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Chapter 1-

Tokyo, Nineteen year old Serenity Wheeler sighed as she observed her new surroundings. She brushed her newly blonde highlighted auburn hair out of her eyes, hoping that it wasn't as stubborn as her personality.

Serenity fixed her long sleeved crimson glitter shirt and fitting black denim skirt. She bent to fix her black leather knee high hooker boots, hoping that this was the style that everyone else wore.

To her surprise as she entered the halls of Domino High School, she noticed that the girls were all wearing uniforms.

'What the hell, I'm suppose to wear that everyday, I'm not wearing that shit.' she thought angrily to herself as she twirled one of her many long tiny braids around her finger.

She than finally noticed a short brunette that had passed her wearing a short dark blue skirt and a pink blouse with a blue bowtie. Serenity walked to the office as a preppy sectary handed her a schedule of her classes.

'Peachy I get to have Math first thing in the morning.' she thought to herself angrily as she had headed towards her first classroom. As she entered the small, brightly lighted classroom, a tall bald guy around his early thirties had greeted her.

'Welcome, you must be our new student, class I would like you all to welcome Mrs. Serenity Wheeler.' he said to the rest of the class. She just rolled her eyes at him as she headed towards an empty seat in the back of the classroom.

'She transferred here all the way from San Francisco, which is in California.' he said cheerfully as she took a seat between Tristan Taylor and Yugi Muto.

'No shit Sherlock.' she said in a normal tone, not even bothering to lower her voice. She had said it in French, something she had made time for when she was in San Francisco, along with Italian. He might've known English, and it was obvious enough why she didn't say it in Japanese.

He smiled, like she had complimented him, and went on writing on the board. 'Great this is so boring, I can imagine myself already trying to leave this wretched place.' she thought to herself smiling as the teacher had continued on with the lesson, though only a few students were listening to him.

'Hi I'm Tristan and the person next to you is Yugi and the person beside Yugi is Seto Kaiba.' a boy beside her said, indicating to a small boy who politely waved and then a tall boy with ice blue eyes, who said nothing. She saw disgust in Tristan's eyes, and immediately realized he didn't like the other boy that much.

'You sure like to talk fast, don't you?' she asked him, and he obviously didn't pick up on her disinterested tone. She looked into his eyes and saw a lust hungry crush forming in them.

'Yea, I guess I do. Hey, what did you say to the teacher earlier? Was it German, or Swedish or…' Tristan said as she had cut him off.

'It was French.' the boy with brown hair said to them. She then remembered his name was Kaiba. She smirked flirtatiously at him, out of habit more than genuine interest.

'You know French?' she asked him. His face didn't smirk back as he nodded.

'He also knows Italian, German, Chinese, and lots of other things.' the boy called Yugi said , smiling as if he was a friend. Then, as quickly as the conversation had started, it had stopped.

Getting bored already Serenity took out her cd player as the familiar lyrics to the Linkin Park song Papercut had blared in her ears blocking them all out.

As she noticed that everyone was getting up to leave, though she hadn't heard the bell ring, she stood up sighing in relief, grabbing her things as she headed out into the crowded hallway.

She then headed outside for her lunch period, not feeling well. She didn't want to eat anything as she had found a large oak tree to lean up against. Suddenly a large group of people were approaching her.

'Hi. I'm Yugi, from class earlier. And I think you know Tristan already.' Yugi explained as Tristan waved with a dreamy look on his face. 'And this is Tea.' he said, indicating to a girl with short brown hair and a small air of arrogance about her. 'Why don't you join us?' the tri-colored teen said to her in a friendly voice.

She just ignored him as she continued to draw a large gothic fairy holding a long butterfly dagger covered in blood. Though Serenity had suddenly slammed the book shut, as she noticed Tea was trying to look at it.

'What's that?' Tea asked her curiously.

'None of your business.' Serenity snapped at her angrily.

'Fine you don't have to be mean about it, I was just asking you a question.' Tea snapped at her defensively.

'I don't give a shit what you were trying to do, I just want to be left alone, though I didn't know that it was too much to ask from a bunch of people I don't even know.' she snapped at them angrily.

