"What makes the Black box White"

by sgraffy

First Chapter "Kareshi Kanojo no Eyes"

It started one night when the moon showed up with her stars and the wind was blowing cold and soft. Sasuke was again alone staring at the sky. The soft wind blew his hair softly like the dancing blossoms of cherry around him. But never had revenge died in him.

Not far from him was Hinata, walking slowly and lightly, making herself sleep for the night was cold and unsteady. As the wind kissed her face slowly, it made her shiver a little but it was caressing her. It played with her short hair and made her feel peace.

Only the softness of the wind was heard and the radiance of the moon was seen. It was peaceful and silent.

Then she was there and he was there, there were two of them. As she walked, her mind was soaring afar, not even noticing the genin. But when she saw him fright hit her hard and her heart was disturbed, shouting. Hinata didn't know what to do for this meeting was not known. It seemed like a dream — no, even in her dreams nothing like this would happen.

Just them a foolish rock mingled her way, making her outbalanced. She nearly crashed down but Sasuke grab her shoulders, preventing her from hitting the ground. Sasuke watched Hinata as she looked up to him, surprised. Her eyes were so transparent; he can see that she was afraid. It didn't occur to him that he was staring (and even holding) her for quite some time. But when he realized, he immediately let go of her.

"U-umh…tha-thank you-u…" Hinata muttered thankfully. Sasuke was looking somewhere else like he didn't care. There was silence. The stars twinkled and the wind blew. They were talking the Language of the World. It fashioned calmness.

"Watch your step…" he finally answered then disappeared into the trees. He was gone. Hinata could still feel the warmth of his hand when they touched her shoulder; it was as warm as Naruto's voice when he cheered her during the exams.

The wind was still blowing endlessly, so gentle and soft, as the night went on. The two hearts that met will also stay the same. While the moon was still up with her starts twinkling in the sky and the wind made the blossoms of sakura dance gracefully.

The night was nearing its end.