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Harry Potter was a fairly normal human being. He had ten toes, ten fingers, a nose and a mouth. He also had hair. What is abnormal about him was his profession and the school that he attended.

Harry was a pimp. The title pimp was not simply thrown around haphazardly within the Potter household. Pimp was a true profession, woman, sex, and money. That is how Harry worked his life. He was also a wizard, but he wasn't very good at that.

Harry was currently sleeping on his waterbed, kept warm by the body heat he shared with the four women who were currently curled around him. It was common practice for Harry to sleep with his harem close to him, though he never partook in sexual contact with his women.

The first rays of sunlight slowly crawled their way through the cracks in Harry's curtains, oozing upwards from the floor until they found their way to Harry's eyelids, the sudden change of color and contrast behind his eyes jerking him awake. Harry was a notorious light sleeper, having to worry about the police and rival gangs coming after him when he was unconscious.

"Morning Harry." Macey cooed as she arched her back and laid an arm across his chest, her soft brown skin contrasting with Harry's stiff chest and milky white skin. "It is so good to wake up in bed to you watching over us." She continued, her face speaking volumes for the love she had for Harry.

"Morning to you to girl." Harry yawned, his hand rubbing the kneecap of his left leg unconsciously. Harry had lost the function of the appendage after a vicious beating he had received at his school. He had spent months in a coma, awakening to a marred body. The damage was extensive, but he found the strength to fight on.

"Harry?" Victoria chirped, her voice filled with joy as she draped an arm over Harry as well, her bare breasts pressing against his arm. "It IS so nice to have you back."

Harry had grown up with bare breasts and more. His respect for Hermione was only secondary to his natural resolve not to partake in the fruits that he sold. His sexual urges never even attempting to kindle as he lay in bed with the naked bodies of a tiny fraction of his harem.

"I missed this." Harry laughed to himself as he enjoyed the velvety touch of skin and silky mesh of hair that permeated every inch of his bed. The bed that he slept within at Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry that he attended, was only meagerly comfortable, and could not afford him the same comforts as a bed filled with woman of porn star quality. Did we mention Harry was a wizard?

Knock Knock

"Come in." Harry called as the light tap on his door announced the intentions of Remus Lupin to enter the room.

"Good morning King Magick." Remus greeted the son of his departed best friend. "It truly feels like this house is a home, now that we all have returned." Remus' speech always seemed so poetic, especially to the only meagerly educated Harry.

"Word." Harry so eloquently concurred, causing a small mass of giggles to erupt from his bed. "Shut yo laugh traps ho's." Harry feigned frustration, a smirk playing at the edges of his lips.

"Harry. We have important business today with several gangs within the city." Remus explained, his voice monotone as he concentrated hard on all of the details that needed to be recited.

"There will be a meeting with our previous allies. The Dog Pound." Remus counted on his fingers. "Of course they will be happy to continue to do business with us, and not bother us when we pimp within their territory."

Harry nodded, the knowledge of pimping having been engraved within his mind since a young age. "Harry. Pimping is ten percent violence, sixty percent sex, and twenty percent politics, and ten percent money. You just make sure you keep the violence and the money in yo pocket." Silver Magick, Harry's mentor had explained before his untimely death, having fallen to the hands of evil wizards.

"On the other hand." Remus' voice calling Harry back from his reverie, "It is well known that our meeting with the new comers could be… dangerous." Remus emphasized the last word, his eyes dancing wildly.

"How so?" Harry inquired, having been away at his school, he had not been aware of the formation of a new gang. "Who are these guys?" Harry sat up in bed, slightly jostling the woman around him.

"We aren't one hundred percent sure, but I have reason to believe they are not entirely muggle." Remus affirmed Harry's fears. "Rumor on the street has it that these gentleman are a dangerous mixture of both muggle muscle along with the finesse of wizard power."

Harry nodded, knowing only to well the power that a dark wizard can wield against their enemies. His mentor Silver Magick having been cut down by a spell that's only purpose of existence was to kill. "Whatchu' think we need? If it were just some muggle chumps, I would buy us some bulletproof vests. Wizard weaponry is a bit more difficult to get down with. You feel me?"

"Of course I feel you." Remus continued, "I believe that the vest idea would not be a poor idea. Of course there is no way to block the killing curse, cunning and agility will be our only protection."

"Sucks for me." Harry laughed mirthlessly, remembering his damaged leg left him using a cane to support himself, his ability to move quickly was severely hampered. "I'd be the first to get laid out than." Harry hissed his musing interrupted for only a moment by the murmurs of dissatisfaction with that conclusion by his women.

"Your injury as it may be." Remus contemplated, "Perhaps we could try to find a way for you to be able to move with a bit more pep in your pace." A small mist of sweat forming over his upper lip as his mind worked over time for a solution to Harry's dilemma.

"Holler at yer boy when you get da answer." Harry commanded Lupin, as he shooed Victoria and Claudia out of his bed, giving him the ability to roll out of bed.

Remus averted his eyes to the wall as Harry's bare body came within view. Modesty was an unknown frame of mind within the house of Potter, where sex and money ruled. Remus still continued to have trouble with accepting the rampant nudity and sexual freedom that existed within the house.

Sirius Black on the other hand took great pleasure in removing all of his clothes and running amuck among the house. His pelvis thrusting wildly as he screamed his war cry of "Naked Time!" the first time he realized he could walk around the house sans clothing.

Harry shrugged himself into a bright green silk robe, gripping the red braid belt; he pulled it tight into a knot. "If dat be all da shit I need ta know. Im'a get my ass ready so we can roll out." Harry yawned as he scratched his crotch beneath the robes folds.

Remus nodded is head in the affirmative before turning on his heels and exiting Harry's sleeping quarters.

