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Chapter 3: Jealous? Or Confused?

Xiaolin Temple

Every one was mad at Raimundo, even Rai was mad at himself. Omi was mad that he was not the first to be trained in the new arts, Kimiko was mad that she wasn't even being trained, Clay was mad that he didn't know when anyone else would be trained, Martha was mad because she didn't receive this kind of attention from anyone, Dojo was mad that Raimundo was now Master Funhg's favorite and, Raimundo was mad that he had to wake up at the crack of dawn just to train.

"Master Funhg, when are you planning on training the others?" The old man turned to him, "Soon." "That doesn't help me out, they all want to know and crack of dawn is getting really annoying." The old man smiled, he turned back to the ancient scrolls and pulled one out that Raimundo had never seen. "This is why you train so hard." Rai gulped, "So this is why?" The old man smiled, "The others will see this as well, but I hope they don't have to."

Chase Young's Lair

Chase only had three Shen Gong Wu but that was of little importance to him, he knew that he could take any other Shen Gong Wu when the time was right. He was more concerned of how to deliver the dragons to the side of evil, but he wasn't too worried. "Chase," Wuya asked as she glided over, "How can it be that you're so calm when nothing we hope to achieve has any progress to it?" he smiled. "It's time to unleash the powers of the Yin Yang World."

Country Side

Ti Fow was lost, he was trying to find the Temple of Xiaolin Dragons but so far all he had was sand in his pants. "I should have never left the Yin Yang World!" Ti Fow remembered following the Xiaolin Dragons out of the Yin Yang World while he used his own power of invisibility. He remembered running out of Chase's Lair but then his memory was a blank. "How can it be that I'm lost and that no one wants to help me?" Then a little girl skipped along the path and answered him, "It's because you look really funny." He looked at himself, he was a hunchback covered in black body armor, and he wasn't really the best looking with out the armor on. "That's true but I really need to find those stupid Xiaolin Dragons." The girl pointed up a slope, "There, a big green dragon lives there with a bunch of old people and some kids." Ti Fow smiled and ran up the slope.

Xiaolin Temple

"Ti Fow? Is that really you?" Dojo exclaimed. "Yes, you still look the same you lazy green gecko." Rai laughed, "I like this guy." Master Funhg entered the room and smiled, "How long has it been since you last left the Yin Yang World?" "Far too long." The others began to look him over. But what Ti Fow really was looking forwards to was a warm meal. But, it was Rai's turn to cook.

"Pizza any one?" Ti Fow had never eaten so many different foods, Clay had sizzled up some stakes, Kimiko had prepared Sushi, (the only dish she could make) Martha had made some tossed salad, and Omi had prepared some rice and toppings for it. "The chosen ones are from many different places." Dojo threw in as some small talk took place at the table. Then there was a large boom followed by a glowing green light, it was not what they wanted to happen.

As they made their way out to the front they saw Chase standing there, but so was Wuya. A solid Wuya. And in Chase's hand were the Yin and Yang Yo-Yos. "How well can you fight beings of the Yin Yang World?" He raised his hands to the sky, "Haylin Power, Yin Yang Yo-Yos!" Then a hole was ripped in the sky and out came the Yin Yang versions of each of them. "Can you face yourself?" Yin Yang Omi lead the charge, closely followed by the rest of the Yin Yang monks. "Yin Yang Wind!" Rai was throw into the air by his Yin Yang self. "That does it! Typhoon Twister Gail, Wind!" The whirling gail came down and sliced open the Yin Yang Rai. "The Yin Yangs ain't so strong now!"

Every one else had finished of their Yin Yang selves when, "Golden Finger!" Martha had frozen them and walked to Chase, "Master, I give you these Shen Gong Wu." Raimundo was first to break out and he picked up the Sword of the Storm, "We trusted you, and this is really what you are? Sword of the Storm, Cyclone!" Using the new technique that the Master had taught him he directed all his hate and all a will at Martha, he hoped to take her out of the picture… for good. Wuya then stepped forwards, "Reversing Mirror!" She threw the attack back at him, then Omi broke free, "I will not let my friend be hurt by the likes of you, Tsunami Tidal Strike, Water!" Then the others broke free, "Seismic Crater Fist, Earth!" "Wildfire Flare Flip, Fire!" the three attacks twisted together and were aimed at the force of darkness. "Reversing Mirror!" Then each dragon caught the reflected attack, "Typhoon Boom, Wudai Gail, Typhoon Twister Gail, Wind!" "Tsunami Strike, Wudai Tide, Tsunami Tidal Strike, Water!" "Seismic Kick, Wudai Crater, Seismic Crater Fist, Earth!" "Judaila Flip, Wudai Flare, Wildfire Flare Flip, Fire!" Each of these attacks were not aimed at Chase nor at Wuya, every single pulse of power was directed at Martha. She was the cause of all this pain they were feeling.

She dodged, "Is that the best you can do?" Rai smiled and threw his friends their Shen Gong Wu. "Maybe, Sword of the Storm, Cyclone!" "Star of Hanabi, Ember!" "Fist of Tebigong, Quake!" "Orb of Tornami, Rain!" A mirage of attacks flew at her, she pulled out the Mantis Flip Coin and leaped over the attack.

"I expected better of you, but then again you never could under stand true power." Clay stepped forwards then with out any one seeing it he leaped forwards with the Fist of Tebigong aimed at his target, Martha. He made contact and threw her across the court, "And what do you know about true power?" Rai picked up the Eye of Dashi and attached it to the Sword of the Storm. "What do you know about friends? Eye of Dashi, Sword of the Storm, Cyclone!" He threw her into the air. Omi stepped up to the "plate". "What do you know of strength? Orb of Tornami, Rain!" She crashed into the ground. Kimiko moved in for the final assault, "What do you know about loyalty? Star of Hanabi, Ember!" The last blow that would have finished her off was blocked by Chase, "It seems that no one can stop my enemies from fighting." Then a faint sound of techno music was heard from the sky, "Yah right, like you sent Vlad and Pandabubba to stop me?" Jack Spicer and his team were hovering over the court.