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Chapter 15


CatGirl felt a mixture of fear and confusion ripple through out her body as she raced through the front doors and broke them down with her strength and her body. She raced straight pass the S.W.A.T team that seemed to swarm the doors outside the building. She felt the wind smack her face and lash at her back. Two S.W.A.T team members got out of their vehicles. CatGirl couldn't hear what they were saying and she didn't want to. She heard foot steps of a small group of people following her and she could feel the vibrations under her feet. She looked over her right shoulder and she noticed the Titans were chasing her on foot. None of them were taking the T-Car or the R-Cycle. Raven and Starfire however, were flying about four feet above the ground.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Raven cried as she extended both of her hands in front of her, allowing black aura to shoot from her hands, directing it in front of CatGirl and the rest of the Titans. CatGirl whipped her face towards the black energy. Her eyes widened in surprise as she noticed a twelve foot wall right in front of her. She put her front paws down and tried to stop herself on the asphalt road. She looked to her left, then her right and noticed she was surrounded with walls. Even behind her was a wall. CatGirl skidded to a complete halt and began transforming back into her normal self. The moon was no longer free of clouds; a huge cloud had engulfed it. Robin and the other Titans stopped and surrounded the black energy cage that held CatGirl. Robin walked around the cage until he reached the right side of the cage and he stared hard at her. CatGirl in a very uneasy way, walked to the center of the cage.

"What are they planning?" spat Robin as he and the other Titans circled the cage and stared CatGirl down; silently demanding answers out of her.

"That was the plan."

"You expect us to believe that!" Raven exclaimed; fury rose in her tone.

"Yes I do because it is the truth," CatGirl replied. "Maybe Slade and Catwoman were lying after all, maybe they don't have Richie and Virgil held hostage. But how?... Holographic images! How could I be so blind?"

"If what you say is true, then why did the Catwoman flee so easily?" Starfire asked as she and Raven were standing, arms crossed at the southern end of the cage.

"I don't know why she left so suddenly but if she is planning something, she didn't tell me what it is." Cyborg and Beast Boy who where standing to the left of the cage scoffed disbelievingly.

"Then why did Slade give up easily!" questioned Cyborg.

"He didn't give up easily; he put up a good fight and was unconscious. Didn't you see him?" she cried out in a fraught manner. Beast Boy and the rest of the team shook their heads.

"No! I'm sick of your lies! Come on, let's get the S.W.A.T team to take her away!" said Beast Boy in a very icy and frustrated voice as he turned around, stalked off, everyone else agreed silently and turned to follow him to the S.W.A.T team. CatGirl noticed Raven wasn't moving. Raven's eyes were glowing pure white. Starfire and Beast Boy stopped as they turned to look at Raven.

"Raven hurry up!" called Beast Boy. Raven shook her head to clear her mind.

"Stop! She's telling the truth and what she said is only the half of it," replied Raven urgently. She looked a long gaze with CatGirl, and then she turned around to face the other Titans. Cyborg and Robin began running back to them. Robin and Cyborg stopped in their tracks, and turned around. They quickly ran back to the cage, followed by Beast Boy and Starfire. Robin had his lips in a thin tight line. He and Cyborg arrived behind Raven while they stood next to each other. Cyborg was to Raven's right as Robin was to her left. Starfire sprinted to be by Robin's side. Beast Boy stopped running hard and walked slowly and yet regretfully for the quarter way. He continued walking until he reached Raven's left side. CatGirl felt all their eyes burn into her soul in a truly uncertain way.

"Raven are you sure?" Robin looked quite... disturbed and unsure as he spoke. CatGirl couldn't tell exactly what he was feeling and she knew Robin would never try to give anything away by his face. Raven closed her eyes for a moment and spoke as if she herself was indecisive.

