" said CatGirl sadly and seriously as she glared defiantly at Cat Woman.

"Muwhahahahahahahahaha! Did you actually think you could save Gear, Static and the Titans? It's either these two or the Titans!" said Catwoman evilly, calmly and seriously. Then CatGirl heard someone coming towards the common room door. A/N CatGirl's hearing is just like a cat's.

"I hear someone coming!" hissed CatGirl urgently. Catwoman nodded acceptingly than the screen clicked off. CatGirl curled up on the sofa, pretending like she was asleep.

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