Harry grabbed a towel and made his way to the shower. Always one for conservation of water, Harry enjoyed a nice shower with Macey and Victoria, using their comfort in nakedness together to bath together. Harry loved having a clean back, and with Macey and Victoria helping him to scrub up, he felt a thousand times cleaner than he did at Hogwarts.

Sirius lounged on the couch within the parlor of the house, his eyes glued to the flashing lights and noises that came from within the television box. Sirius had taken to watching movies since discovering the muggle television device. His favorite genre of film being action/adventure, though porn came in a close second.

Harry shambled his way into the room, one arm interlocked with Maceys, the other gripping the head of a rather elaborate cane. "Good morning Sirius." Harry called as he stifled a laugh at the comic expression plastered over Sirius's features.

"Morning Big Dog." Sirius broke his eyes away from the TV long enough to reciprocate Harry's greeting. "This is bullshit." He continued, waving his arm at the box.

"Hmmm?" Harry voiced his request for continued explanation of Sirius's outburst.

"This stupid show about pimps." He cried indignantly, "It is all wrong."

Harry truly laughed now, a heart felt outburst of mirth escaping his lips as he stabilized himself on the arm of Macey. "I would not doubt it Sirius. I really wouldn't. TV rots yo mind any ways." Harry grinned.

Sirius shrugged in his seat before returning to his hobby of criticizing films and documentaries about magick or pimping. "You don't just slap her, you tell her why she be getting slapped to." He mumbled as the camera zoomed in on an actor pretending to slap a woman for no reason.

Harry simply ran his fingertips over Maceys face, causing her lean into his touch. "That's why I love ma girls. They don't need to be told twice. Ya'll girls just be smart as all hell."

Macey beamed at the compliment from Harry. Her eyes becoming affectionate slits as she softly rubbed her face against Harry's. "We love you Harry, because you see that in us." She whispered.

Harry finally stood after exhausting some of the humor from Sirius' latest tirade about the film he was watching. Limping to his cabinet, he excavated his slightly dusty bulletproof vest and the card with the phone number to an illegal arms dealer.

It is illegal to own a firearm of any sorts within Britain. Only criminals own guns, and Harry knew enough about the streets to know that he needed to purchase a new one since Silver's had been confiscated by the law after a botched arrest attempt.

"Sirius." Harry beckoned his friend and partner over to him. "Ring up dis homie." Harry explained as he handed the card over. "Let dis mutha fucka know we be rollin in dis morning to do a little shopping."

"Yes sir." Sirius grinned as he grabbed the card, strutting to the phone. His other habit being to pimp strut anywhere he goes, practicing his form and technique.

Harry lay down on the couch, his body tired already from the exertion he had experienced that morning. It is a lot different to run a nightclub from a couch in the back, than to return to the streets as a pimp.

Harry allowed his mind to drift as he laid back, his head in Maceys lap. Pictures flashed on the skin behind his eyelids, his large fedora hat pressed down over his face. He could see his girlfriend, Hermione Granger, the smartest witch in over one hundred years on her knees with his hot…. "Mmmm Hermione." He croaked. His ears perking as he could hear Macey giggling, her legs shaking gently with the beat of her laughter.

"Who is Hermione?" She asked, her interest peaked by Harry's sudden outburst.

"She my girlfriend." Harry replied, his position never changing.

"WHAT?" Several of the women and even Sirius all exclaimed as they attempted to confirm that Harry did indeed have a girlfriend.

"You be settling down?" Macey inquired, a tinge of hurt hidden beneath her voice.

"Even if my ass does settle down, I aint giving up the game fo no bitch." Harry growled as he maneuvered his head onto a softer part of her thigh.

"Thank god." Harry could hear several of the women exclaim, bringing a smile to his face.

"Harry." Sirius interrupted their discussion with the phone held within his hand. "We have an appointment in an hour to see this guys wares. He sounds happy to hear from you."

"Silver used to buy from him. I think he is glad we still be using him." Harry shrugged. "Give it thirty minutes, den we roll. Inform Junk Yards ass." Junk Yard was the nickname Harry had given to Lupin after hearing about some of the feats that he had go to for the harem, ensuring their safety in Harry's absence.

Sirius made his way through the house to Lupins room, a four-foot tall poster of a werewolf dressed in a top hat and suit, complete with monocle and cane adorned the door. Knocking hard twice, he called out to him. "Lupin. We roll out in thirty minutes."

Lupin fumbled with something before cracking the door a quarter of an inch, his eye barely visible. "I got ya."

Sirius arched an eyebrow before catching a glimpse of someone else within the room. "Tell her she needs to get presentable, Harry will want to see her before we leave."

Lupin blushed furiously before accepting Sirius's suggestion. Lupin knew that he had no right to be sleeping with Cynthia, and that it could cause problems if Harry were to discover their relationship before they could explain themselves to him. "Hey Sirius." Lupin called to him before he had walked to far. "Thanks for… everything."

"Shit. I didn't do shit." Sirius chided.

"Exactly. Thanks for not busting us out." Lupin confessed his appreciation for Sirius's friendship, especially in this new phase in his life.

"Any time. I know you would do the same for me." Sirius smiled before turning back around and ambling back down the hall towards the kitchen. "I'm hungry girls, and man can't live on tits alone!" He called as he laughed.

In the distance, you could hear the muffled laughter of Harry, his length from Lupin lowering the tenor of his boisterous outburst. "Breakfast and tits sound good to me!" Harry shouted back from the living room. "Eh Sirius?" He called.

"Fo sho!" Sirius called back, the rustling of everyday life beginning within the Potter residence. A true family lived within those walls. If you define family as a group of people who love and take care of each other.