'Come on Tea, it's obvious that she wants to be left alone. Though if you change your mind, we'll be sitting over there.' Yugi explained as he was pointing towards an area surrounded by low wooden benches.

'Like that would happen any time soon.' Serenity thought angrily to herself as they had finally walked away, leaving her alone as they whispered to one another.

'Leave it to Yugi to be nice to anyone, no matter how rude they may seem.' Tea whispered laughingly to Tristan. Yugi didn't say anything as he watched Serenity continue to draw in her book.

'Hey guys, what's up?' Duke asked them as he sat down with them at one of the many wooden benches.

'Nothing, Yugi was just trying to talk to that new girl Serenity.' Tristan explained to him quietly.

'So... what's wrong with that?' Duke asked him confused.

'She doesn't want to talk to any of us.' Yugi explained softly.

'Maybe she's just shy or something.' Duke suggested smiling.

'Hey Yugi, maybe you should try getting Mai to talk to her.' Tea suggested smirking, clearly forgetting how Serenity had insulted her only moments earlier.

'Why her?' Tristan asked her, confused.

'Because Mai was the same way towards us when she first came here.' Tea explained smiling happily. Yugi didn't say anything in response as he stood up, heading towards the small wooden bench where Mai was sitting all alone.

'What do you want Yugi?' she asked him curiously.

'I was wondering if you would do me a favor and try talking to that new girl Serenity.' he explained to her softly as he pointed to a girl sitting up against a tree listening to music and drawing something.

'I'll think about it. What do I get out of this?' Mai asked him impatiently.

'Having the chance to meet a new friend.' Yugi suggested smiling.

'Whatever, if I do this, then will you leave me alone?' she asked him angrily.

'Yes, so will you?' he asked her happily. 'Yes, now leave me alone?' she snapped impatiently.

Yugi had walked away from Mai smiling happily to himself as he had headed to his next class to clear his head and think, instead of headed back towards his friends.

Mai had to smile at the boys heart that was so full of kindness. Meanwhile… Mai had slowly walked to her next class which was Chemistry, the only class that she had with Serenity. She than had decided to take the empty seat next to her, since no one else had wanted to.

'Hi hon. I'm Mai Valentine, I'm guessing that you're not enjoying things here are ya?' Mai asked Serenity, smiling.

'No not really, it's so boring here. So tell me Mai, what's the big thing that you all do around here for fun?' Serenity asked her curiously. The way that the girl wore her uniform (in a sexy sort of way) told her that she wasn't exactly gunning for the dress code either.

'Well a lot of people are into duel monsters, but you seem pretty much preoccupied already.' Mai said gently.

'What's that suppose to mean, are you talking about my sketch book?' Serenity asked her angrily.

'Well yeah hon, it seems as though that's the only thing you need.' Mai said defensively.

'That's not true, and even if it was, why would you care, you don't know anything about me.' Serenity snapped at her angrily.

'It's kinda hard to get to know someone when they push everyone away.' Mai said tentatively.

'Fine, I didn't know it bothered you so much, seems as though you do the same.' Serenity snapped as she quickly gathered up her things, running out of the classroom angrily.

Class hadn't even started, but the teacher let her go. He figured it was first day jitters... Serenity was about to head towards her next class which was history, when she noticed that Yugi and his friends were walking past her and were headed to the same classroom as her.

'Great just what I need, an excuse to add more pain to my already pounding headache.' she thought angrily to herself as she had turned around and had decided to go outside for some fresh air.

Once she was outside, she had then walked towards the abandoned swing set where she sat on an empty swing, taking out her notebook to look over what she had drawn earlier.

Though, surprisingly, the person sitting next to her hadn't noticed her approaching until she had snapped him out of his thoughts. 'So I'm guessing that everyone comes out here to think.' she said smiling to Seto Kaiba.

He didn't say anything at first, only giving her a cold stare before he had responded. 'No usually it's just me here, the geek patrol are too stuck up to skip class and come out here.' he said smirking.

'Oh by the way I'm Serenity, I just transferred here from California last week. Does everyone try to breathe down your neck so you'll be their friend?' she asked him surprisingly.

