Disclaimer: What if Padme Amidala Skywalker hadn't died after the birth of Luke and Leia? What would have happened if Anikin hadn't known she was still alive? This is my version of what happens after Revenge of the Sith. This is my first Star Wars fan fiction so please be nice. I do not own the characters of Star Wars (but I wish I could) but I do own some characters that will pop up in the story! So please enjoy. This takes place after ROTS.

Watching the Stars Without Skywalker.
Chapter one: Fate of the twins

The congregation was enormous. Everyone had wanted to pay their last respects to their beloved Senator. Naboo had been most proud to call her their Queen and Senator. She was the picture of how democracy should have worked throughout the Galactic Senate. Leading the planet of Naboo to victory against the Trade Federation as queen. She had then represented them well as Senator after her two terms. She was loved by all the people and would be missed. As the carriage that carried Senator Padme Amidala neared the castle, people whispered and wept about what will happen now that the Empire had taken control of the Galaxy. As the doors to the palace closed, people said their final prayers for the one they all loved. Once the doors closed, Obi Wan and Yoda sat down at the nearest table to them. Padme's body had been taken into the next room.

"We need to discuss what will happen now with the twins. They cannot stay together."Obi Wan declared. He knew that something had to be done quickly in order to keep them from their father.

"Split up, they must be," Yoda said in a calm voice. "Escape their father, it is only way to."

Before Obi Wan had a chance to answer, Bail Organa walked into the room.

"The service is over." He said, somewhat in defeated tone.

"The problem is where to send the children. We still must keep a watch over them, to see if the Force is with them."Obi Wan explained.

"Our only hope, these children are." Yoda said.

"We will take the girl," Bail said rather quickly. "We have always wanted a girl."

"Where is it we should send Luke then, master?" Obi Wan asked.

"Tatooine, the safest place is." Yoda explained to both"Not suspect his home planet, Darth Vader will."

Just as Bail and Obi Wan nodded their heads, the door opened and all three got out of their chairs to greet the person walking through.

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