After having a couple drinks Wolfie told the other gilrs that were working there that she was leaving to go to the beach party and for them to close up that night.

"Hey Im heading over to the party right now do you guys wanna come?" Wolfie asked Joey and Mai.

"Sure, is it alright if we invite my friends?" Joey asked

"Sure the more the marryier" Wolfie replied.

Joey turned around and went over to the table were his friends were.

"Hey you guy intrested in going to this party on the beach?" Joey asked

"Since when were you such a partier?" Tristan asked

"Yea we are seeing a whole different side of you" Duke added in

"Well when yo uhang out with Mai long enough I guess it happens to you" he said back "So are you coming or what?"

"We dont have any bathing suits" Tea said

"So just go in your bra and underwear Tea and the boys can go in there boxers, that if you guys even go in the water." Mai said.

"Well I guess if everyone else is going im game" Tea said

"Me two" Yugi (now back in his regular form) said

"Me three" Duke said

"Me four" Tristan said

"Ok then what are we waiting for lets go" Wolfie said

Wolfie grabbed a microphone (were does this thing keep coming from lol)

"Hey everyone im leaving to go to Fugiko's party on the beach if anyones intrested in coming lets go." Wolfie anounced then started walking outside with a bunch of people following her.

They started walking down the block (the beach was just down the block)

When they got to the beach there were alot of people there and there was music playing and booths with food and drink. The people who had come with the gang had split up and went to different parts of the party.

"Hey Tea wanna go for a walk?" Yugi asked Tea

"Uh..sure lets go." she said then they walked off

"Come on Joey lets go dance" Mai said

"Alright" he said following her to the dance sand.

"So now what do we do?" Tristan asked Duke

"I dunno" Duke said

"Well if your bored do you guys wanna go dance?" Wolfie asked them both

"Yes" they both replied and all three of them started dancing.


"So are you having fun tonight Tea" Yugi asked

"Yes, its alot of fun im glad I came." Tea replied

"Im glad you came to" Yugi replied

They both blushed and walked along the beach in silence for a while.

"Hey Tea" Yugi said then stopped

Tea turned around "Yes"

"Theres been something I want to tell you for a while now but I havent been able to" Yugi said looking down at the sand

Tea blushed "W...What is it?"

"I...Uh...well you see...I like you...I like you alot Tea"

"I like you to Yugi" Tea said

Yugi looked up. "You do."

"Yea...I have for a while now"

"Same here"

Tea gave Yugi a hug "Im glad we got that off our shoulders"

"Hey Tea" Yugi said

Tea looked at him "Yes..."

Yugi kissed Tea right on the lips.

They had kissed for a few seconds

"Sorry" Yugi said

"For what" "I liked it" Tea said

And they started making out on the beach.


"Im having alot of fun Mai" Joey said

"So am I" Mai replied

"Hey, have you ever had sex on the beach before?" Joey asked

"No" Mai replied

"Wanna" Joey said giving her and evil grin

"Lets" Mai said

They both left the dance sand and went far off to wear nobody could see them.


"So are you guys having fun?" Wolfie asked?

"Yea" Duke said

"Lots" Tristan said

"You guys wanna have some more fun" Wolfie said in a saducing voice.

"What you have in mind" Duke said

"Ever had a threesom?" Wolfie replied.

And the three of them went far off to were nobody could see them.


Well that was fun to write. I thought the ending was really funny. Well tell me what you think about this story. BYE its been fun everyone.