'I know who you are.' he told her in the stand-offish voice that she had been using on everyone else. 'I believe that stupid teacher introduced you to the class this morning. As for everyone breathing down your neck, the answer is no. Its just that geek squad who pull things like that. They try to reach out to everyone.' Seto snapped at her angrily.

'Even you?' she asked him surprised. 'Yes, even me.' he told her, smirking. 'Really, so is that why everyone here thinks that you're a cold-hearted bastard?' she asked him boldly.

'That's their opinion of me, though they don't know shit about me.' he whispered more to himself than to Serenity, though she had still heard him.

'And yet you continue to act that way so they can't get to know the real you.' she replied softly as she had stood to get up. He gently grabbed her wrist, causing her to drop her book to the ground. Seto had than picked it up, dusting it off before he had handed it back to her, his face remaining emotionless.

She whispered a thank you to him, taking the book from him gratefully, as she ran quickly back into the school building.

'What was her problem anyway? All I was trying to do is be nice to her. Why did I act like that, when the only person I've ever even tried to be nice to was Mokuba?' he thought angrily to himself. Hearing the school bell ring for dismissal, he sighed with relief as he had headed towards the black limo that had just arrived.

He was about to get inside the limo and head towards Kaiba Corp, when he noticed that Serenity was walking towards the school's entrance gates, obviously about to walk home to wherever she lived.

He suddenly stepped back out to limo telling his driver to wait a minute, as he had ran to catch up to Serenity, who was already stepping off the school grounds.

'What do you want Seto?' she asked him angrily as he easily caught up with her, stepping in front of her, preventing her to walk away from him. He was mildly surprised; no one usually called him by his first name.

'I'm offering you a ride home, though I don't know why.' he said coldly, smirking happily as he walked back towards the limo, not waiting for her reply.

Not wanting to walk all the way to the small apartment complex with the heavy books in her backpack, she quickly followed him inside the black luxurious limo.

'How rich is this guy?' she thought. After a long moment of silence, Seto looked over at her with a bored expression on his face. 'So how you are enjoying things here in Japan?' he asked her coldly wanting to end the deafening silence that had filled the limo.

'Not really. It's really boring here and I don't like the uniforms that everyone wears, but other than that it's okay. I was wondering, why is everyone here so into duel monsters?' Serenity asked him coldly.

'You wouldn't understand.' Seto snapped at her darkly. 'Try me.' Serenity replied her voice cold and filled with venom, If he was going to be nasty, so was she. So the rest of the ride there, Seto tried to explain Kaiba Corp and duel monsters to her, only stopping once they had reached her apartment complex.

'Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow at school, thanks for the ride.' Serenity replied after an awkward silence as she had stepped out of the limo. As Serenity had entered her small apartment that she was once sharing with her brother Joey, she headed towards her empty spacious room.

'Well at least the art teacher was nice enough to let me take home some paint and stuff.' she thought to herself smiling as she stared at the pale pink wallpaper that was none surrounding her room.

After placing down some newspaper, she had walked over to her cd player as the lyrics to Missing by Evanescence had filled the room as she had torn down the hideous pink and white wallpaper.

She than outlined her two large windows and full length mirror with a black and silver border studded with red and silver butterflies. She had than painted a black star and crescent moon on her closet door.

Afterwards she let that dry as she had started on the four walls. The one closest to the door was painted with many different angels with red and black wings and other mystical creatures.

And on the other two walls she had painted a scenery of a dark forest surrounded by wood nymphs and red and blue dragons. She was intoxicated by the paint fumes, and she wasn't sure if she liked them or not. She had stared back at her artwork happily as she collapsed tiredly on her comfortable bed.

Her thoughts had than drifted back to Seto and what else had happened that day. 'I can't believe they expect me to wear such a sluttly uniform.' she thought to herself shuddering. 'Well I might as well try and unpack and get things sorted out.' she thought to herself as her eyes had drifted over towards the various unopened cardboard boxes that littered the room.

She had walked over towards one of the many boxes as she used her pocket knife that was on her key chain to open up the brown cardboard box. As she pulled some of the things out, she noticed that most of it were more clothes that she hadn't came across yet.

Smiling to herself as she was singing along with the lyrics to the song, she came across a black silk scarf that was wrapped around a small black jewelry box that was decorated with silver flowers and butterflies...

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