He held her lovingly. That was all; just a tight hold on the one girl that could make his skin crawl. By the warning in his heart he knew that this time they were sharing together could very well be the last they spent as lovers. He smelt her hair, memorizing its very essence. He smelt her neck and allowed the sweet aroma of that same perfume she wore everyday become burnt into his memory. He lightly touched his lips to her neck.

"Ani, what are you doing?" Padme giggled.

It drove him crazy when anyone, anyone at all called him Ani, except her. He let her do anything she wanted. He couldn't look his love in the eyes and tell her no. She had a hold on his heart, his very soul. She owned him, weather he liked it or not.

"I'm memorizing you. I need you with me this time," he said in a monotone voice, putting on his best act so she couldn't read his mind through his words. He opened the deepest line to the Force he could summon. He let himself drink in her presence in this world, her feel in the Force, so he could always find her and cry to her when he needed her most.

"You make it sound like this is our last intimate moment together. You'll be back. We'll be together again. I promise you," she assured him in her innocence.

He smiled. How he wished he could be as uncorrupted as her. She had no knowledge of the evil that was happening; what he had just bound himself to; the choices he had just made; the misled people that honored, loved, and looked up to the Jedi.

The warning in his heart grew. He winced. Why did he have to be the one with such a depth and understanding on the Force? It hurt miserably sometimes. Well, not sometimes; most of the time. He felt everything that went on: every cry of pain rang in his ears and every broken heart fell on his shoulders. Being "The Chosen One" was such a burden.

"I have to go, my love. Time is running out. Wait here for me," he told her, pulling her half an arms length away and telling her by his grip on her forearm that he meant every word.

"I'll be right here," she assured him.

He turned to leave.

"Ani," she called to him, pulling hard on his hand that still laid in hers. Her voice and hers alone could stop even his most determined thought or action. "I love you... so much," she finished, tears growing in her eyes.

He pulled her close and kissed her hard. She almost collapsed under the pressure but he caught her in his strong and affectionate arms. He pulled back only a moment later. "I love you, Padme. Never forget that I love you."

As soon as he had stated his attachment to her, he was gone. Anakin, the one to bring balance, was gone.