It was raining outside and Joey was walking in the rain holding his side. The side of his mouth had blood on it and you could see a black eye starting to form. Joey coughed and blood spilled out of his mouth on to the pavement.He didnt know were he was going but werever it was it was far away from that hell hole.


"YOU SON OF A BITCH DID YOU THINK YOU COULD GET AWAY WITH IT? Joey didnt even know what his dad was talking about all he knew is that his dad was drunk again and was angry which wasnt good for him.

His father punched him in the stomache and Joey fell on his knees clenching his stomache. He kicked him in he side and Joey fell over and hit the dresser and landed on some glass from the mirror his father broke when he threw a beer bottle at him moments ago. Joey was picked up by the hair and punched in the face. The whole time his father was yelling every word in the book at him.

"YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! ILL FUCK YOU UP SO BAD YOU LITTLE BITCHY GIRL" He threw Joey against the wall andhe collapsed on the floor. His dad kicked him one more time then turned and left the room slaming the door shut behind him. Joey gathered all his strength and stood up and walked over to his bed and collasped on to it then passed out.

He had woken up a few hours later and it was still dark out. Joey looked over at his alarm clock and it said 1:17 am. He stood up and his arm imediatly shot to his side. His side hurt so bad the pain was unbarable. Joey limped over to the door a poked his head out to make sure his father wasnt there. He saw a figure lying on the couch and he coud hear snoring. Joey didnt want to stay in this hell hole any longer but he had no were else to go. He finally made a dicission to just leave and go where ever his feet take him...anywere he didnt care wether he was taken to a slaughter house and butchered up, right now all he wanted was to get away from him to get away from the abuse to get away from this appartment that smelt of puke and alochol get get away from it all. There was only one bright side to his life and that was Yugi and the rest of his friends but he couldnt go to them right now he couldnt let them see him like this. Joey grabbed his bag and put some change of cloths in it and some money he had been saving. He put the backpack over his back and almost yelped at the pain that shot threw his body because of the backpack hitting his backbut he covered him mouth so his dad would not wake up. He walked into the halway and made his wy to the living room carful not to wake his father. He went into the kitchen and grabbed his dads wallet. He figured he would only by more beer with it anyways so he took the money that was inside. Lucky for Joey his dad got paid today so there were a couple hundred dollars in there. He put the money in his bag and started to walk twards the door. He opened the door a turned around to make sure it didnt wake up his father. He then relized how much blood he was loosing because there was a track of it following him around but he didnt care soon he would be out of there and away from his father.


So here he was bleeding,hurting,suffering all because his jackass father. Its not like he wasnt use toall ofthishe was just sick of hit. Joey kept walking even though his body was yelling at him to stop. He was several blocks from his apartment...well his old apartment now. Joey new that this street lead to the park, he figured he would crash there for the night.

Joey heard a car coming up but he didnt pay any attention to it just then he heard someone calling his name

"Joey, Joey is that you?" he heard a female voice say he looked over his shoulder but imidiatly regreted it as a sharp pain shot threw his chest. Joey clenched his chest with his free and and gave out a cry.

"Oh my god Joey what happened to you who did this?" The female voice was coming closer to him but he could feel himself slipping away.

Some one came up to him and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Joey what happened are you alright quick we have to get you to a hospital"

"" Joey said very weak. He tried to look up to see who it was that was helping him but his chest was in to much pain.

"What do you mean no we have to get you help"

"N...n..o" He gasping for air.

With his last bit of strength he looked up and saw the last person he expected

"M..a..i" Then everything went blank.

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