"Yes, Robin. I went and searched her whole mind." She paused to let out a quiet sigh, "and all the signs say she's telling the truth." Robin didn't look satisfied what so ever. Cyborg's face was brimming with seriousness and uncertainties, and Beast Boy showed a face that softened a little by Raven's stiff tone, but not by much. Starfire who was standing pretty close to Robin, was the only one that looked like she understood, and that sent relief through out CatGirl's veins. "At least someone understands."

"How do we know Slade didn't just set this up? He could be wanting CatGirl to say and think these things at an attempt to try an' trick us," Cyborg spoke. His voice was very mater of fact.

Raven let out an aggravated sign as she explained calmly, "No, I know these things and she isn't lying. This is how it all began..." CatGirl waited patiently as Raven told the complete story. She felt like sitting, because it had taken about fifteen minutes to tell, and frankly she was getting tired of standing.

Once Raven finished explaining the whole situation Beast Boy replied, "I guess that makes since." His tone was very dry as he spoke. He clenched and unclenched his fists in a frustrated manner.

"I'm sorry," CatGirl's voice was barely above a whisper. She felt ashamed and she began examining the ground in front of her feet. She looked up and saw that Robin had closed his eyes, and had opened them; revealing a much more understanding face.

"No, don't be. We overreacted when we should have apologized and said thanks." Robin began in an apologetic tone with a hint of modesty. CatGirl blinked in surprise as she looked at him with confusion evident in her eyes.

"You were the one who saved us..." Starfire paused for a moment, "from yourself." "I can't believe they understand..." CatGirl couldn't help but feel hopeful, but at the same time feel quite unbelieving. To her it was like a dream, a dream that she had always hoped would come true.

"Yeah, thank you," Cyborg said. His expression turned into one that showed gratitude.

"For that we are most thankful." Starfire spoke in a truly sincere voice. Raven lifted her right hand and extended it in front of her. It was pointing directly at CatGirl, who stood in the center of the energy cage. CatGirl felt a little fearful at that moment, and her heart momentarily leaped in her throat. Raven's eyes glowed a pure white essence. She chopped with her hand diagonally further to her right, and the black cage vanished into the calm dark night. CatGirl looked around the street, at the calm houses and the unnerving night air. She couldn't help but feel confused because she thought that Robin would find some sort of excused to throw her in jail for her history. She knew Robin could and would do that to her, because all along she could sense his anger and predict what he wanted to do with her.

"Candy," Starfire said in a sympathetic tone. CatGirl flinched slightly at hearing her name being spoken of. She dreaded what Starfire was going say next.

"Would you like to come to the tower and stay a while?" Cyborg, Beast Boy, Robin all smiled in agreement. Raven nodded to show her acceptance, and she didn't seem angry about it at all. CatGirl stiffened. "This might be a set up..."

Robin frowned slightly. "What's wrong?" No one had approached her, but only stayed where they were.

"Oh no, nothing's wrong, I just want some alone time to think. I don't wish to join..." she paused, "at least for the moment and I want to set things right with the Justice League." Robin walked proudly forward towards CatGirl. He stopped about a foot in front of her, and began opening his belt pocket from his right side. Robin pulled out a Titans Communicator, and extended it to her.

"If you need us, this is how you'll reach us." CatGirl smiled gratefully, but shook her head sadly.

"No thanks; if they return, which I'm sure they will, they will us that against me and you guys. I just would rather be solo," replied CatGirl as she extended her right hand. Robin lowered the communicator to his side, and shook her hand with his left. Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and even Raven sprinted to her and gave her a group hug, including Robin.

"I am sorry, and I will truly miss you, friend!" Starfire's merry tone tried to make everyone feel better about their departing friend. She and the rest of the Titans slowly released CatGirl. CatGirl smiled one last time at the Titans, turned and jogged in a graceful manner towards the sunrise.

"Don't worry; you won't see the last of me!" CatGirl called over her shoulder. Raven smiled as she extended her left arm and rested it on Beast Boy's shoulder. Robin and Starfire smiled at each other and their eyes were filled with sorrow. Cyborg just watched the direction CatGirl was jogging to.

The End

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